Get involved in commentary with Invictus



At Invictus Racing League we are always on the look out for new and enthusiastic people to commentate on the leagues we are currently offering.

This season we are running an initial six leagues with potential for more so the requirement for a stream commentator has increased. We would love a two man team in the leagues for the best viewer experience and to give our excellent commentators the ability to capture as much action as possible.

The leagues are currently covered by at least one commentator but if you or know of anyone that would like to increase their confidence in media, talk from a driver’s perspective or just have a passion for motorsport and wish to bring enthusiasm to then let us know!

All our streams are captured by the leagues commentary team and then the VoD’s are uploaded to the Invictus YouTube channel


Equally, if you are a driver and can spare an evening to assist in the box it is always appreciated! Our commentating team work hard behind the scenes creating the best experience for you all and any support is always welcome!

All of our commentated races are streamed live on on the league specific channels at 8pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s. You won’t be thrown in at the deep end! coaching and support can be found within the community.


If this is something you are interested in then please contact Craig or Malc on;

Craig8728 – PSN

F1WWFC_07 – PSN (Malc)


Hopefully we will add to our strong commentating team and continue to provide you exciting and engaging commentary throughout the season! Let us know today to get involved!

Invictus looks forward to pre-season

Summer testing has been ongoing for the last three weeks and with each week we get closer to the opening race of the season in Albert Park, Melbourne.

The final summer test takes place the week commencing 24th September 2018 at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi with all leagues participating in test sessions and invitational races.

The summer tests have given the league organisers some good pace data that will determine the locations for the driver’s into the correct ability leagues. We have seen movements from last season along with some new introductions into the leagues that promise to shake up the status quo and give the paddock new rivalries to talk about.

The driver’s are all readying themselves for a competitive 12 race season, and with the prospect of new champions and podium chasers on the horizon. You don’t want to miss a race!


Pre season race one

The week beginning the 1st October 2018 will see the first of two official pre-season races to be held. It will be the turn of the No-Assist drivers first on Monday 1st before the Performance Leagues (1&2) take place on Tuesday 2nd before the Equal Performance driver’sjump into their race seats for their Wednesday races.

The race will take place at the former Österreichring now Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. The track has hosted races for Invictus in recent seasons and with a quick circuit which promotes close and fierce racing, we are certainly expecting an explosive first introduction to the grid.

The circuit which runs through the picturesque Austrian hills, offering 10 turns over a 2.6 mile/ 4.3km distance with a lap time that during qualifying will be brushing 65 seconds. The run to turn one is up a steep incline into a sharp right hand turn that will catch out those who brake a fraction too late.


The no-assist league see the return of Speed_Queen80 who will look to re-take her throne after Gamer_DA_Best262 ran riot last season. However, with Gamer only competing in Equal Performance F1 this season, it opens the title race wide open on Monday nights for those who want to grab the championship with both hands by the end of the season.

Throughout the leagues we see very interesting battles shaping up such as Jos_Heinssie, NoFudge4U and a possible challenger in Betrayer46 in the F2 championship and a very intense SirSpud72 vs AaronJSpence2017 fight brewing in F3 as both the Mercedes and Renault teams look poised to be close all season.


We only have one more week of summer tests before pre-season starts and that will officially begin the countdown to lights out in Australia. The league communities are already buzzing with excitement in anticipation of the season as the mind games start.


The Invictus Racing League is within sight of the opening race of the season. However, you can still sign up today and get involved in some of the most competitive and compelling racing anywhere on PS4



Success on track for Invictus driver

Invictus Racing League driver Scott Bugner (BoyBetterKnowSB) recently took to the track in his Ford Fiesta at Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire and was rewarded with a successful return for his efforts.

The car which was sporting its brand new Invictus Racing League promotional decals took 4th overall in the race against strong competition.

However, it was a first in class finish for Scott as his Class F Fiesta took the top step of the podium and a trophy for the #99 car.

Huge congratulations go to Scott for his efforts and a well earned fruitful weekend at the MSV owned circuit. The whole team and community sends its warmest congratulations to Scott and we hope he will see the top step many more times!

The #99 proudly showing off the winner’s trophy for 1st in class at Cadwell Park


Scott is lined up to race this weekend (Sep 22/23) at Donnington Park in front of a 20,000 strong crowd in a support race for the highly competitive British GT and British F3 series, which are both known for launching young careers. The car will be on full show for all including the British racing media. We wish him the best of luck!

If you can, make sure you get down there to support him! And equally, if you also want to show off your support for Invictus, then visit our store for all merchandise!

Tickets can be found here! Donnington Park Race Day Tickets


A win for Invictus on the circuit on game and real life shows what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Get yourself on the grid and start your journey today!

F1 2018 Season one calendar announced

F1 2018 has been out now for a few weeks and given the driver’s a taste of the new circuits and handling of the 2018 spec machines that will be making up the grid.

Earlier today the calendar was announced for next season and with some returning favourites along with brand new additions it is certain that we will see some electric racing throughout all leagues.



Pre-season will start at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. The fast circuit in the Austrian hills will be a eye opener for the driver’s who will be looking to hit the ground running with a lap just over a minute long. We have seen some fantastic racing around the Red Bull Ring in the past and we can expect to see more of the same in the first pre-season test.

The second and final pre-season race moves 1795 miles east to Baku on the coast of the Caspian Sea. The recent addition to the calendar will test the drivers on their precision as they make their way around the ancient city. The now infamous castle section will see who is bravest and most daring.  Could we potentially see the safety car come in to effect with the pit crews working overtime?


Championship rounds

The first round of the season takes place in Melbourne, Australia as the cars and drivers will fight for points around the Albert Park circuit. The grid will have started to work each other out and it will be game-time as the visors come down and lights go out to open the season.

