“The Invictus”





Invictus Racing League has growing ambitions about how to rewards its members, not only on the track but off.

That’s why we have decided to create a season-by-season premium membership service that we can then use to improve the facilities that members enjoy here at Invictus Racing League, and it is called “The Invictus”.


We are starting the subscription at £5 / €5.60 / $6.30 per/season, once we have a sustainable uptake, we will look at increasing the available perks/tiers.


You will, 

  • Reserve a guaranteed seat in the next Invictus season
  • Car choice priority (except Realistic Performance based league)
  • Teammate choice priority in between seasons
  • Name, and running Invictus records added to “The Invictus” Hall of Fame, highlighted during races and end of race Thank You on all YouTube uploads.
  • Chance to join Gareth and Sab on the “Invictus Podcast” to discuss Formula One and the IRL season.
  • Chance to win an end-of-season giveaway (£20 PSN voucher)


You are, 

  • Supporting the league in its attempts to grow both professionally and commercially.
  • Providing the funds to allow us to reward season drivers/constructors champions with trophies
  • Helping us achieve the goal of moving to a new website, where we can update graphics and make the user and community experience more enjoyable and intuitive
  • Creating a positive environment, where support and community engagement is key to the growth of our league.


Your subscription 

  • Will go directly into a Invictus account, where all funds are secure and used for nothing bar the improvement of Invictus Racing League
  • This is a purely voluntary and support based subscription, we will ensure that all Invictus members of all leagues and abilities receive the same positive experience.
  • All donations are non-refundable, and are made with the knowledge that the member will not receive any advantages in the likes of stewards inquiries or pre-knowledge of any race details as to keep the competition fair.



Are you “Invictus”?