They are the champions!

As the chequered flag came out on Wednesday evening, it drew to the end a season that has been as explosive as ever. We have seen titles retained, new drivers emerge and overcome incumbent holders, and a long awaited championship win.

This season saw five leagues across three nights with Monday’s No-Assist championship kicking off the week, whilst the Equal Performance leagues (F1,F2 and F3) closed the week on F1 2019.

It was a record breaking season across the whole league, as we saw such records fall as the closest finish to a race of all time (0.0015s), and the largest winning points margin in a season (+48). These set us up for something spectacular, but at the end of the season only a select few have been able to call themselves a champion.



FPL_Charlie came into the pre-season as an unknown quantity, but after a strong showing in the pre-season and teaming up with the reigning champion Scott (BoyBetterKnowSB) meant that the league already had a strong looking pairing going into the first round in Austria.

However, contact between SamuPapito and Charlie dropped the Mercedes driver out of a potential race winning position, and it wasn’t until Brazil at round five was Charlie able to finally get on the podium after poor races in France and Japan. Charlie’s season seemed to turn around completely after the season break, and from round seven to the end of the season the Mercedes driver was able to pick up four podium finishes, with four second place finishes in the final five races, it all went to a decider in Germany for the final race of the season.

Charlie had built a lead over reigning champion Scott, who admittedly had suffered a poor season, making too many mistakes and with a mountain to climb at the final race. The metrics were simple, the two were split by 20 points, and Scott knew that he needed to win, and take the fastest lap point, all whilst hoping that his team-mate Charlie retired or finished outside of the points. This unfortunately wasn’t to be for Scott who did all he could, and even passed his Mercedes team-mate with a lap to go to steal the win, and the fastest lap, but coming across the line together it was a Mercedes 1-2 with Scott denying Charlie that elusive first victory, but confirming the Brighton based driver the No-Assist champion, as the Mercedes team made it a double championship season as they took the team honours ahead of the Haas’.

It was a dream first season for Charlie, who will go into next season hoping to finally break that win duck, and equally retain his new championship. The likes of the Harry_B_R25, SamuPapito, Speed_Queen, White_Fountain and Scott will be back, and will make it another must-watch season.


Realistic Performance 

It’s that man again, as SkyZii made it a third Performance League championship in a row, as the Frenchman cemented himself as the ‘King of Tuesday nights’ at Invictus.

There was no waiting around this time for SkyZii who opened his account for the season with victory in Austria in the Alfa Romeo, and whilst his team-mate in ‘Team Maserati’ Scopefielder kept up early pressure on the Frenchman, after Scope missed three races at a critical stage of the season, it became up to TL44S_ to take up the challenge to SkyZii, but the battle was not to be won for TL who saw his hopes of a first title come to a frustrating end after a retirement in Singapore with two rounds remaining, and with SkyZii picking up the six points required over the final two races at round eleven in Canada, he once again retained his Tuesday night Performance League championship. he also made it another double title winning season, as Scopefielder added to his growing trophy cabinet by joining SkyZii as constructors champions, almost 60 points ahead of their nearest rivals.

Victories for SkyZii in Austria, Japan and Singapore, along with podiums at China and Germany meant it was one of his most successful seasons yet, and the 30 point gap highlighting his fantastic consistency, the league will go into the next season scratching their heads and trying to figure out how they can stop SkyZii’s dominance.


Equal Performance 


How many more superlatives can be used to describe Swedish driver Scopefielder? He is a model driver, who is a race winning machine, and with the prospect that this may be his last season at Invictus before taking a break from sim-racing, he looked at making it a successful one.

After five wins out of the first six races, he already led the championship by 50 points at the half-way stage, and it was until No-Assist rivals FPL_Charlie and Harry_B_R25 joined the league that Scope started to lose his grip as the dominant driver in F1, but the championship was elementary by that stage, and with a second place finish in Singapore, he wrapped up the title with two races to go and equally the Constructors championship in the Renault with Dutchman Jos_Heinssie.

Whilst he may be aggrieved that he was unable to win again after his fifth win in Brazil at round six, but Scope leaves Invictus as one of, if not, the most decorated champions ever with two equal F1 championships, one Tier 2 No-Assist championship, One Performance League championship, and as a five time constructors champion along with matching records for most wins in a season, largest and smallest championship winning margins (+48 points and +1 point), and joining the limited club as a driver who has completed 100 races with Invictus, as the final race in Germany was the century for Scope.