Round two will be hosted by the desert destination of Bahrain. The race has been a part of the previous two seasons and with tyre choices always varying it makes for a strategic nightmare for the race engineers when deciding on the qualifying tyre and the pit-stop strategy. Who can overcome the dusty circuit and take victory in the gulf?

The beautiful Budapest in Hungary owns round three of the championship as the cars take to the Hungaroring. We saw some stunning racing last season around the track that is notoriously difficult to overtake on. We hopefully get to see a repeat of last seasons explosive race once again.

Round four is the first visit in Invictus history to the Paul Ricard circuit in France, with the first of the new grand prix circuits added to the game. We can expect to see a fast and furious pace with potential for thrills and spills all across the vibrant circuit as Invictus rolls into town.

The fifth round takes place at the famous Monza Autodromo. The passionate Tifosi will be cheering along for the scarlett red Ferrari’s with nothing short of a win expected. The driver’s who get signed to the team this season will know how important that race victory is.

The final round of the first half of the season comes to the home of British motorsport at Silverstone. A track that is ever popular with fans and driver’s alike. The critical section of maggotts, becketts, aintree and chapel can either ruin or fire a driver into a perfect lap. The cars going around copse corner at flat out will mean it is not a race to be missed!

The league then takes its week long break and allows the grid to prepare for the second half of the season. We have seen late season charges catapult driver’s into championship contention so the break is never one to slow the grid down.

Round seven will go to Hockenheim as the German Grand Prix returns to the F1 and Invictus calendar. The now fast arena circuit is a far shot from the old track that disappeared into the forest but it is no less exiting. The overtaking opportunities are everywhere and we are sure to see a fantastic race.

Circuite Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Canada hosts round eight as the cars make their first trip to North America. The infamous ‘Wall of Champions’ looms for anyone who loses concentration and with a very popular following in Canada. The Canadian Grand Prix is always a exciting one to be part of whether in the car or out of it.

Spa-Francorchamps was given round nine as the teams attend one of the most famous circuits on the planet with possibly the greatest corner in racing in Eau Rouge and Raidillon. The Ardennes hills will be alive with the sound of turbo-hybrid engines as the drivers take to the track and prepare themselves for a mouth-watering thrill ride around the tricky Belgian circuit.

The penultimate round of the season gets a shot of red, white and blue as the Circuit of the Americas maintains its position on the calendar. The incredible city of Austin hosts what could possibly be an incredibly important race in the season. The stakes will be high but as the saying goes “Everything is bigger in Texas”

Our first season wraps up in Interlagos as Brazil will see the champion crowned and celebrated. The quick track with famously changeable conditions has seen some unbelievable races in recent Invictus seasons and we can expect the same again as the driver’s will look to finish out the season in style.



With the calendar announced we await the start of what is shaping up to be a spectacular season. The new driver line up’s and team contracts will be announced in the near future so check out the Invictus Racing League twitter @InvictusRL for all announcements on dates and relevant information.


The countdown to the new season is underway but you can still be a part of it! Applications are still open in our sign-up section for new members, so get yourself on the grid!

Preliminary driver line up announced

The first preliminary driver lists were announced for the Invictus Racing leagues last week and we see a strong returning force with a mix of new and hungry drivers.

We are running six leagues initially but with the prospect of a PC league and a rookie no-assist league in the pipework, that list is certainly about to grow.

There is potential for some spectacular battles throughout the grid with driver’s making a comeback to the league in hope of derailing some of the established stars on track. We are all hoping this proves to be the most successful season yet and with a strong community of driver’s providing superb racing, we cannot wait!

Current driver line ups*

No Assists (Monday 8pm)

  • F1WWFC_07 (Malc)
  • Nikki9095
  • Challenjer17
  • MeroD2
  • Speed_Queen80
  • BoyBetterKnowSB
  • ChielNijland
  • J03L-v520v-
  • xMIKExSI
  • RealHiroshi
  • Sargent_009
  • Mystic_Man22
  • Mamafisher
  • Tuomas53
  • Philip_mcfc

Performance League 1 (Tuesday 8pm)

  • mj_coop
  • SirSpud72
  • Tejuarr
  • Tony-Y-
  • Josepe04b
  • NotoriousL_I_P
  • aaronjspence2017
  • sjd1988
  • Jamie_6328
  • TUF_Shayo
  • Megglugpy
  • LMC_Boogster
  • Fascone0525
  • xMIKExSI

Performance League 2 (Tuesday 8pm)

  • BWAClyde
  • Delange93
  • Captain_Stiff
  • Jos_Heinssie
  • KaW_TacTiicZz
  • mrstim96
  • NeverMIss00
  • NickLJThomson
  • Nitrogash
  • osteven002
  • sab7786
  • Scopefielder
  • t_o_m_444
  • WaveIntel

Equal Performance F1 (Wednesday 8pm)

  • Sambamkid
  • Gamer_DA_Best262
  • mdoran09
  • Megglugpy
  • BoyBetterKnowSB
  • xlexand
  • jamesbraden99
  • FoxyRed2000
  • Nikki9095
  • Jajo105
  • Axeeri
  • XRL_Button
  • Orchard_David
  • TamworthFox

Equal Performance F2 (Wednesday 8pm)

  • Orchard_Socks
  • Scopefielder
  • Humbostone
  • Hulkenburger
  • TUF_Shayo
  • ChicKeN_OwNzzzz
  • Jos_Heinssie
  • Betrayer46
  • mj_coop
  • WaveIntel
  • Tony-Y-
  • NoFudge4U
  • Jamie_6328
  • Narayan94
  • Benjym214
  • NickLJThomson
  • FabulousChicken0

Equal Performance F3 (Wednesday 8pm)

  • aaronjspence2017
  • Bren_Ons
  • BWAClyde
  • colinj1411996
  • Craig8728
  • F1Richard67
  • Fascone0525
  • FerociousDan
  • Captain_Stiff
  • Gazzaman96
  • NeverMiss00
  • osteven002
  • Jakulat67
  • Nitrogash
  • NotoriousL_I_P
  • SirSpud72
  • xMIKExSI
  • PAUL0_PABL06
  • sjd1988
  • Tejuarr

*(All line ups are currently provisional and subject to change)


The leagues are looking extremely competitive and with multi championship winning drivers in several formula we are in store for a fantastic season.

