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Yesterday, we announced the details about the upcoming eighth season of the Invictus Racing League on the Formula One 2019 game. The F1 leagues have grown from strength to strength recently, and it is with your support that we continue to improve and provide our community and members a mature, competitive, but ultimately fun place to race.

The stream provided news on the dates of the season, major rule changes, race calendar and team and car allocations which will be detailed below.


Rule changes and New Features

No-Assist league 

  • To rewards drivers who run fully no-assist (racing line is allowed) a new points system will be implemented to appropriately reward drivers that are using no assist, that will be a +4 point increase on every position, in comparison to those running with the racing line who will pick up the standard Invictus points scoring method.
  • This will be monitored using a ‘weighbridge’ system, each week a randomly selected driver(s) will be asked to provide video evidence of their race to prove that they are running without the racing line. If the driver is unable to supply this video evidence then the standard points scoring will be applied.

Pre-race threads and Forum posts

  • Pre-race threads will no longer be a mandatory requirement for all drivers before the race, and from this season we will be randomly selecting one to three drivers per race to answer interview questions, they will then be written up and added to the Invictus website homepage as a news story.
  • To promote community engagement, pre-race questions will still be added to the site, but members are encouraged to send in questions for the weeks interviewees, this can be anything regarding their thoughts on the race, previous races, rivalries etc, as long as the questions aren’t of a negative or inflammatory position.
  • Members are encouraged to also stay active on the web-site by positing clips, race reviews or highlights in their specific leagues ‘Paddock area’

“The Invictus”

  • Invictus Racing League has growing ambitions about how to rewards its members, not only on the track but off.

That’s why we have decided to create a season-by-season subscription service that we can then use to improve the facilities that members enjoy here at Invictus Racing League, and it is called “The Invictus”. We are starting the subscription at £5 / €5.60 / £6.30 per/season, once we have a sustainable uptake, we will look at increasing the available perks/tiers. If you are interested in supporting the league, please see “The Invictus” tab on the homepage menu where more details are explored.


Season Eight Calendar

This is the official season calendar that will run from the week commencing 8/7/19 to the w/c 14/10/19. Please remember to inform your Admin team with as much time possible if you are planning on missing any races in that time.

  • Also, please be aware that pre-season will be run slightly differently, as weather will be set to dry for all leagues to assess true pace and connection stability

The Performance league will also be set to “Equal” performance for the Admin team to correctly allocate for round one.


  • Pre-season 1 – Spain – Barcelona                        (8th July)
  • Pre-season 2 – Mexico – Mexico City                    (15th July)


  • Round One – Austria – Spielberg                          (22nd July)
  • Round Two – Monaco – Monte Carlo                     (29th July)
  • Round Three – France – Le Castellet                     (5th August)
  • Round Four – Japan – Suzuka                             (12th August)
  • Round Five – Brazil – Interlagos                           (19th August)
  • Round Six – Belgium – Spa-Francorchamps           (26th August)
  • Break                                                                                (one week)
  • Round Seven – Australia – Melbourne                   (9th September)
  • Round Eight – China – Shanghai                         (16th September)
  • Round Nine – Bahrain – Sakhir                             (23rd September)
  • Round Ten – Singapore – Marina Bay                   (30th September)
  • Round Eleven – Canada – Montreal                      (7th October)
  • Round Twelve – Germany – Hockenheim              (14th October)




Car/Team Allocations 

As announced on the Invictus Podcast, we will post below each leagues team-mates and the constructor that the pairing will be racing for the upcoming season. If you have any questions about allocations, please speak to your Admin team, however please be aware that all allocations will have been done to be as fair as possible ensuring that the majority of drivers got a car within their top three choices.



(R) – Rookie to Invictus Racing League

(P1) – Promoted as Champion

(P2) – Promoted as Runner-up

(RC) – Reigning Champion (Drivers)

(RCC) – Reigning Constructors Champions (If team stayed together)


No-Assists – Monday

  • BoyBetterknowSB (RC/RCC) and Joel (RCC) Mercedes
  • Speed_Queen80 and CPI Alex – Ferrari
  • FTL Charlie (R) and Phil_mcfc – Williams
  • Dreygeo and Mdoran09 – McLaren
  • Tony-Y and Humbostone – Toro Rosso
  • White-Fountain and Xd Archy – Renault
  • NickLJThomson and SJD1988 – Alfa Romeo
  • Mj_coop and Megglugpy – Red Bull
  • Scopefielder and Samuthepito – Haas
  • Nikki9095 – Racing Point


Realistic Performance – Tuesday

  • Scopefielder and SkyZii (RC)Maserati
  • Sab7786 and TL44S_ – TLSabs
  • MrP_80 and LukeBailey14 – PB Racing
  • TonnAlbanach and AaronJSpence – Lotus BMW
  • Megglugpy (RC) and Jos_Heinssie – Team JMR
  • BoybetterknowSBand Xd_Archy – Scarchy
  • Nitrogash and xMikexSI – ( Antiquity Motors*)
  • SJD1988 and energydan – Rick Astley Racing
  • Briggsy500 and Dreygeo – (Drey500 Sport*)
  • ColinJ and SirSpud72 – Sir Colin


Equal Performance – Wednesday


  • Scopefielder (RC/RCC) and Jos_Heinssie (RCC)Renault
  • Samuthepito and Ben Muskett – McLaren
  • FOXYRED2000 and xd_Archy – Alfa Romeo
  • Megglugpy and TonnAlbanach – Red Bull
  • A_Singh99 and CPI_Alex_B – Racing Point
  • Speed_Queen80 and White-Fountain – Toro Rosso
  • xRossi21 and MrStim96 – Haas
  • Philip_mcfc and Npyne_35 – Mercedes
  • Nikki9095 and mdoran09 – Ferrari
  • X_Marqueses_X – Williams



  • NickLJThomson (RC) and xMIKExSI (P2)Ferrari
  • Craig8728 and Humbostone – Haas
  • Captain_Stiff (P1) and AaronJSpence – McLaren
  • MrP_80 and The_Warislander – Alfa
  • Steen-13 and TinusssOptioneel – Williams
  • SirSpud72 and ColinJ – Mercedes
  • Tony-Y and Tanker903 (R)Racing Point
  • Partridge99 and VictorHas_1108 – Renault
  • Mj_coop and NoFudge_4U – Red Bull
  • Ozone_NeverMiss and RudiMandragorex – Toro Rosso



  • Booje89 and thewillo_97 – Renault
  • FlybyNight (R) and Dmac-108 (R)Racing Point
  • Nitrogash and Bren_Ons – Haas
  • Sab7786 and Tejuarr86 – Alfa Romeo
  • SnoopMarky and Steelbl66 – Toro Rosso
  • Achterlyken_eu (R) and Hixxy123 (R)Williams
  • FerociousDan and F1Richard67 – McLaren
  • Osteven002 and Briggsy500 – Ferrari
  • Syncronously and Luke Bailey14 – Red Bull
  • SHABZ_EN (R) and BWAClyde – Mercedes



If you have any questions regarding the allocations, or of any of the information above, please contact the Site Directors via the ‘Get in Touch’ tab on the homepage.


Good luck and we can’t wait to see you all on the grid very soon! 

Gareth Hall

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