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F1 Rules and Race Procedures


Welcome to Invictus Racing League. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with Invictus Racing League’s Rules and Race Procedures. IRL’s Rules and Race Procedures are designed to promote and ensure clean and fair racing. Members are required, expected and personally responsible to do their very best to ensure clean/safe racing at all times. IRL’s rules include guidelines for general behaviour on the forum, track and league participation.



























































1.1 Race ThreadA Race Thread will be created prior to each League Race by the League Admin. The thread will contain a circuit map, key information and some questions to prompt discussion about the upcoming race. We encourage all our members to participate and contribute to the League community and to remain active on the forum.


Any member who fails to appropriately participate/contribute in FOUR race threads in one season (this includes pre-season race threads) will receive a ONE RACE BAN.


1.2 Absence(s) – If for any reason that you are unable to attend a League Race, it is the responsibility of each member to inform the appropriate League Admin as soon as possible. It is every member’s responsibility to ensure that the League Admin has received your notice of non-attendance. When informing a League Admin, a valid reason must be given for non-participation; non-attendance because you don’t like the track, or a response of “I can’t race this week” will be viewed as an uninformed absence.

When informing the League Admin, it must be the person themselves who contact the Admin. Notifications from friends or fellow members are not sufficient. Sufficient notice is also required.

Notification of non-attendance LESS THAN ONE HOUR prior to race start is not sufficient and will be marked as an uninformed absence.
If any member fails to attend THREE RACES without sufficiently informing the League Admin, their position within the League will be withdrawn.





2.1 Race Lobby – The Race lobby will be created by the League Admin (Host) at 7.50pm. The Race will begin at 8pm, although if a member is running late and has appropriately notified the League Admin the Race start can be delayed no later than 8.15pm. Race delays will be at the League Admin’s discretion.
Members are reminded NOT TO press “READY” in the lobby until instructed to do so by the League Admin. This is to ensure that all members who intend to attend the race are present.

2.1.1 Strategy Selection (On the Grid) – All members are reminded NOT TO press “READY” while waiting on the Grid at the Race Start. All drivers are to wait until instructed by the League Admins before proceeding. This is to allow all members to select their Strategy for the upcoming race. Any member who breaches this ruling will receive the following penalty:




Subsequent Offences – RACE BAN (NEXT RACE)



2.2 Car Selection – It is the responsibility of every member to ensure that they are in the correct car. Failure to adhere to this ruling will result in disqualification from the race results.

2.3 PSN League Chat – League Admins will create a discussion thread on PSN and will invite all relevant members. This will allow further race discussion between members, and for each League Admin to relay important information to its members.

2.4 Race Format – F1 Races will consist of:

50% Race Distance
Dynamic weather
Official Session Time
Full Vehicle Damage
Strict Cornering Rules
Parc Ferme will be ON
Formation Lap and Safety Car will be set to ON.

2.5 Headsets – Members are encouraged and advised to appropriately use headsets to communicate with other members. Any member attempting to distract another driver at any time, or who uses their headset to abuse or intimidate other members will be disqualified from the race and may result in League Removal (Ban). 

2.6 Streaming/Live Broadcasts – The only person permitted to Live Broadcast each race is the designated League Commentator. Any other League member discovered Live Broadcasting their race will be disqualified from the race and will receive a one-race ban. If it is the member’s second offence they will be removed from the League entirely.

2.7 Recording Races – As an alternative to Live Broadcasting, members are encouraged to record their races. The PS4 will allow you to record 60 minutes of game play. If any member is uncertain about how to do this, please contact the League Admin for instruction. All League Admins encourage and advise ALL members to record ALL their races. In the event of any incident occurring on track, League Admins and Race Stewards may ask you to provide your POV of the incident.





3.1 Qualifying – It is the responsibility of each member to find free space on track when beginning a “Flying-Lap”. When on a flying-lap it is not required to yield for a faster car approaching from behind.

3.1.1 In/Out Laps – It is each member’s responsibility that when on an “IN or OUT LAP” to give way without blocking or impeding other drivers. Members are advised to stay off the racing line to minimise obstruction. Blocking or Impeding another driver will result in a penalty.

3.1.2 Qualifying Participation – Setting a qualifying time is at the discretion of each League member. It is NOT mandatory to participate in qualifying.

