Invictus Racing League – Off-track – 77th Goodwood Members Meeting



We’re back for another story about our driver’s off-track activities, and this week it’s my own! Yes Gareth, otherwise known as Captain_Stiff.

On April 6th I was fortunate to be given a ticket to Goodwood Racing Circuit in West Sussex for the 77th Goodwood Members Meeting. This event brings hundreds of racing enthusiasts together, and those who are lucky enough to race their own ‘classic’ and heritage cars sign up months in advance to drive around the track.

It was a sunny day in Sussex, but the wind was making it an interesting few laps for the drivers on track, but with the likes of 1970s Saloon cars, 1950s GT racers, 1960s F3 cars and pre-1930s single seat cars. There was a plethora of incredible machinery to watch all day long.

It was a long day from a 8am start to a 7.30pm finish, all startingwith a demonstration from McLaren and their road cars, but with drivers such as David Coulthard, Mark Webber and Bruno Senna all behind the wheels of cars all day long, the track was lit up with exceptional top level talent.

If anyone has the opportunity to attend Goodwood for the MM, Revival or Festival of Speed, it is certainly well worth it and you get the chance to get up close and personal with not only fellow racing enthusiasts, but with some amazing feats of mechanical engineering. It was an ace day, and having grown up down the road from Goodwood, it was good to finally attend an even there!





Have you got anything special going on outside of Invictus? Let us know! We want to spotlight our fantastic communities hobbies and interests whether it on the track or not. Speak to Gareth or an admin for any details!


Gareth Hall

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