Hopefully some of your favourites are back on the grid and you can support us by watching and following the streams for each league.


The cars are in the final stages of preparation ready for pre-season to begin and the only thing next is to find out what teams have signed what drivers. We could see some strong partnerships and dark horses emerge giving us our best season yet!

To get involved in the league and add your name to these lists – check out the sign up page and leave your details!


New league on the horizon


Invictus Racing League has announced that it will be moving to a new platform for the first time. The news broke on Thursday about the formation of a F1 2018 league on PC that will run on Sunday evenings at 8pm (GMT)

The league will add to the already strongly supported PS4 leagues and will offer a chance for new members to join under the Invictus Racing League banner on a different system. The Invictus community has already grown over 100 members and with new leagues on the horizon it is only set to get bigger.

Dates and drivers are yet to be announced so keep an eye on our twitter page @InvictusRL for any further information.

For all drivers new or old whom are interested in the PC league then please contact the admin team on the Codemasters forum post, or send a direct message via the twitter page and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.




It is certainly exciting times for Invictus and with the league more popular than ever and growing each day – Make sure you don’t miss out and sign up today to be on the gird for the first race of the season!

Invictus Racing League takes to the track!



Invictus Racing League will be on full show as No-Assist and Equal Performance F1 league driver Scott Bugner (BoyBetterKnowSB) takes to the track this weekend with the leagues logo proudly placed on the car.

Scott joined the league last season and has already become a valued member of the leagues and community. He picked up a win in his second race of his IRL career at Japan after a debut podium in Canada in the No-Assists league whilst being competitive in the superb Equal Performance F1 league.

He has kindly allowed us to advertise on his car that he currently races in the Ford Saloon Series and with trips to famous circuits such as Brands Hatch, Snetterton and Rockingham we will hopefully get to promote ourselves to a wider audience.

Invictus Racing League thanks Scott for his support and willingness to promote us and wishes him all the best with the rest of his season and future seasons. Check out the race calendar on the Ford Saloon Championship website to see if you can support him in person at your nearest circuit.


Scott currently races online with Invictus and does well to practice enough whilst getting his Ford ready to take the chequered flag.




Equally he is always on the lookout for extra sponsorship opportunities so if you can or know of anyone that could help then please contact:


Join one of the quickest growing racing leagues on PS4 now! Check out our sign up page above and test yourselves against some of the quickest driver’s on the game as we stream live on Twitch!

Invictus Racing League F3 Season Review

The inaugural Invictus Racing League Formula 3 series has come to its conclusion and the book was closed on a truly enthralling and thrilling series.

In the end it was Betrayer46 who took the crown as champion after a dominant season that only saw him off of the podium once throughout the eventual 11 race competition. He finally saw off the challenger WaveIntel who certainly had a breakout season with a runner up position in F3 and taking home the Performance league championship.

The top two battled it out throughout the season trading wins and points but further down the grid the table was ever changing with the midfield all scrapping over a top six finish. Third and fourth in the standings were taken by AaronJSpence and mj_coop respectively as coop in particular will rue a poor start to the season for not elevating himself into the title challenge.

SirSpud72 took a comfortable fifth with some strong results throughout the season, notably a podium in the first and last races of the season while it was BWAClyde who just pipped Captain_Stiff to sixth place in the standings as Clyde made up for some disappointing results with a podium in Britain and a fourth in Suzuka to secure a top six finish in what was a very competitive midfield.


After pre-season was dominated by NeverMiss00, the young Haas driver went into the season high on confidence and backed by many to take the title. He took victory in Australia and Russia and as the paddock filled up at round one in Mexico City the talk was all about a potential Haas vs Ferrari rivalry.

The Haas team had signed two young but hungry drivers in NeverMiss and WaveIntel who were hoping to stamp their intention on the track early but the self-proclaimed ‘old guard’ of the league were the Ferrari team of Betrayer46 and Tejuarr behind the wheel of the famous Italian manufacture. They were determined to give the Haas drivers a hard time on circuit and show that they were yet ready to allow Haas domination.

The season kicked off in Mexico and with a shower of confetti and cheers from the passionate Mexican fans it was WaveIntel who took pole position and subsequently the win whilst Betrayer who missed out on pole by three hundredths of a second just wasn’t able to keep up with WaveIntel in the final stages of the race.

SirSpud took home third position after starting seventh in a track that he enjoys and with his team mate Fascone in fifth it was a good day for Mercedes.

Pre-season favourite NeverMiss had a shocking start to the season as a first lap crash saw his race end with a bang as the Haas team were left with a car to re-build before the following week.

A win for WaveIntel gave Haas much needed relief after NeverMiss crashed out on the first lap.


The fast Interlagos circuit was next up as the teams made their way down through Central to South America. Pole was taken by mj_coop who set a brilliant lap to put his Toro Rosso ahead of Tejuarr who lined up ahead of his team-mate as WaveIntel struggled in qualifying and could only manage seventh.