The Swede leaves an F1 championship wide open as it moves on Monday nights to merge with the No-Assist championship, and introduces a group of new drivers into the league, but there are plenty of records that Scope now holds that will take some beating.



Always a competitive league, F2 once again stepped up and provided another season of intense on-track action, and whilst the early season saw a shock leader in Steen-13, who had seen a surge in pace and consistency place him second in the standings behind the impressive Humbostone by the half-way point, who equally had enjoyed a win in France in a rain affected race, and podiums in Brazil and Monaco.

However, a sleeping giant was soon to emerge, and not until round five in Brazil had Dutchman The-Warislander picked up a single point, and he was languishing rock bottom of the driver’s standings, however with victory in Brazil he would then dominate the rest of the season with five in seven races, including four in-a-row at Belgium, Australia, China leading off from his win in Brazil.

The championship was provisionally awarded at the Canadian Grand Prix pending a stewards inquiry (which was subsequently viewed a racing incident) upon appeal), with Waris needing to outscore both Steen and Megglugpy, which he duly did with his sixth win of the season, ahead of Steen in second and Megg in fourth. The duo of Steen and Megglugpy pushed to keep up, but Waris’ dominance was overwhelming, and even with six podiums for Steen, and four for Megg, neither were able to keep the Alfa Romeo from wrapping up the title in style with one race to go.

Although it wasn’t a perfect season for Waris, as the pair of Megglugpy and Captain_Stiff in the McLaren used a consistent season with multiple podiums to hold off the Alfa Romeo’s for the Constructors championship, which in turn made Megg a three-time Constructors champion, and Stiff a two-time teams champion.

F2 is going to be a minefield of talent next season, with drivers dropping from F1, along with some hungry talent moving up from F3, but this season belonged to The-Warislander, and the young Dutchman could not be faulted after a near flawless second half to the season gifted him a first title.



It seems to have been a long time coming, but FerociousDan is finally the F3 champion. The Birmingham based McLaren driver became the only driver to pick up a win in three consecutive F3 seasons, but after missing out last season to Captain_Stiff, the multi-time race winner finally managed to get over the line, and with a race to spare as he took victory in Canada.

It was a five-win season for Dan who enjoyed wins at Austria, Japan, Belgium, Canada and Germany, whilst three more podiums even afforded him the gap to make uncharacteristic mistakes at the likes of Australia and Brazil.

It was last seasons runner-up xMIKExSI who after starting the season in F2 returned to F3 at round three, and immediately got back on the pace with a win, and three runner up spots in the next four races that ended up with deja vu, as the experienced Slovenian once again finished the season in second ahead of an ever improving osteven002, who after joining the league three seasons ago has got stronger and stronger and a third place finish this season is a well-deserved achievement including a Invictus best return of three podiums as he amounted 72 points.

Although it was the McLaren team once again who this time won the double championship as Dan took the title with a total of 102 points. F1Richard67 and Dan have been partnered for the last three seasons, and together have never finished outside of the top two in the constructors, and a second team title this season was a nice way for the team to end as Dan makes his inevitable step up to F2.

FerociousDan finally stands atop the summit of F3 as champion, and no-one can dispute his credentials now as he looks a very credible threat moving up into F2.



Drivers Champions 

No-Assists – FPL_Charlie

Realistic Performance – SkyZii

Equal Performance F1- Scopefielder

Equal Performance F2 – The-Warislander

Equal Performance F3 – FerociousDan


Constructors Champions

No-Assists – Mercedes                          (BoyBetterKnowSB & FPL_Charlie)

Realistic Performance – Team Maserati   (SkyZii and Scopefielder)

Equal Performance F1- Renault         (Jos_Heinssie & Scopefielder)

Equal Performance F2 – McLaren      (Captain_Stiff & Megglugpy)

Equal Performance F3 – McLaren      (FerociousDan & F1Richard67)





Congratulations to all our champions on their fantastic seasons, we hope you all enjoy the accolade and have equally enjoyed the season as a whole. We can’t wait to see you all back on track soon, and wish you all the best moving forward!

“The luck thing – really there’s no such thing as good luck. It’s good preparation and hard work. ” ~ Bruce McLaren

Gareth Hall

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