3.1.3 Retirement from Qualification – IT IS NOT permitted to retire on track during qualifying. IT IS NOT permitted to deliberately/intentionally destroy or crash your car with the purpose of retirement from the session; anyone who is found to have deliberately crashed their car during Qualifying with the intention of receiving terminal damage will receive a 30 SECOND TIME PENALTY which will be added to their total race time. 


Retiring on track during Qualifying:


Subsequent Offences – 30 SECOND TIME PENALTY


If, after you have set a qualifying lap where you then proceed to crash (retire) your car, whether it is intentional or not, you will incur a 30 SECOND TIME PENALTY after the race; this is to avoid the issue of starting on a different tyre to gain an advantage whether it’s done on purpose or not. This Ruling applies only if the member has qualified inside the top 10 positions. Unless, at the time of crashing the tyre on the vehicle was not the tyre that set the fastest lap.

If this is a first offence drivers will receive a 30 SECOND TIME PENALTY; if a driver continues to breach this rule they will receive an automatic ONE-RACE BAN and possible exclusion from Invictus Racing League.


3.1.4 Restarting Qualifying Session – F1 2017 allows you to restart your qualifying session after your receive TERMINAL DAMAGE. This is not permitted in official Invictus League Races. If you terminally damage your car during Qualifying or the Race you are NOT PERMITTED to restart and re-join the session. If a driver has been found to restart their qualifying session or race and re-joins the session they will receive a 5 POSITION PENALTY at the end of the race. 

3.2 Clean Racing – It is expected that all members race cleanly/safely AT ALL TIMES. No contact should occur between cars on track. Each member is required and expected to do their best to avoid contact with other drivers. We recognise that accidents can happen, however if you are at fault for causing a collision, you are likely to receive a penalty.

3.2.1 Formation Lap Guidelines – ALL DRIVERS are required to complete the Formation Lap. Drivers are not allowed to intentionally skip the Formation Lap by making contact with another driver. Drivers who are discovered intentionally colliding with another driver during the Formation Lap will receive a 10 SECOND TIME PENALTY to their race time.

Once the Formation Lap begins drivers are required to wait until the leading cars move from the grid. Drivers MUST hold position during the Formation Lap. OVERTAKING AND PAUSING the game initiating the AI to take over their car is NOT PERMITTED. Any drivers who breach this rule will receive a 10 SECOND TIME PENALTY which will be added to their race time.

Throughout the Formation Lap, DO NOT drive recklessly or dangerously by weaving excessively, or suddenly slow down in front of another driver. Drivers are reminded to maintain a SAFE distance to the driver ahead without creating a large gap in the queue.

3.2.2 Spatial Awareness – Being aware of where other drivers are on track is the responsibility of every driver and is essential during a race. It is vital that care is taken at the beginning of each race and while battling on track for position.

3.2.3 Deliberate Contact – Deliberately or intentionally crashing into another car will result in immediate and permanent expulsion from Invictus Racing League.

3.2.4 Accidental Contact – If you accidentally cause a collision or are responsible for taking another car off track, you MUST slow down and safely allow the affected car(s) back in front of you on track. If any member does not adhere to this ruling they are likely to receive a harsher penalty from the Race Stewards if the incident is reported.


This rule can only be overruled if the affected driver informs you to carry on over their headset


3.2.5 Lag Collisions – The above ruling still applies if lag (connection issues) is the cause of the incident, when it is obvious that your lag is the cause of another driver “going-off”. Each member is responsible for ensuring that their connection is strong enough to ensure safe on-track racing and participation. Lag-collisions are classed as an “Unfair-Overtake”.

3.2.6 Overtaking – Drivers are advised to not be too aggressive when attempting overtaking. As the chasing/overtaking car it is your responsibility in ensuring that contact is avoided when overtaking.

3.2.7 Defending – Excessive weaving (anything that constitutes more than a single-movement) and intentional blocking (a late move to defend) is not permitted. While defending, choose a line on the track and stick to it. Ensure that the attacking driver has sufficient time to react to your defensive manoeuvre. A late defensive move is defined as:


When the driver ahead makes a defensive move with LESS THAN ONE CAR LENGTH of space between themselves and the overtaking driver. Any attempt to defend/block the overtaking driver when there’s less than a car length while be deemed a LATE DEFENSIVE MOVE and will be worthy of a penalty.