The rain came down for the start of the race and with the prospect of a dry surface on the horizon it would all be about keeping it on track throughout the wet period.

It was a disastrous start for coop as he lost positions off the line and was then a passenger in an accident as NeverMiss lost control and put both cars into the wall. This once again ended NeverMiss’ race early but coop managed to limp back to the pits but he could only manage an 11th place finish. The race victory was taken by Betrayer who was superb on his intermediate tyres to get a lead before the dry tyres. He was joined on the podium by AaronJSpence in the Sauber and WaveIntel who made it up to third.

The night race in Singapore was third on the calendar as the cars raced around the Marina Bay street circuit in perfect conditions. Mj_coop took another pole position but after a mistake following his first pit-stop he retired which allowed Betrayer to guarantee the lead. The points leader didn’t have it all his own way as he held off a final lap attack from Aaron who seemed to have the move done before wing damage halted his final lap fight. In a surprise showing it was a superb race for Gazzaman96 in the Force India who came all the way from 12th to third and take his and the team’s first podium of the season. Tejuarr and Captain_Stiff both had excellent races after early mistakes saw the pit crews in action before expected as the two recovered for respectable fifth and sixth places respectively.

The first European race of the season was the home of Ferrari in Monza but the two scarlet racers had their worst points total collectively of the season.

An issue for Betrayer in qualifying saw him start from the back of the grid and only manage sixth place allowing WaveIntel to take home a comfortable and dominant victory ahead of Aaron who maintained his good form with a third consecutive second place.

The surprise result of the week was the spectacular drive from Renault driver F1Richard67 who took third after impressing all afternoon. Pole sitter was once again mj_coop but after suffering a spin at the Parabollica he required an extra pit-stop as he recovered to ninth.



F1Richard on his way to a debut podium in F3



The home of British motorsport in Silverstone held round five of the championship and after utilising brilliant one lap pace BWAClyde put his Red Bull on pole position.

However, the race victory was taken by mj_coop after an explosive final lap saw coop and Aaron collide exiting Stowe which with two corners left saw Aaron crash out and coop take to the grass allowing Betrayer through but after missing a gear on the final corner it gave coop the victory on the line as he finally managed to put his speed into practice.

Betrayer picked up second and was joined on the rostrum by Clyde who did very well to stay with the leaders. WaveIntel had earlier crashed out after an accident with the returning JFMUFC at Stowe saw both pick up extensive damage in a bitter blow for the Haas driver’s title hopes.



BWAClyde picked up his first pole position this season and finished in third after a slow start to the season. Christian Horner was quoted saying “Clyde really did well for us out there today and a pole and podium shows just how fast he can be when the car is set up right for him”



The final race before the season break was in China as the grid looked forward to the Shanghai circuit. It was SirSpud who had a rocket of a lap to get his Mercedes to the top of the times.

Unfortunately for Spud it wasn’t transferred to race pace as he dropped to seventh as mj_coop took a second win in the Toro Rosso followed home by Betrayer and WaveIntel as the Scotsman looked to make up for his non finish in Silverstone.

The season week long break became two as the Canadian Grand Prix was postponed and subsequently cancelled as the grid moved straight on from Montreal to Suzuka for the Japanese Grand Prix but it was business as usual for the top two as Betrayer took the win from WaveIntel whilst Aaron got back onto the podium in third. BWAClyde took a credible fourth as drivers like Fascone, Stiff and Notorious picked up useful points further down the order.

The beautiful city of Budapest was the location of round nine as the cars would race around the notoriously difficult overtaking circuit the Hungaroring.

The established top four had already made a break for it early in the race and it was Betrayer who won once again after taking his first pole position of the season. Coop and WaveIntel rounded out the podium but further back there were points for Bren_Ons and osteven002 as the two managed eighth and ninth.

Betrayer’s two victories had put him within touching distance of the title and with WaveIntel as his only challenger it seemed like a matter of time before he would clinch the points required.

However, the Haas driver was not prepared to give up the fight and a victory in Bahrain and a third for Betrayer who was beaten by coop for second meant that with two races left in the season it would mean that Betrayer only required a seventh place finish to win the title in Austin.  Further back Spud, Notorious and Bren_Ons all picked up useful points as the fight in the midfield for sixth to eleventh was extremely close.

Knowing that Betrayer would miss the final race in Malaysia it was a crucial race for him to wrap up the title as a ninth/tenth plus two wins for WaveIntel would see him snatch the title from the Maranello team. All worries from the pit-wall were quelled as Betrayer took the race victory and therefore put the title out of reach of his rivals with a race to spare.

WaveIntel stayed with him and picked up second with Aaron in third but it was the red garage who would be celebrating late into the night with a trip to Sixth Street in Austin and sample the fantastic night life. The team also celebrated wrapping up the constructor’s championship, with Betrayer and Tejuarr taking that accolade back to the stacked trophy cabinet within Maranello.

It was a fantastic display from Betrayer in Austin and he clinched the title with a race to spare


The final race of the season was hosted by the outgoing Sepang circuit in Malaysia and it certainly threw up a whole load of excitement as the race was predicted to be rain affected and with strategies all different across the grid it turned out to be an outstanding race.

WaveIntel finished off the season in style with a victory and his fourth of the campaign. He was followed by SirSpud who drove well to get second but it was an incredible display from Williams driver osteven002, his best result to date was ninth and using a long first stint he went from 15th on the grid to take home a first podium as he was cheered on by the rest of the field. He was followed by Captain_Stiff who after spinning out of third early on recovered from ninth to fourth to pick up his best result of the season in a frenetic end to the season.


osteven002 went from 15th to 3rd in a rain affected race in one of the drives of the season


Betrayer was quoted after claiming his title that it was “a pleasure to race against the field and that to win the title in such esteemed company means a lot” before thanking the team with “Forza Ferrari” and with five wins over the season he certainly set the benchmark for others to follow.

