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Welcome to the Hall of Fame, honouring past and present drivers at IRL. Here you will find statistics and records of every season at IRL since it's inception 11 seasons ago in 2017.


434 official league races with Bahrain being the most visited race circuit

268 drivers have participated in official IRL league races

114 drivers have secured race wins

166 drivers have taken to the Podium

25 drivers have secured a World Championship

3 drivers are triple World Champions

1 driver has secured four World Championships


With a wide range of statistics and records within the Hall of Fame, how have you compared to the greats of IRL? Enter the IRL Hall of Fame and discover if you have been inducted into the record books.


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Click on the links below to access overall combined statistics and records, as well as driver records from each Formula One league.


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Defunct Leagues

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Records accurate to 15/05/20



F1 2020 season information

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