Meet the Team

Invictus Racing Leagues

Invictus Racing Leagues are a UK-based Racing site which was created in 2016 by a group of drivers who have a wealth of online racing experience. Invictus Racing Leagues offer competitive online racing in a mature and respectful community environment. We are an established racing site that offers clean and competitive racing.

The league is run behind the scenes by dedicated and committed volunteers in various administrator and moderator roles.

We invite you to meet and read a small bio about our hardworking team that keep Invictus a fun and professional place for you to come and eRace.



Site Directors 


Name  – Craig

Role(s) – Site Director

PSN – Craig8728

Wheel or Controller – Thrustmaster T300 RS with Ferrari F1 rim and T3PA Pedals.

Craig is one of the founding members of Invictus Racing Leagues. Becoming frustrated at the presence of internet lag in many of the race lobbies he competed in, though could do little to affect change at the time. Himself and other founding members created our own racing community with the focus on improving driving standards and to reduce the likelihood of internet lag through controlled inclusion through testing of new members.

Wanting to create an environment free from much of the ”dramatics” that we see in online racing and races free from incidents caused by poor internet connections. Craig has worked hard on creating a community where everyone could feel confident of going wheel-to-wheel with our members without the fear of being taken out by internet lag or another’s reaction.

As site director he has many roles within Invictus Racing Leagues:

* Welcome new members who have signed up to compete on our website and co-ordinate with our League Admins to organise test races.

* Assess new members after test races and allocate them League(s) when appropriate.

* Co-ordinate with the League Admins to support them in their roles and oversee the running of all of our Leagues.

* Work alongside our race stewards, ensuring that they are supported and are maintaining the schedule of posting incidents.

* Listen to feedback/suggestions from League Admins, Stewards and members and work on developing/improving Invictus Racing Leagues.

* Review Steward’s decisions that have been appropriately appealed by drivers.

* Review and update, where necessary our Rules and Race Procedures and Penalty System in the Steward’s Office.

* Co-ordinate with our Social Media Team to discuss strategy – advertising races, recruitment, race results etc.

When not organising the league he enjoy’s watching football, the NFL and reading. Yet to attend a F1 race, it is something he hopes to achieve. Craig also enjoys attending speedway races and karting.




Name – Malc

Role(s) – Co-Director, Head of Stewarding and Commentator for RP1 and F3.


Wheel or Controller – Logitech G29 Wheel

After truly engaging with F1 games from 2007, Malc has gone on to be one of the co-site directors at Invictus. The man behind the microphone and usually the voice of all your favourite “What a moooove” and “Three-in-a-bed!” soundbites, he has made Invictus a friendly and welcoming place for people to race.

After co-founding Invictus Malc wanted to create a place where people could race wheel-to-wheel without worrying about connection issues or foul-play. It was there that Invictus began to grow and after relinquishing his roles as league admin, Malc heads up the stewarding team making sure that all issues are resolved thoroughly. You can still find him in the commentary box on Tuesday and Wednesdays for Performance 1 and F3 and catch up with his “Inside Track” podcast where he reviews the goings on within Invictus.

A huge Wolves fan, he also enjoys the darts, rugby and golf whilst has attended F1 Grand Prix at both Silverstone and Belgium in the past.



Admin Team


Name – Gareth

Role(s) –   No-Assist League Admin, commentator and Internal and External Communications support.

PSN – Captain_Stiff

Wheel or Controller – PS4 Controller

I joined Invictus in March 2018, and in that time I have been able to help out with the internal communications of the league via race reviews, season recaps and various new stories on the website and from season seven, become one of the league admins.

Relatively new to the world of league racing, Invictus stood out as a professional and fun place to race, the emphasis is on fun but with an awesome level of competitiveness to balance. Along with providing commentary on Monday night’s for the No-Assist league, I currently compete in Equal Performance F2 on Wednesdays after winning the F3 championship in Season 7. I love being part of the league and hope we can continue to provide excellent racing for not only the driver’s but viewers that tune into the streams.

