New Invictus Racing League Site – Features


Create an event for each race, all the races then get displayed in the sidebar of the site for everyone to see.


Probably my favourite feature on the whole site. No need to use any Excel spreadsheets and then take pictures of them anymore. Just put the table up on the site and then ANY ADMIN can update the table. So, if the person who is supposed to update them is busy for a week someone else can jump in and update them. You do not need to take pictures of the table, once you update it on the WordPress dashboard it should automatically update on the site.


We have included a forum on the new site. The forum has the usual features that you would have in a forum and some other stuff. All the forums can be found from the nav bar at the top of the page or the sidebar. The sidebar will also display the most recent posts on the forum.


Another feature of the new IRL site is groups. You are able to create a group of users on the site and then you can create a forum or blog specifically for these users. This is great for the admins and for admin discussions. It could also be used to create a group for all the drivers within a specific league.


On the site you are able to add sliders into your posts. Sliders are basically elements that cycle through a series of images.


You are able to create your own polls and put them straight into the forum, the blog or any other pages. You can also view stats for all the different polls.


On any blog post, page or comment you are able to rate it out of 5. At the moment we do not have this on the forum but it would be something we look at doing in the future.

Twitter In Sidebar

One of the big things that we wanted on the previous site was the ability to have our latest tweets in the sidebar but now we have it! On the right hand side of most pages you will be able to find some of the most recent tweets from the IRL twitter account.


One of the biggest features of this site is our new blog! Basically, the home page to our site is a blog. This means after each race someone could create a blog post with a race report within it and maybe some race highlights. This post will then be displayed on the home page for everyone to see! You could also incorporate the driver of the day polls straight into these blog posts.

About Us

One of the pages on our site can be used as an about us page. We can use this page to let people know about the site and stuff.

Site Stats

In the admin section of the site we are able to see all the stats on the site. We can see how many people have visited the site, posted and etc.

More Profile Customisation Features

In the profile section of the site we have some fancy features. You are able to have a cover photo for your profile and you are able to put your YouTube links and stuff on your profile.

Public + Private Messages

Alongside being able to send private messages through the profile area, you are also able to send public messages! Public messages can be seen by anyone and you can see them on peoples profiles.


One thing that you may have noticed is that we now have our own favicon. A favicon is the little image that you see in the tab in the browser.

Register Page

On the site we have also created and customised our own register page. This page has some custom fields on it that force each user that signs up to the site to put their date of birth and PSN onto their profile. This should help with making sure everyone is the right age and stuff. We have also added a captcha to stop bots from signing up to the site and putting spam on the site.

Easy Editable

This site was built using WordPress. What that means is that everything┬áis customisable. We have created this website with the future in mind. In the future, we can easily add new features and adjust things as we wish. We are also able to customise and add our own forums, pages and posts as we wish. One of the things that we didn’t have on the previous site is direct access to the HTML, CSS and PHP. This means that we were not able to customise specific things that we wanted to (like adding a twitter sidebar or a favicon).

Added Security

By using WordPress we are able to have tightened security on the site. We are easily able to ban accounts and block certain things from appearing on the site. We also have our own auto backups just in case the site goes down at any time.

Anti-Spam features

Alongside the added security, we have some great anti spam features. For every post that goes onto the site it gets checked to make sure that it isn’t spam.

Change URL at any time

By using WordPress, we are able to change our URL at any point. If we decide to change names again we are able to just swap in our new URL.

Auto Broken Link Checker

Another fancy feature of the site that some might not realise even exists is an auto broken link checker. Every link that goes onto the site gets checked to see if it is fully working and if it isn’t you will get informed.

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