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This is Invictus Racing League,
passionate racing enthusiasts
who enjoy clean and competitive racing


Invictus Racing League is a community of passionate racing enthusiasts who enjoy clean, fair and competitive racing. Our leagues are organised and focused in providing an enjoyable racing experience for our members; ranging from seasoned online drivers to those completely new to online racing.

Our community utilises our forums and discord to develop and discuss league races and rivalries. Our forums are utilised as an interview area where drivers may be selected to attend media press conferences; answering questions regarding the season, and previous or upcoming race events which are then posted on social media to engage with the Formula One community. We encourage our members to subscribe and engage with us on social media; TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube.

Friendships, rivalries and a community spirit have developed both on and off track. We welcome drivers of all abilities and experience; as well as experienced commentators, or those that are looking to start a career in broadcasting.

So, if you’d like to challenge yourself against our drivers, or wish to join our broadcasting team; then complete the apply to race form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQs below!​



What leagues do you run and what platform(s) do you compete on?

IRL presents an opportunity to compete in competitive leagues on the Formula One game; competing on PS4, Xbox & PC. We have leagues that utilise equal and realistic-performance to offer competitors a variety of choice.

What evenings and times are the Formula One leagues hosted?

  • IRL PS4 F1 League - Monday 8pm (UK)
  • IRL PS4 F2 League - Tuesday 8pm (UK)
  • IRL PS4 F3 League - Wednesday 8pm (UK)
  • IRL PS4 F4 League - Wednesday 8pm (UK)
  • IRL PS4 Performance League - Thursday 8pm (UK)
  • IRL XBOX F1 League - Tuesday 8pm (UK)
  • IRL XBOX Performance League - Thursday 8pm (UK)
  • IRL PC F1 League - Wednesday 8pm (UK)

Why join IRL?

IRL provides opportunities for drivers of all abilities and experience to compete in a professionally ran competitive environment. Whether you are an experienced esports competitor or a rookie, you will receive support from our community, admin staff and experienced drivers both in esports competition and track racing. 

IRL broadcasts all league races live and in HD with commentary from our dedicated and talented broadcasting team.

I have never competed in any online league racing before, can I still join IRL?

Absolutely. IRL welcomes people of all abilities who want to compete in our Formula One leagues. 

Our admin staff and experienced members will assist and enable you to grow and develop as a driver.

How do I sign up to join the Formula One leagues?

To join any of our Formula One leagues you will need to:

  • Complete the apply to race form
  • Complete the required internet test
  • Attend an assessment race

What assists are permitted in the league races?

IRL permits the use of most assists in the Formula One leagues; however in the higher tiers some assists are restricted. You will be asked about which assists you currently use when completing the apply to race form.

What if I think I'm too slow to join the leagues?

Don't worry. IRL offers a tiered league system. Drivers are allocated into a league that will suit their abilities and overall pace; you will be competing against drivers who are of similar pace to yourself.

IRL will require you to be within 105% of the lowest tiered league times of your chosen platform to compete safely.

I have completed the apply to race form, what happens next?

Once you have completed the apply to race form, our co-ordinators will contact you by private message on PSN or discord; please check your messages frequently. You will be asked to complete an internet test and attend a minimum of one assessment race.

The assessment race(s) present an opportunity for us to observe the stability of your internet connection under race conditions, observe your overall pace for league placement and to assess your race craft.

An assessment will be made to determine if you meet the requirements of IRL for league placement.

I am experiencing issues completing the apply to race form, is there anyone who can assist me?

You can contact the site director Craig8728 by private message on the website, or on PSN or discord:

Where can I find information about league races such as lobby settings, regulations for the race events and anything else I need to know?

You will find all the information relating to league race events in the IRL Regulations. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the regulations; it is the responsibility of all competitors to know what is expected of them during race events.

I would like to become a premium member of IRL, how can I do that?

Go to the premium membership section on the website which will explain how to become a premium member and the perks that are offered. Memberships can be purchased using the PayPal link on the HOME page.

I would like to become more involved with IRL such as commentating, or joining the social media or stewarding team, how can I achieve this?

IRL always appreciates enthusiastic members who would like to become involved in joining the IRL team. If you wish to become involved then please approach the site director Craig8728 via private message on PSN.

I would like to keep updated with what is happening at IRL and watch previous as well as current league races, how can I do that?

You will find links to our social media accounts at the top of our website. Subscribe/follow our social media accounts to keep up to date and informed with what is happening at IRL, such as upcoming race events, news behind the scenes as well as special events.



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