3.2.8 Forcing Another Driver Off Track – Forcing another driver off track through not leaving enough room (a car’s width – which is measured from the white line on track and the outside of the defending driver’s tyre) on corner entry or exit is not permitted. If an attacking car is alongside you while entering/exiting a corner, you must adjust your line to avoid contact.
Being “Sufficiently Alongside” (where the attacking car’s nose is alongside or ahead of defending car’s sidepod) warrants being left room.

3.2.9 Returning to Track – If you spin off or leave track, it is each driver’s responsibility to ensure that they return to track in a SAFE manner; re-joining track immediately is ill-advised. It is safer to allow drivers to pass before returning to track. Anyone who returns to track unsafely resulting in a collision while be severely reprimanded. Reset to Track – This is not permitted, any drivers found violating this rule will receive a 10 SECOND TIME PENALTY. Lapping Other Drivers – It is advised, that when approaching another car to lap, to alert the other driver of your presence using headsets. This will reduce the likelihood of a collision.
3.3 Corner Cutting – Invictus Racing League will use STRICT Cornering rules. Cars must keep two wheels within track limits AT ALL TIMES. Track Boundaries are clearly marked by the white lines, NOT by the edge of the KERBS. Track limits also apply to Pit Entry/Exit at all tracks. Corner cutting and track extending to gain an advantage is not permitted. Consistently breaching this ruling will result in a penalty.
3.3.1 Off-Track Overtaking – If you overtake another driver with all four wheels off track, or as a consequence of cutting a corner, you must slow down and give the position back.
3.4 Safety Car & Virtual Safety Car – During the SC or VSC drivers MUST NOT EXCEED the DELTA time indicated by the game.
3.4.1 Safety Car – If you are the lead car driving up to the Safety Car, drivers are reminded to take caution due to the pace of the Safety Car. The Lead Car driver behind the Safety Car, is advised to maintain a safe distance; this is to avoid/minimise incidents caused by lag.
During the Safety Car period, it is prohibited to drive dangerously by weaving excessively or to suddenly slow down in front of another driver. Drivers are reminded to maintain a safe distance to the car ahead without creating a large gap in the queue.
3.4.2 Returning to Race Pace after Safety Car Period – After a Safety Car Period, the pace of the “pack” is at the discretion of the Lead Car. It is the lead driver’s responsibility to maintain a CONSISTENT pace. However, the Lead Car is permitted to gradually slow their pace to allow a gap to the Safety Car before restarting the race; excessive “speeding-up and slowing-down” is not permitted when the Safety Car is returning to the Pit-Lane. This is to avoid collisions when all drivers are in close formation. Any driver who is found to suddenly alter their pace will receive a 30 SECOND TIME PENALTY and may receive a one race ban.
3.4.3 Pit-Stop during the Safety Car – Drivers making a pit-stop during the Safety Car period are required to leave a gap between themselves and the Safety Car to ensure that they DO NOT overtake the Safety Car in the Pit-Lane. As a consequence of not following this ruling everyone behind the Safety Car will be told to overtake the Safety Car which causes major delays to the Safety Car period and possibly other issues.
3.4.4 Intentionally Bringing out the Safety Car – IT IS PROHIBITED TO PARK/CRASH your car with the purpose of bringing out the Safety Car. Anyone deliberately crashing out/rage-quitting in a manner that results in a Safety Car phase will receive a race ban.
3.4.5 Virtual Safety Car – Drivers are expected to maintain a POSITIVE DELTA during the VSC and on the conclusion of VSC. Drivers are expected to maintain a positive delta until GREEN FLAGS indicate a return to race pace NOT FROM THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE ENGINEER. If anyone is suspected of breaching this rule they will be asked to produce video evidence. If it is proven that a driver has breached this rule a 10 SECOND TIME PENALTY will be applied.
If drivers are unable to provide video evidence the penalty will also be applied. NOT HAVING VIDEO EVIDENCE IS NOT A VALID DEFENCE.
3.5 Tyre Selection – Drivers who qualify within the Top 10 positions will start the race on the tyre compound that they set their fastest qualifying lap on. Drivers that start the race outside the Top 10 positions will have a free choice of their starting tyre compound.
Drivers MUST use 2 from the 3 available tyre compounds during each race. Where a track has declared a MANDATORY tyre compound, drivers must use 1 of the mandatory sets during the race.
If the weather conditions become WET during the race it is not required to use 2 different DRY tyre compounds.
During Qualifying if a driver uses a WET tyre compound (Intermediates/Wets) for DRY track conditions, or vice-versa, they will be informed to leave the race lobby immediately and may receive further disciplinary action.


