Super swede Scopefielder crowned equal F1 Champion in Singapore

Renault’s Scopefielder clinched his third consecutive F1 equal league drivers championship with 2nd place in the Singapore Grand Prix. The super swede drove a controlled race to claim a record 53rd career podium to cement his place in the Invictus Racing League record books with back to back F1 championships and a record equalling 3rd career Invictus Championship. Scope joins the likes of Speed_Queen80 & Sambamkid as 3 time Invictus champions in a season that has yielded 5 wins and could yet equal the record of 6 wins in a season.
Scope finished 10 seconds behind race winner Harry_B in a race where he started 5th and dropped to 8th after a cautious start, but with drama ahead of him, he steadily made his way up to 3rd place, before a pass on Nevermiss elevated him to 2nd before the pit stops. An undercut on then race leader white-fountain gave Scope a net 2nd place into the 2nd stint, and with Harry making a late stop on the 2 stop strategy, Harry caught and passed Scope. But the Swede didn’t fight it as 2nd place was enough to secure the drivers crown.

“I’m really pleased for winning the championship today…I can kinda relax for the last two races now. Yeah, it feels good. I had a good race today. With the crashes in front of my at the start. Overall I think had good pace. Harry was really quick with the 3rd (career) win for him”

“Obviously I wanted to win the race, but I got stuck in traffic early on, I don’t know how many laps, I saw Harry go into the pit early so I knew he was on a 2 stopper, that he would gain that gap very quick whilst I was stuck in traffic, so that was a bit of an issue so I knew that would come back to hurt me later on. He was really fast anyway I’m not sure if I would have been able to challenge him if I didn’t have that traffic”


The season started out in stunning fashion for the swede with Victory in the first four races in Austria, Monaco, France & Japan, with the rest of the field scratching their heads on how to challenge the Renault driver. A 5th place at Spa and with the introduction of FPL_Charlie to the league brought an end to the winning streak, but bouncing back in Brazil with another win put the championship virtually out of reach for the rest. A 4th place in Australia followed by a lacklustre 8th in China gave his rivals a glimmer of hope, and his absence in Bahrain offered a further lifeline to his rivals. But with the maths simple coming to Singapore, with a podium to clinch the title, the swede drove a calculated race whilst others in front lost their heads and claimed the podium he required.

With an incredible 5 wins this season to his name and even more records in his sights, how will Scope approach the final two races?

“I think I can be a bit more aggressive, like today and at the start, I was really, like I didn’t want to lose a front wing so I lost a few positions there, so which in the end there cost me a chance to fight with Harry, I got stuck in the train… yeah I think I’m gonna be a bit more aggressive now the title is clinched, so hopefully I can get a win before the season ends”

Congratulations from everyone at Invictus Racing League to Scopefielder on an incredible season for the Swede as he clearly remains the man to beat


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