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Hello everyone!

We’re not far off the announcement of F1 2020, and with that the third and final season on F1 2019. To celebrate the end of what has been a fantastic year for us as a league, which has seen us grow and not only become stable, but gather a strong and supportive enough community that is willing to financially support the league, and in turn, we can provide a better environment for the community, whether it be a new website (coming this year) and trophies for champions! We have decided to create a pan-IRL community event, to be called the “IRL Nations Cup”



The Nations Cup 

This event is set to take place the week after the final competitive league race in F1 2019 Season Three (S10)

It will consist of seven teams (six of three and one of two), the teams must comprise of differently skilled drivers (F1, F2 and F3) and will all be from the same country.

The current team line-up* 

Team England 

Team Scotland 

Team Netherlands 

Team Europe 

Team Europe 2 

Team GB

Directors Choice: Rest of the World All Stars (Team of two)


  • We will use the ‘multiplayer car’, and the designs for each team will be standard so that they are easily distinguishable on the live-stream of the race. These will be designed pre-event and posted on social media. they can then be replicated by the teams before the event begins.


  • The evening will consist of three races at a 25% distance, the tracks will NOT be announced ahead of time, and instead will be randomly drawn on stream by the commentary team- This negates any advantage of practice, and makes it equal for all.


  • The first race will see a ONE SHOT qualifying – This event will all be about maximising opportunity, so a one shot lap will offer you the chance at perhaps out-qualifying a driver in a league higher, or perhaps locking out a 1-2-3 with your team if all achieve perfect laps.


  • We will run with usual IRL lobby settings – Dynamic weather, Strict rules, Parc Firme ON, Assists Allowed, Damage FULL.


  • Once the first race has been completed, the points will be tallied, and the standings announced on both the stream and Twitter @InvictusRL, the lobby will then continue to race two where the grid will be reversed from the results from race one (Including DNF’s)


  • The reverse grid will then compete race two, and upon completion of race two the same tallying/announcement will continue whilst the grid for the final race was completed. This grid will be decided by nations standing order – This means if Team Netherlands are in the lead after two races, they will start 18th,19th and 20th whilst the nation at the bottom will lock out the top two/three places. This is to promote overtaking, excitement and equally make drivers work hard to represent their nation.


  • The points used will be different to standard IRL as every driver will be eligible to score – This promotes continuing racing, and not retiring as points will be crucial come the final race.

1st – 25

2nd – 22

3rd – 20

4th – 17

5th – 16

6th – 15

7th – 14

8th – 13

9th – 12

10th – 11

11th – 10

12th – 9

13th – 8

14th – 7

15th – 6

16th – 5

17th – 4

18th – 3

19th – 2

20th – 1


  • Points will also be added for the fastest lap (inside top 10), and equally a bonus three points to a team if they manage to score a double podium and five points if they lock out the podium.


  • Points will be awarded to drivers and teams collectively, and although the event is a teamwork based event and drivers are representing their nation, we will have a Nations Cup MVP, along with the Nations Cup Champions.


  • Stewards will be available on the night, and for incidents on stream (or replayed back to them between races) – They can penalise. However, penalties will come in the form of points deductions for the team as a whole to keep drivers from acting in an unsportsmanlike manner.
  • Major incident – 5pt deduction
  • Medium incident – 3pt deduction
  • Minor incident – 1pt deduction


  • Once the event has been completed, the points will be scored and the winning team announced, they will then be invited into the commentary box for an interview and wrap up, and invited back to retain their title in 2021 – We will then complete the stream, and equally end our time as a league on F1 2019.


  • The evening running order will be published at a later date once the teams have been organised, we will then announce the teams and the full details, both on the website and social media.


  • Dependant on the interest for this event (as currently on 20 spaces are available) there is potential for a second Nations Cup the day after, with the top ranked teams going into a Grand Final (time dependant between games, and driver availability)


*Please note that this event is currently undergoing design – Some details may change by the final event. Please check with your league admin for details. 


For more details on this please contact Gareth @captainstiff via PM, or on Twitter @GT2_Driving. Equally register your interest by using the form below! 

Gareth Hall


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