Outside of Invictus my love for Motorsport is no less, I kart as often as possible whilst regularly attending BTCC, Truck racing and 750 club events, and hope to do a few European F1 weekends this season (2019). I have the ultimate goal of getting on the grid in a few years and plan to look at getting into Formula Vee. I’m also a huge American sports fan having lived in the USA for a few years in my mid 20’s. If not by a track, I can be found watching or playing basketball, football and swimming.



Name – Mark

Role(s) – League Admin

PSN – Delange93

Wheel or Controller – Logitech G29

Mark joined Invictus in 2016 for the start of season 1 on the F1 2017 game, he’s now currently moving into his fifth season as part of Invictus, and had been a part of the admin team for the majority of that time.

A big part of the leagues, Mark has competed across all three days that Invictus run PS4 races with season six of Invictus seeing him become a member of the no-assist league, taking a debut victory in Belgium.

Mark is currently the admin and racer for the No-Assist and Realistic Performance 2 leagues and in the past has season a lot of success with two drivers and constructors titles in the performance league.

Outside of F1, Mark has a passion for music and whilst playing several instruments, he counts the guitar as his favourite.



Name – Ryan

Role(s) – No-Assist League Admin

PSN – Megglugpy

Wheel or Controller – Fanatec CSL Elite

Starting on the Playstation One Ryan started racing games with Gran Turismo and when F1 made a full-time comeback to annual release in 2010 he re-engaged his love for the track. Having bought a Thrustmaster T150 in 2016, he has subsequently upgraded to the Fanatec CSL Elite which he claims have shaved several tenths off his times!

Looking for more excitement within the F1 online experience Ryan came to Invictus in mid to late 2017 and has been a race winner in several categories of F1 since. He currently co-admins and drives within the No-Assists league whilst also going for glory in the Equal F2 League. A former Equal F1 League driver, Ryan has recently switched to No Assists and is relishing the challenge of getting back to Invictus’ top league.

Like Malc, Ryan has attended both the British and Belgian Grand Prix in the past and found the experience of watching cars head up Raidillion into Eau Rouge a truly awe-inspiring memory.

Away from the track he religiously keeps up with a number of series in the Motorsport world, golf, rugby and football.




Name – Kelvin

Role(s) – Invictus Performance League Admin

PSN – SirSpud72

Wheel or Controller – Thrustmaster T150

Kelvin or “Spud” as he is affectionately known has been at Invictus ever since its inception for season one, and throughout that period has seen a wide range of success. He looked to join Invictus as a new challenge after racing in several series prior. However, he has brought a friendly and jovial atmosphere to every league his has either participated or managed.

He finally won his first driver’s title in season six after a last lap change for position, but away from that Spud is a multi-time winner in several seasons, and equally has enjoyed partnerships with the likes of Fascone in constructors championships.

He keeps busy juggling being a dad and getting as much time behind the wheel as possible whether that is on F1 or Gran Turismo, and has even been seen to grace the world of Fortnite.




Name – Nick

Role(s) – Equal Performance F2 Admin

PSN – nickLJThomson

Wheel or Controller – Logitech G29 with a PlaySeat Challenge


Frustrated with online multiplayer, Nick looked towards league racing as a way to compete in competitive racing with the security of a strong community all respecting the rules and etiquette of league racing.

He was drawn to Invictus in January 2018 because of its friendly and openness to accept casual players using assists, equally the mid-week races fitted in with his family life.

Competing in F2 Nick is also the co-admin along with mj_coop and enjoys his role of creating a safe a positive racing environment for the drivers within his league.

A keen golfer in the summer months, Nick keeps up with the pro-tour closely. Like most of our British members, he enjoys the BTCC and hopes to attend some races on the 2019 calendar. Nick has used his renewed love for F1 to also start watching the F2 championship.