It was a truly deserved title for Betrayer and with such a consistent season in regards to pace and results no one could offer up a better recipient of the inaugural F3 trophy. The F3 league has shown that while not the fastest league in IRL that the racing and comradery between drivers of all teams was second to none and the races offered excitement unrivalled.


Betrayer now has to find space to put his F3 title trophy



WaveIntel took home the award for the most fastest laps over the season and it was the fast starting Captain_Stiff who made the most positions from qualifying to race results. While the only drivers to start and finish every race were both Renault drivers of Stiff and F1Richard in a consistent season for the Enstone team.

There is a very good chance that we see drivers like Betrayer, Coop and WaveIntel promoted to F2 next season but with such a competitive league left behind and with drivers ready to battle it out in the F1 2018 game. We are in store for an absolutely incredible season. Can the likes of Spud, Notorious, Clyde or Stiff look at taking up the challenge? But with so many drivers on the grid enduring positive seasons we can expect more of the same next season.

There have already been rumours of drivers linking up already and alliances forming so with contracts up with current teams it will be interesting to see who partners who next season.

The season was exciting, competitive and explosive from flag up in Australia for pre-season to flag down in Malaysia. Credit is due to all drivers for making it a memorable season and the admin team for creating the positive and fun community within the league.

Registrations are open for F1 2018 so join up now and experience it for yourself!

Season 5 – Championships Heating Up

Season 5

5 Championships Yet To Be Decided!!!



As our 5th Season reaches a dramatic end; with all 5 League Championships yet to be decided, Invictus Racing Leagues approached the Championship contenders to ask their thoughts on their Championship experiences and ambitions. We begin with the Invictus [F1] No-Assists League where there remains a 4-way battle for the Driver’s Championship crown between nikki9095, ChielNijland, Stifler1980 and J03L -v520v-. 


The top 3 drivers of the Invictus [F1] No-Assists League were approached, beginning with Championship leader nikki9095:

Invictus: “nikki9095, you currently lead the Driver’s Championship in the No-Assists League, securing two race wins, one 2nd place finish and one 3rd place finish. It’s fair to say you’ve earned the top spot with consistency – can you maintain this form in the second half of the season and secure the Driver’s crown”?

nikki9095: “I really hope so. I hope I can maintain my consistency until the last race of the season. And honestly it’s hard to get that consistency for every race”.

Invictus: “ChielNijland has been impressive on his debut season in the No-Assists League, while Mark isn’t too far off either, are you feeling the pressure from both Championship rivals? And what are you doing to handle this pressure”?

nikki9095: “Yes he is. ChielNijland is a really good driver and Mark also. Of course I’m worried to lose the championship by them haha. And there’s Gamer beside them who’s getting me worried also. I think it’s just practice to handle this pressure”.

Invictus: “We have 4 races remaining in this final season of 2017, what races are you feeling confident/anxious about”?

nikki9095: “I always feel anxious in every race to be honest. But I hope I can have a good performance there”.



CheilNijland, who occupies 2nd place in the Invictus [F1] No-Assists League and trails nikki9095 by 6 points had this to say:

Invictus: “ChielNijland, you’ve had an impressive debut season in the No-Assists League, currently sitting second in the Driver’s Championship – can you make up the 6 point gap to Nikki and go on to secure the Driver Championship crown”?

ChielNijland: “I hope so, Nikki is a great driver and I don’t know if I can reach his pace. I think I can make up the 6 point gap, but I really need to keep on pushing”.

Invictus: “You’ve been on the Podium 3 times this season, can you go one better and secure that elusive race win”?

ChielNijland: “The race win has been avoiding me, hasn’t it? I definitely think I’ll win a race once, but it’s just a matter of time. I don’t have much races left this season as I’m going on a holiday”.

Invictus: “It appears that consistency has been key to where you are in the Championship – can you maintain this form in the final stages of the season”? 

ChielNijland: “Consistency has definitely been the key to the success. I’ll just do the same as what I’ve been doing so far, so hopefully my consistency will keep the same as well. But as I said, I won’t be present for two weeks, so I might have to do something more to secure the championship win”.

Invictus: “Mark has now tied with you on points, joining you in 2nd place in the Championship; are you concerned about his current form and can you hold him off”?

ChielNijland: “Mark has been really fast in the past few races and he’s closed the gap. I think we are pretty much equal in pace, but if he maintains his current form of driving he’ll definitely have a chance of securing the championship lead”.



Stifler1980, who is joint 2nd alongside ChielNijland was next to share his thoughts:

Invictus: “Stifler1980, despite missing the Brazilian Grand Prix you are now joint 2nd with ChielNijland and are 6 points behind Championship leader nikki9095, what do you think of your chances in securing the Driver’s crown this season”?

Stifler1980: “Honestly, I don’t consider myself to be in the title race. The tracks coming up are not strong favourites of mine and I really feel the guys have all elevated their driving and pace to another level! I’ll race as hard and as fair as I can but I think performances may drop in the future”.

Invictus: “You’ve been in good form this season, finishing no lower than 5th and securing two 2nd places, can you secure that race win? If so, which track do you think that will be”?

Stifler1980: “As stated above, no, I don’t think I’ll get the win this year. I generally build results around a consistent pace rather than being the fastest out there and look to pick up points from others mistakes. There are a lot of talents fast drivers on the grid this year and I don’t think I have the package to match that at the moment”.

