Season Ten Announced!



Following tonight’s live-stream with Gareth and Sab on YouTube, we can now announce the details for the upcoming tenth season of Invictus Racing League on the Formula One game.

We’re really excited about the prospects of the new season, and with a stacked roster of drivers, new rules, an all-star calendar, post-season activities and exciting additions to the future of IRL, we are expecting our best ever season. You can go back and watch the stream on the channel, or below find the highlights of all the information supplied!


Season 10 – Rule Changes 


Realistic Performance League 

This season will see some changes to the points structure in the Realistic Performance League. This is a test for some big changes due to come in for the first season on F1 2020. We would like your feedback throughout the season on the changes.

  • Pole Position will now gain +2 championship points – This is to give an incentive to create a more competitive qualifying session, and subsequently reward those who get their car to the head of the field.
  • We are now introducing a new points structure for the Realistic Performance League only. The new structure will see points for all 20 places awarded – This is to eliminate those retiring in the pit-lane, or feeling their race is redundant after an early issue.

The points will now be awarded as follows.

1st – 25

2nd – 22

3rd – 20

4th – 17

5th – 16

6th – 15

7th – 14

8th – 13

9th – 12

10th – 11

11th – 10

12th – 9

13th – 8

14th – 7

15th – 6

16th – 5

17th – 4

18th – 3

19th – 2

20th – 1


  • The fastest lap will remain a +1 point addition for a driver inside the top-10 finishers.
  • The allocations will now be made every second race meaning only six allocations will be made over the season. This is to allow the admins to make a more detailed decision, and to trial out a mechanic that will shape the Realistic Performance league from Season 11 on F1 2020.



  • We are in need of content creators, and people willing to do weekly highlight videos for each league from the race streams. This will involve cutting down the race streams into 5 minute highlight packages to be used on social media.
  • GIF’s, race image galleries and overtakes are also welcome. We have the plan to create a forum to submit your best overtakes for an ‘overtake’ of the week for when we move to the new website in F1 2020.
  • We would like all pole-sitters to record their qualifying laps and submit the video to admins after the race. We can then promote these on social media, and create side-by-side videos. All drivers are welcome to submit their qualifying lap videos for more variety.



Premium Membership

  • A huge thank you to all those who signed up for the premium memberships. The support garnered has put us in a position where we can move to an optimised website and importantly, recognise our drivers title successes with trophies. The trophies for season nine champions (drivers/constructors) have been delivered and posted to the winners! Send us a picture of your trophy when it arrives!
  • You can still sign-up for the premium membership and it will count towards yours for F1 2020.
  • The reveal for the winner of the £/∈20 voucher will be revealed during the season break between round six and round seven during the team announcements for the ‘Nations Cup’



The Nations Cup

  • There is still time to sign up for the IRL finale event – The IRL Nations Cup
  • The event will run at the end of the upcoming season, and depending on uptake will take place over 2-3 nights.
  • It will split our community into teams depending on their nationality/location and put them up against each other in three races.
  • The teams and cars will be announced during the season break – Car designs will be designed and need to be replicated by all drivers. (May involve you needing to purchase cars)
  • All details/logistics can be found on the front page of the website



IRL XBOX League 

  • IRL are in the process of expanding onto XBOX – We are currently taking the F1 Masters Racing League who currently race at 9.30pm on Sunday evenings under the umbrella of IRL.
  • We will require support for both commentary, and equally expanding the driver roster. If you know of anyone who would like to race on Sundays – Please recommend us!
  • Due to the two console leagues and lack of cross-platform communications  – We are trialling moving to Discord. We now have a group you can access by searching for Invictus Racing League #5108 – This is a social discord and is being trialled as a way to access the community via non PSN Messenger.