3.6 Pit-stops – Drivers must remain within the white line when entering/exiting the Pits. Any drivers who cause a dangerous situation by either crossing the Pit Entrance/Exit Line, make a late-dive into the pits or do so in a way that clearly gives a time or track advantage will receive a 10 SECOND TIME PENALTY.  
3.6.1 Manual Pit-Stop – Pit Assist will be OFF. It is required that all drivers complete a manual pit-stop. Drivers are required to brake appropriately to slow down to the required speed limit prior to the Pit-Lane Marker Boards.
Any driver discovered pausing the game on their Pit-Stop, allowing the AI to perform the necessary braking and Pit-Entry will receive a 30 SECOND TIME PENALTY.
3.7 Drag Reduction System (DRS) – Driving in a dangerous and unsporting manner to gain advantage during the race, particularly to gain the use of DRS is prohibited. This kind of driving includes, but is not limited to, violently decelerating and/or steering when in front of a following car and deliberately allowing the following car to pass you in order to gain DRS activation yourself; drivers discovered attempting this will be disqualified from the Race Results automatically. Further action will be discussed by League admins and may result in race bans or removal from Invictus Racing League.
3.8 Jump Starts – If you release the clutch early, causing your car to move before all 5 Red lights go out you will automatically receive a Drive-through penalty.

3.8.1 Lag Race Starts – It is possible that the game will show GREEN LIGHTS before other drivers on the grid due to a Lag-Start. If this occurs, Drivers are advised to adhere to the following guidelines in order to avoid penalisation:

If you begin the race from Pole-Position and find yourself released before the remaining grid, you are required to slow down and allow the other cars to catch-up, negating the advantage gained from an early release as quickly and SAFELY as possible. Drivers who are catching up may be prompted to attempt an overtake, they are fully justified to do so.

If you begin the race in P2 and are released early from the grid, you are required to negate that advantage to the car starting in P1 and concede the race position. You must allow the driver fully ahead of yourself – not alongside.

If you are not on the front row, drivers are required to remain cautious to avoid contact with other drivers, other cars will remain stationary. Stop your car and wait for the other cars to start the race. If you fail to adhere to this guideline and move away cleanly, you are required to slow down at a SAFE PLACE within Sector 1 and allow the other cars to pass until you can return to your STARTING grid position (regardless of any incidents or overtakes which have happened in the field behind).

ANY driver who does not adhere to these guidelines will receive a 30 SECOND TIME PENALTY


3.9 Pausing The Game – Pausing the game is discouraged. Pausing the game during Safety Car/Virtual Safety Car periods has the potential to cause race incidents. Following closely behind another car who suddenly ghosts as a result of a driver pausing their game may result in the following driver having to suddenly take avoiding action due to the ghosting car suddenly slowing down. The driver taking unnecessary avoiding action may put their/other driver’s cars at risk.

Drivers are fully responsible for their car’s actions AT ALL TIMES. Any incident or dangerous situation caused, regardless whether a driver has paused their game or not will be penalised under normal racing rules.





4.1 Communication – All drivers are encouraged to use a suitable, working headset while in the race lobby. Members are required to remain in GAME CHAT rather than PARTY CHAT; this is to ensure effective communication between League Admins and Members. Communication during races is also effective in reducing incidents and resolving disputes.

4.2 Lobby Etiquette – All members are required to respect other drivers. We are focused on creating a welcoming/friendly and competitive atmosphere; all members are expected to treat other drivers equally regardless of pace or ability.

4.2.1 Respect the League Admin – All members are advised to listen to and follow instructions of the League Admin. If you feel/believe that a decision/action has been incorrect please approach the League admin and discuss your concerns calmly and maturely. During a race the decision of the League Admin is final. If however you believe an error has been made and wish to raise a concern after the race, you are encouraged to approach the League Director in a calm and mature manner.