Invictus: “It’s fair to say that nikki9095 and ChielNijland have had a good season so far, what can you do to ensure that you finish the second half of the season stronger than them”?

Stifler1980: “Yes, they’ve both been excellent. Nikki has always been fast and fair but this season he has really elevated his pace. I’ll do what I can and try and stick with them but it wont be easy. I’ll focus on maximizing my performance and then see where everything falls when the flag comes down”.

Invictus: “After two good races J03L -v520v- has put himself within touching distance of you, are you concerned about him at this stage of the season”?

Stifler1980: “Very much so, he was lightning fast at Silverstone and Monza and has really made an impact. I think he has the momentum in his favour and has a great shot to take it to the top of the table guys. I’ll do what I always do, focus on myself and run the best race I can”!



The Invictus [F1] Performance League has witnessed another spectacular and unpredictable season, seeing 6 different race winners. As the Championship nears it’s conclusion Invictus was only able to contact one of the three drivers in contention for the Performance League Driver’s Title; nickLJThomson:


We begin with nickLJThomson who currently sits in 2nd in the Driver’s Championship:

Invictus: “After 7 races you sit 2nd in the Performance League Driver table, 1 point behind Megglugpy and 3 points ahead of Theboogster711; can you become the new Performance League Champion”?

nickLJThomson: “I really hope so, I had a good run in this league last season but fell away from contention towards the end of the season which was disappointing. But I learned a lot from that first season of league racing, so hopefully that experience will stand me in good stead and I can keep pushing towards the title. Theboogster is super quick and guys like Megglugpy, sjd1988 and mj_coop are still in the championship fight. It will be hard to keep ahead of them but if I can remain in form I feel like I’ll be hard to beat in this league”.

Invictus: “Although you’ve secured two 3rd place finishes, you have yet to stand on the top step of the Podium, what do you need to do to secure a race win, and is it vital to win races to win Championships”?

nickLJThomson: “Of course everyone wants to win, and it would be great to be able to win a race and would be fantastic for my season, but I don’t think it’s vital for winning the championship. By nature of this league the grid and podium can change drastically each week so scoring points in each race is more important I think. Not only that we have some very quick racers in this league, winning can be very difficult”.

Invictus: “With Theboogster711 not racing in the Chinese Grand Prix, have you been fortunate to sit where you are, and have you a strategy for the remainder of the season”?

nickLJThomson: “Yeah I’ve had a little bit of luck at this point, but in any championship you need a bit of luck to get the job done, so I’ll take whatever lucky breaks I can. I have tried to tweak my rota at work to ensure I have enough time to practice before each race, but that’s as far as my strategy goes just now! I know I need to remain consistent and maximise my result in each race and avoid any incidents. I’ve got some really quick guys around me, so I know any mistakes will be punished”.

Invictus: “4 races remain of this season, are there any tracks that concern you or are looking forward to, if so – why”?

nickLJThomson: “I like all of the tracks that we have left, I’ve had podiums at Hungary and Bahrain so I’ll be looking forward to those tracks. I really like Malaysia and USA too”.



We now focus on the Equal Performance Leagues, beginning with the F1 League. VSR_Charles currently leads the Driver’s Championship by 3 points over sambamkid, while gamer_DA_best262 trails by 6 points and VSR_Brady by 10 points.


Again we were only able to speak with one of the Chapoinship hopefuls; Sambamkid:

Invictus: “Sambamkid, you’ve had a very consistent season thus far, being within touching distance of VSR_Charles, though that race win still eludes you. Can you change that fact and get a race win under your belt”?

Sambamkid: “I would like to think I can just need some luck to go my way and I like some of the tracks coming up anything is possible”.

Invictus: “Your two main rivals are teammates, does this make it easier or harder for you and can you explain why”?

Sambamkid: “Both really as only one of them can get the better pit stop. And then if it a one way fight they can have a blocker to help his team mate. So it depends what’s happening in the race”.

Invictus: “We are nearing the end of the Season, have you given much thought on who you will partner with next Season”?

Sambamkid: “Not yet will do when this season is done”.



Sambamkid will be hoping to close the gap to VSR_Charles



The Invictus F2 League has really been a two horse race between mdoran09 and Megglugpy. Mdoran09 currently leads the Driver’s Championship by 6 points. Invictus recently spoke with Megglugpy with mdoran09 being unavailable for comment:

Invictus: “Megglugpy, it looks like it’s a two horse race for the title between yourself and mdoran09. Can you beat him”?

Megglugpy: “Mdoran09 is a rapid driver, and consistent in all conditions. It’s been tough to keep up at times, especially with his winning streak. But to be only a few points going into the final few races is exciting. It could come down to 1 DNF or mistake. Anything can happen! I am hoping I can do it and that McLaren can keep giving me a good car”!

Invictus: “You’ve managed to secure a race win, but just lost out in Singapore for your second. Can you secure another win, and if so what track will give you the best chance”?

Megglugpy: “Only 1 win is a little disappointing. Brazil was perfect. Pole, fastest in the race (albeit Mdoran09 was close) and full points was great. But Singapore was bittersweet – I had a terrible qualifying in the wet, but then had some great luck when I was able to pick through the debris after a major incident between several cars. I was then in 2nd, and chased down a decent gap on Mdoran09. I was hyped when I was able to pass him, and my confidence rose as I built a gap. But…at that point it started raining, and it gave Mdoran09 the chance to chase me back down with his superior pace in the wet. Was happy to be fastest in the dry, and to hold off Mdoran09 on track, but unfortunately the stewards deemed that I had a small time penalty for track limits which meant I was demoted behind Mdoran09. So close yet so far. I would love to get another win but to be fair Mdoran09 looks strong on all tracks and in all conditions. Given I won there last year, I would say Bahrain is my best chance”.