Name – Michael

Role(s) – Equal Performance F1 Admin

PSN – TonnAlbanach

Wheel or Controller – Thrustmaster T150


Michael has seen a quick rise through the ranks at Invictus in his short time in the league, he joined in February 2018 and in that time has become a multiple race winner in both Tuesday and Wednesday night races. After joining to find clean and competitive racing Wave has already taken home a drivers’ title with the season five Performance league on F1 2017.

He has been the runner-up in both F3 and F2 over the past two seasons and finds himself racing in F1 from season seven, it was there that he took on the role for admin of the league along with Ryan (Megglugpy).

A fan of football and rugby in his native Scotland he keeps up with the game in both his local area and nationally. He is also a fan of the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) and watches the races when possible.



Name – Nikki

Role(s) – League Admin

PSN – nikki9005

Wheel or Controller – Fanatec CSL Elite

Nikki is one of our furthest members from home being based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He joined Invictus in October 2017 and has been a member of the admin team to help out with the no-assist league, he also runs in Equal Performance F1.

Nikki has remained in Invictus ever since and has cited our clean, communicative and respectful community as a reason to be a part of and remain within the leagues.

Away from racing was fortunate enough to visit the Singapore Grand Prix in 2017 and enjoys watching the F1 when possible.



Name – Alan

Role(s) – Equal Performance F3 Admin, No-Assist Commentator and Social Media Coordinator

PSN – Sab7786

Wheel or Controller – PS4 Controller

Alan or ‘Sab’ as he is known across Invictus is the resident mega-fan of F1 constructor McLaren. He started racing in 2017 and joined Invictus in January 2018 after a friends recommendation. Since then he has become a regular entrant into the Performance league where he was made admin for season six.

He will be entering F3 for season seven as he makes his Wednesday Equal Performance debut in a team with BWAClyde, he has picked up some good results in the Performance leagues, ending season six with two victories in the USA and Brazil.

Alan has the joy to annually visit Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix and has met a variety of McLaren drivers and staff. He has also been invited to the 2019 launch of the McLaren MCL34. Away from F1 he enjoys watching the Blancpain Series and GT racing along with keeping fit and playing football.




Name – Michael

Role(s) – Equal Performance F2 Admin

PSN – mj_coop

Wheel or Controller – Wheel; Logitech G29


Michael Cooper, AKA mj_coop. first started racing in the early 90’s on the Commodore Amiga. The first one racing game he remembered playing was Geoff Crammond’s Microprose Grand Prix. Like many others in that era he also had a Sega Mega Drive, so played all the Super Monaco GP’s, and also remember a great game called ”F1” which was published by Domark. But after taking a break from F1 until expectantly receiving a PS4, he bought F1 2017 and a wheel and the passion on console gaming re-ignited.

Joining Invictus in January 2018, and bored of career mode, and like everyone else, the online destruction derby. But after spotting a post in the Codemasters forums from NickLJThomson, who was looking for someone to race with. He added him as a friend, and then saw a post in the same forum for Invictus. By chance, they both had signed up for Invictus. He signed up because the mid-week racing was far more suitable than weekend racing. I was amazed how quickly he fitted in and how friendly the community is.


For Invictus, Coop is one of the F2 league admins, making sure the equal F2 league runs smoothly, also updating the league tables and writing forum posts. He’s also a big part of the social media team and runs the Invictus Facebook page, posting daily updates on the racing and posts encouraging interaction, whilst also assisting in the recruitment of new drivers via this platform.


Coop has attended a number of races, some with famous/or infamous stories such as Silverstone 99 when Schumacher broke his leg and Fernando Alonso’s emotional home race win in Valencia coupled with the last time Michael Schumacher ever stood on the F1 podium.

Outside gaming and racing, He’s a big football fan too, and attended a number of his teams’ matches whilst also following on TV. Also a keen fantasy football player,

His passion also lies as a DJ, as he plays at events DJ’ing Trance Music. Never one to shy away from being out of his comfort zone Coop does a monthly radio show showcasing the music he loves.