4.2.2 Inappropriate Behaviour – Shouting, name-calling, abusing or distracting another member will not be tolerated. Members who inappropriately use headsets to insult another member, become a disruptive influence or create an unwelcoming atmosphere will be informed to leave the race lobby immediately. Members may be further penalised by receiving a race ban or removal from Invictus Racing League; this will be at the discretion of the League Admins.

4.2.3 On Track Incident(s) – If you are involved in an incident on-track DO NOT use your headset to threaten/abuse or verbally attack another member. Invictus Racing League recognises that being caught-up in an incident can be frustrating, however this DOES NOT justify treating another member disrespectfully. Losing out due to another member’s mistake or recklessness does not validate retaliation or disregarding the rules. Remain calm and continue with your race.

If you believe another driver is to blame for an incident, record the incident and report it to the Race Stewards. If you believe a driver is behaving in a manner that breaches IRL’s rules report the behaviour to the League Admin or Race Stewards after the race rather than instigating an argument during the race.

4.2.4 Rage-Quitting – If any member deliberately quits the race inappropriately – deliberately getting disqualified, intentionally crashing their car, retiring as a result of being angry after an incident will result in the driver being penalised.

If this is the member’s first offence they will receive an OFFICIAL VERBAL WARNING. For a second offense the member will receive a 30 SECOND PENALTYOn the member’s third occassion they will receive a ONE RACE BAN. If a member has accumulated a total of 5 RACE BANS they will be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM INVICTUS RACING LEAGUES.

IRL appreciate drivers who retire from the race appropriately – retiring while in the pits, if they believe they are a danger to other drivers due to poor driving or connection issues.

4.2.5 Safe Retirement – If any member has to leave the lobby during the race, you are required to retire the car SAFELY – Retiring in the Pit-Lane before leaving the lobby. This is to ensure that AI does not take control of member’s cars which could lead to a dangerous situation for other members in the lobby. Drivers who leave the lobby without retiring their car first will receive a 30 SECOND TIME PENALTY for their next race.

This does not apply if a member has been legitimately disconnected from the race lobby.

4.3 Forum Activity – Invictus Racing League require all members to remain active on the forum while remaining a driver at Invictus. We request that members contribute to the Invictus community. We do not require members to make several posts a week, we request that members participate in race thread discussions. Admins will occasionally check member activity – if a member remains inactive for a significant length of time they may be removed from Invictus Racing.

4.3.1 Forum Behaviour – Members are required and expected to behave in a respectful manner on the forum. Name-calling, verbally abusing/attacking another member, bullying or any behaviour that is intended to aggravate another member or instigate an argument WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Any members breaching this rule will be removed and banned from Invictus immediately.





5.1 Internet Lag – It is an unfortunate reality of Online Racing. Stable internet connections are critical for being able to race closely with other members on track. Invictus Racing appreciates that not everyone can have perfect internet connection and lag can occasionally be unavoidable. Invictus Racing League reserves the right to remove any member from the league whose connection is consistently poor or “lagging” in order to avoid that member causing major issues for the other members.

5.2 Internet Test – All members will be asked to conduct an internet speed test at the point of signing-up. New members will be invited to participate in a practice prior to officially competing in Invictus Racing League. Practice Races will be used to assess member’s driving ability and connection stability.
No member will be permitted to participate in Official Invictus League Races until we are satisfied that they have a stable internet connection and can participate SAFELY in Official races.





6.1 Lobby Disconnections – Invictus Racing League are aware that disconnections occur for various reasons. Below are guidelines used in the occurrence of a disconnection.

6.2 During Qualifying – If someone disconnects before 5 minutes of Qualifying has gone, the League admins will set up a new lobby immediately so the qualifying Session can be restarted.

If someone disconnects after 5 minutes they will carry on until the end of Qualifying. Drivers are reminded to re-join the Race Lobby and wait until the beginning of the race, where they can regain control of their car during the Formation Lap.

If any member is unable to do so, they are to inform they League Admin using their headset immediately. The League Admin will set up a new lobby to perform a Safety car restart. If it is decided that a Safety Car restart is necessary the member who disconnected is required to restart the race at the back of the grid.