Invictus: “Like mdoran09, it’s likely that you will be promoted to the F1 League next season, how do you think you’ll do in the top tier League and have you identified a possible teammate”?

Megglugpy: “Being promoted would be a huge honour for me. The chance to test myself against some very fast drivers would be great. That said, I do fear that I will be towards the back of the grid given the insane skills and pace those guys and gals have. If I do get a drive though, someone experienced in the league would be a good teammate to take me under my wing, someone like Sambamkid”.



Megglugpy believes he can overcome mdoran09



The Invictus F3 League has witnessed Betrayer46 dominate while Aaronjspence2017 and WaVeIntel are tied in 2nd on 41 points each. We begin with Championship leader Betrayer46:

Invictus: “Betrayer46, as we approach the end of the F3 Season you have two race wins, three 2nd place finishes and lead the Driver’s Championship by 18 points; it doesn’t get much better than that surely”?

Betrayer46: “To be honest I’m disappointed not to have finished on the podium at Monza. Mistakes during qualifying cost me big time, had to start from the back. Apart from that yeah, fairly happy with how the season has gone. There are some quick drivers here plus MJ Coop has gone up 3 levels in recent weeks”. 

Invictus: “As well as leading the Driver’s Championship, yourself and Tom lead the Constructors by quite a margin; are you the perfect team combination, or is there room for improvement”?

Betrayer46: “Tom had a great start but he’s recently dropped off for some reason. He’s very competitive and fancies his chances on beating me which is good. Hopefully he can find form again and score not only podiums but wins as he’s more than capable as he’s proved in the past”.

Invictus: “With having an 18 point gap over challengers Aaron and WaVeIntel, are you in a privileged position now, being able to take less risks knowing you just need to manage the gap”?

Betrayer46: “That’s not me. I race to win all the time. I’ll still take risks and drive like I’ve always done. Sometimes though you have to hold your hands up and settle for what you have. Plus the guys are aware I’m gonna miss the last race of the season as I’ll be away on holiday. I’m not prepared to take my foot off the gas and to be honest I’m worried about mj_coop”.

Invictus: “It looks like you may have one hand on the Driver Crown this season, and are likely to move up to F2 next season; are you keeping one eye on F2 to prepare for next season’s competitors”?

Betrayer46: “I’m not sure what I’m gonna do next season. I’m just gonna concentrate on this season and try and bring the constructors home for Tom and hopefully the drivers for me”.



Betrayer46 stated that he will push every race



Aaronjspence2017, currently tied in 2nd place with WaVeIntel was next:

Invictus: “Aaron, you are currently tied for 2nd position in the Driver’s Championship, 18 points behind Championship leader Betrayer46; is 2nd the best you can hope for now, or do you think the title is still possible”?

Aaron: “Yes I still think the title is still a possibility however it will be tough to turn around 18 points however anything is possible with 4 races to go”.

Invictus: “We’ve seen a recent move, joining gazzaman despite securing three 2nd place finishes, can you go that one better and secure a race win this season”?

Aaron: “I hope so I have the potential and perhaps should have won Singapore if it was not for penalties”.

Invictus: “We’ve recently returned from the F3 mid-season break, how did you spend your time”?

Aaron: “Watching world cup mostly and spending time with my children and also trying to practice with a wheel for the first time”.

Invictus: “You are tied with WaVeIntel on 41 points with him securing two race victories when that is something you have yet to accomplish, does this give him a psychological edge over you, and can you dominate this battle between you both”?

Aaron: “I don’t think it gives him a physiological advantage however it does give him that little bit more of a edge if he is front as I have yet to do so we also have Coop who is hot on form at the minute so the second half of the season will be great to see how it pans out”. 



Aaronjspence2017 looking comfortable at Force India after his recent move



WaVeIntel who is tied with Aaron in 2nd place is our final driver in contention for the F3 Championship:

Invictus: “WaVeIntel, you are currently tied with Aaron for 2nd place with 41 points, 18 points behind Betrayer46 – is Betrayer46 uncatchable”?

WaVeIntel: “He’s not uncatchable, I will just have to push harder from here on out to secure higher finished than Betrayer does. If I can start qualifying higher that could help out a lot”.

Invictus: “You’ve secured two race wins this season. Although tied on points with Aaron who has yet to secure a race win, does those race victories give you an advantage over him – knowing what it takes to win a race”?

WaVeIntel: “If there is an advantage I don’t see it. Aaron is a quick driver and I expect him to win at least one race before the end of the season. I get the feeling Aaron already knows he can win and that in my opinion is the biggest hurdle to actually winning, it’s hard to win if you don’t think you can”.

Invictus: “You’ve recently lost your teammate nevermiss due to other commitments, does this put you at a disadvantage in the Driver’s Championship”?

WaVeIntel: “I don’t think this will have too big of an impact, obviously having a rear gunner can be a massive help but I haven’t needed one this far so I don’t think I will from here on”.

Invictus: “The F3 League recently returned from it’s mid-season break. How did you use your time to prepare for the second half of the F3 Season”?

WaVeIntel: “The same as for any other race, getting practice in a fair amount of the time but not stressing over lap times or anything of the like. The championship will be hard fought from here on, getting practice now is paramount”.



WaVeIntel is hoping to close the gap to Betrayer46



We’ve heard from most of the Championship contenders. However the Season comes to it’s conclusion, we will certainly have a cracking end to our 5th Season. 










From Pre-Season to Mexico – Who Will Succeed?