Season Ten Calendar (PS4)

(All races are the week commencing)

Pre-Season – 9th March 2020  

Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir


Round One – 16th March 2020

Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka

Round Two – 23rd March 2020

UAE Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina

Round Three – 30th March 2020

Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps

Round Four – 6th April 2020

Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona Circuit

Round Five – 13th April 2020

German Grand Prix, Hockenheimring

Round Six – 20th April 2020

Brazilian Grand Prix, Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, Interlagos

Season Break 

Round Seven – 4th May 2020

Hungarian Grand Prix, Hungaroring, Budapest

Round Eight – 11th May 2020

Italian Grand Prix, Monza Eni Circuit

Round Nine – 18th May

Canadian Grand Prix – Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal

Round Ten – 25th May 2020

Singapore Grand Prix, Marina Bay Circuit

Round Eleven – 1st June 2020

British Grand Prix, Silverstone Circuit

Round Twelve – 8th June 2020

Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo Street Circuit


Nations Cup 

15th or 22nd June 2020 (TBC)



Teammates and Car Allocations 


Alfa Romeo Racing – FOXYRED2000 & Scopefielder

Scuderia Ferrari – The-Warislander & BUR-MEISTER

Haas F1 Team – SamuPapito** & Whitefountain**

McLaren F1 Team – vlHercules & FPL_Charlie

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport – F1Legend44 (R) & TL44S_

SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team – klaskefarDK and LeR_Lukek707

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing – SpeedQueen80 & LoZac97 (P*)

Renault F1 Team – Jomppalainen* & CRG_Gamer62

Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda – Beck9000 & Adrilocdoc

ROKiT Williams Racing – HarryB_R25 & BoyBettterKnowSB

* Reigning Drivers Champion

** Reigning Constructors Champion

(P*) – Promoted as F2 Champion

(R) – IRL Rookie

Commentary Team – Gareth (Captain_Stiff) & Sab (Sab7786)




Alfa Romeo Racing – Tanker903 & Gasto05 (P)

Scuderia Ferrari – Aaronjs1992 & Jimthegooner46

Haas F1 Team – Humbostone & TONY-Y

McLaren F1 Team – Delange93 & sab7786

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport – Rymaac (P*) & JSP1299 (P)

SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team – Tb230791** & TipsyHobbit

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing – mj_coop & Megglugpy

Renault F1 Team – RG4422 & JakobE-Chr

Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda – FerociousDan & CPI_ALEX_B

ROKiT Williams Racing – YNWA_MATTY_UTM & MrSteen

* Reigning Drivers Champion

** Reigning Constructors Champion

(P*) – Promoted as F3 Champion

(P) – Promoted from F3

(R) – IRL Rookie

Commentary Team – Dan (energydan) & James (JamesHook)




Alfa Romeo Racing – LukeBailey14 & F1_MrP80

Scuderia Ferrari – SirSpud72 & ColinJ

Haas F1 Team – Vojtech94 & TinusssOptioneel

McLaren F1 Team – F1Richard67 & Bren_Ons

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport – Steelbl66 & xMIKExSI

SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team – BagO-bones & TTG_Jeffrey

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing – Nitrogash & F1WWFC_07

Renault F1 Team – Craig8728 & Syncronously

Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda – DutchLowie & Dreygeo

ROKiT Williams Racing – Captain_Stiff & osteven002

* Reigning Drivers Champion

** Reigning Constructors Champion

(R) – IRL Rookie

Commentary Team – Charlie (FPL_Charlie) & Harry (HarryB_R25)


IRL Realistic Performance

Sh33py & energydan – Sheep Power Racing*

xMikexSI &SirSpud72 – Sir Mike

LukeBailey14 & F1_MrP80 – PB Racing

Nitrogash & JPGreenwood (R) – Up Nitro

Jos_Heinssie & LoZac97 – HRT Racing

osteven002 & FerociousDan – DanDare Racing

Megglugpy & Scopefielder – SM Racing

BoyBettterKnowSB & TonnAlbanach – Making Moves Motorsport*

Ozone_Typhoon & DutchLowie – Dutch Storm Sport*

RoyBoy (R) & Caarlsberi (R) – Scuderia Internazionale*


*Placeholder names


* Reigning Drivers Champion

** Reigning Constructors Champion

(R) – IRL Rookie


Commentary Team – Malc (F1WWFC_07) & Tim (Forever24_JG)

Gareth Hall

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