6.2.1 After Qualifying – If anyone disconnects between Qualifying and Race start, members can re-join the lobby and regain control of their car during the Formation Lap. If they are unable to do so Safety Car restart procedure will apply. Qualifying results will stand.

6.2.2 Disconnection Weather Settings – Weather settings for the new race lobby will be based on the original race conditions:

If the original race was 100% dry then the room shall be set to dry.
If the original race was 100% rain then the room shall be set to heavy rain.
Anything in between and the room will be set to dynamic.

6.3 Lobby Collapse/Split Lobby – In the event of a mass disconnection or the lobby splitting in two, you should continue to race and await further instruction from your league admin. It is at their discretion to decide what to do.
Race Lobbies will be restarted a MAXIMUM of 3 times. If a Race is unable to proceed after 3 attempts, the race will be postponed and a decision to re-run or cancel the Race will be decided at a later time.

6.4 Disconnections during the Race – In the event that you disconnect from the Race F1 2017 allows you to rejoin and re-take control of your car. However, if for any reason that you can not re-join the lobby the League Admins will determine whether to award the disconnected driver points from the Race if: Points will only be awarded if 90% of the race has been completed at point of disconnection. Points will be awarded in relation to current position. H

90% of the Race has been completed at point of disconnection

Points are awarded in relation of position held at point of disconnection

Time penalties will be taken into consideration to determine “REAL” position held at point of disconnection

Members who disconnect after 90% Race completion will be awarded “Half-Points” of “REAL” position held





7.1 Safety Car Restart Procedure – When a Safety Car Restart is required, every driver is responsible for ensuring they get into their grid positions gained through the Qualifying session on the first lap SAFELY. All drivers MUST use the same compound tyre they qualified on – starting on a different tyre compound from the compound you qualified on will result in disqualification.

The LEAD DRIVER who is the safety car can “bolt” during or after the final corner once all cars are in order.
Overtaking cannot commence unless out of the final corner and on the start finish straight, DRS is not to be used.





8.1 Rule Enforcement – It is impossible to always control all the actions of all the drivers, however if anyone observes/witnesses any members breaching Invictus Racing League Rules, members are encouraged to report this to either League Admins or Race Stewards.

8.2 Steward’s Panel – The Steward’s Panel Forum is used to report incidents and any other rule violations observed by Invictus Racing League’s members. To assist Stewards in their investigation of any incident, a valid and thorough explanation, supported with video evidence is required. Stewards will investigate all reported incidents and rule violations and will post their findings in the Steward’s Forum.

8.2.1 Racing Incidents – If any member believes that another member is responsible for causing an incident – colliding with your car, forcing another driver off track, re-joining the track unsafely, reckless driving or driving unsafely – you should report this to the Race Stewards for investigation.

8.2.2 Corner Cutting – If any member observes another member persistently gaining an unfair advantage due to repeatedly abusing track limits you should report this to the Race Stewards for investigation.

8.2.3 Time Limit for Reporting Incidents – All incidents MUST be reported within 48 Hours of the incident occurring. Any incidents reported after the 48 Hour period WILL NOT be considered.

Guidelines for reporting incidents and possible penalties can be found in the Steward’s Office.





9.1 Race Results – The league admin will post the race results after the race. Points will then be added then be added to the Drivers & Constructors Championship standings.

9.2 Classification/Points System – All drivers who completed 95% of the racing laps prior to disconnection and not retirement on via quitting will be classified and receive half points.

Points are awarded as follows:

1st – 12 pts
2nd – 10pts  
3rd – 8 pts
4th – 7 pts
5th – 6pts
6th – 5 pts
7th – 4pts
8th – 3 pts
9th – 2 pts
10th – 1 pt  





10.1 Race Calendar – The Invictus Racing League Championship Calendar will be published before the beginning of the season.

10.2 Champions/Trophies – The drivers/teams that accumulate the most points over the season will be declared the League Champions.

10.3 Level points – If there is a dead heat at the end of the season, the Championship will be decided on “countback” – the Driver/team with the most race wins will be declared Champion. If that is equal the driver/team with the most 2nd places will be the winner etc.[/size]






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