3 Drivers In Contention for Glory?


Season 5 promises to be the most competitive yet


As pre-season draws to a close in Albert Park, Melbourne drivers throughout Invictus Racing Leagues have begun turning their attentions to Round 1 – the Mexican Grand Prix. Our Invictus correspondent managed to speak with drivers who may have a strong chance of securing success this season; Jamie_6328, mj_coop and VSR_Charles.

We start with Equal Performance League 1 Championship hopeful VSR_Charles:


Invictus: You recently joined Invictus Racing Leagues, coming from a very reputable esports racing team and secured the win in Australia, beating last season’s F1 Champion by 11 seconds; surely you are the early favourite to secure the F1 Driver’s Crown this season”.

Charles: “Securing the win over Sam certainly means I’m in the conversation but let’s not forget that Brady had won the first pre-season race at Russia. I feel that if my form keeps up that I’ll definitely be a threat to the title”.



VSR_Charles completing Free Practice



Invictus: “Both yourself and your teammate at Williams, VSR_Brady are very quick drivers, will we see team orders at Williams or will you both free to race”? 

Charles: “We’re very quick but the agreement between us is Constructors first and once that’s sorted then we can begin fighting. Although if we break away from the pack in the early rounds there will definitely be some exciting battles between us”.

Invictus: “We have just completed pre-season testing. Was there anyone you have identified as a main rival”?

Charles: “Funnily enough my main rival isn’t the reigning champion. I feel as if his rhythm has been put off my mine and Brady’s pace so I’d definitely have to say my teammate is the one to beat. Head to head, it’ll be a good fight”.


We now focus on F2 returning driver Jamie_6328:

Invictus: “You return to Invictus Racing Leagues after a short absence, how have you been spending your time and how close to being ready are you for competitive online racing”?

Jamie_6328: “Well in recent months I took a break from driving F1 cars and have done a little racing in other categories, I’m glad to return to F1 though, I’m committed more than ever and look forward to getting back on track racing, in terms of being close to being competitive I’m as ready as I can be, I’ve won races in the past and I’m confident I will win again”.

Invictus: “You’re remembered as a consistently quick driver and good defender, have you improved on other parts of your driving and race craft”?

Jamie_6328: “Tyre saving I’d say is what I’ve improved on the most and of course just working on more consistency”.



Jamie_6328 putting in practice for Force India – but will we see him at Renault?



Invictus: “We see you as the sole driver at Force India, and yet there are rumours of a move Renault, can you substantiate these rumours”?

Jamie_6328: “Well anything is possible, at the moment both seats are currently taken, If one becomes available then of course I’d consider it but nothing is confirmed, Hulk is a an old teammate of mine from a previous league, we worked well together before and made a pretty strong team so all that would be considered should the opportunity arise, but at the moment I’m just focusing of getting ready for the season”.

Invictus: “With the F2 League being closer than ever, how do you rate your chances this season going up against tough competition”?

Jamie_6328: “I’ll take it each race at a time, there’s tracks I’m strong at and some I’m weaker at, same with everyone else, I’m looking forward to the close racing, the goal is to win races so hopefully I can make that happen”.


We now focus on the F3 League. Mj_coop was impressive in first season at Invictus; how will he perform this season?

Invictus: “You remain alongside similar drivers to last season, what did you learn about yourself and your competition in your first season at Invictus Racing Leagues, and how can you use that to your advantage this season”?

mj_coop: “I learnt that I have a lot to improve on! Last season was my first time in any form of competitive league racing, so it gave me a good indicator where I am, and where I need to improve. The competition helps in that you can see what others are doing and apply any gains to your driving, and the fact I remain racing amongst familiar driving makes me far more comfortable in the fact that I have learn which drivers I can trust racing wheel to wheel with. With the new drivers there is always so guess work”.

Invictus: “You showed very good pace in Qualifying last season and there were rumours that you almost made the F2 League, surely you must be a favourite to secure the Driver’s Crown this season in F3”?

mj_coop: “I myself know where I’m at with my driving, and I’m very happy to be in F3. I feel in F2 I would have been out of my depth a little, and confidence can drop when not competing at the front. So I’m happy and excited for the F3 season. Looking at the F3 grid, there are a lot of quick drivers here so I’m not writing anyone off yet. It should be a very close season, but of course you have to believe in yourself and I feel my pace has improved vastly so if I’m not competing around the front I’ll definitely be disappointed”.

Invictus: “You have teamed up with nitrogash this season at Torro Rosso, a very experienced driver. How do you intend to work together and have you learned anything from veteran nitrogash? Also you are the junior team of Red Bull racing – can you give the senior team a showing up”?

mj_coop: “It’s actually our second season together, as we were together last season also! I’ve already had a quick chat with Nitrogash and we both feel we need to work together better this season to get the best result for each other and the team. Setups and race strategy is something we’ll definitely be sharing together, but if I can learn more from his experience, that would be great! I’m not sure how strong the lineup of the sister team is, but yeah we’ll definitely be going to beat them”!



Although missing pre-season testing, mj_coop will be hoping for success this season



Invictus: “We have just completed pre-season testing. Have you identified an early rival – someone to be mindful of this season. And if so how can you ensure success for yourself and Torro Rosso”?

mj_coop: “I missed pre-season unfortunately, but I definitely have been working hard in the off season and kept an eye on the results. It seems Nevermiss is the man to beat right now, and Wave is fairly consistent, and Spud is always somewhere around. So I’ll be keeping an eye on those guys, but I think rivalries will develop as the season goes on. Success for me and the team is definitely going to be consistency and keeping out of trouble. If I can qualify near the front, then that should give me every chance of avoiding trouble & bagging good points for me and the team! Bring on Mexico”!