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Invictus Racing League has growing ambitions about how to rewards it's members, not only on the track but off it as well. IRL has decided to create a season-by-season premium membership subscription that will be used to develop the facilities that our members enjoy here at IRL, called “The Invictus”.

Premium membership subscription is priced at £10 / €11.65 / $13.81 per season.

When securing your premium membership don't forget to tell us who you are by entering your PSN/Gamertag or Steam ID and/or email address.


You will secure,

  • Priority access to sign-up
  • A race seat for the upcoming season (dependent on passing pre-season assessment)
  • Priority teammate and car selection (Realistic-Performance League exempt)
  • Priority access to season calendar
  • An invitation to IRL events/invitationals/karting events
  • Entry into the mid-season giveaway.


You are,

  • Supporting the league in it's attempts to grow both professionally and commercially
  • Providing the funds to allow us to award driver/constructor champions with trophies
  • Helping us with running costs of our website and graphics; making the user and community experience more enjoyable and intuitive
  • Creating a positive environment, where support and community engagement is key to the growth of our league


Your subscription,

  • Will go directly into an IRL account. All funds are secure and used exclusively towards the improvement of Invictus Racing League
  • Is entirely voluntary. IRL is committed to all leagues and members benefiting equally, hoping to provide positive experiences throughout our community and race events. All donations are non-refundable, and are made with the knowledge that premium members will not receive any advantages in the likes of stewards inquiries or pre-knowledge of any race details as to keep the competition fair
  • Will be tied to your name and PSN/Gamertag/Steam account. IRL reminds members to include your name and PSN/Gamertag/Steam accounts when securing your membership to enable us to trace the subscription for the mid-season draw or giveaways


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