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Invictus Racing League has always tried to bring the community closer together and engage within extra content that’s off of the track. One of our Site Directors ‘Malc’ originally created the Invictus Racing League ‘Inside Track’ Podcast. This has now been taken over and revamped by our very own Monday night commentary team of Gareth and Sab (Captain_Stiff and Sab7786), and after their successful debut season commentating together decided to re-launch the Invictus Podcast with their own spin.


Streaming on Twitch on Thursdays at 8pm the Podcast is recorded live, and whilst the guys discuss their talking points, they actively encourage viewer input, questions and suggestions. They talk F1 and Motorsports in general, whilst touching upon that weeks results from Invictus Racing League. You’re almost certain to hear a rant from one of them each week, but they give their spin on the crazy world of F1, and in the past episodes have discussed future world-champions, sponsor controversy and what the make up of the 2020 F1 grid may look like.Plus Sabs’ ‘Hot Lap’ question where he is given one minute to answer a question and explain his reasoning.


If you can’t join them for the live recording on Thursday then the Podcast has been made available on Podcast sites such as Podbean, Soundcloud, Spotify, whilst the video is also uploaded to YouTube. (Links below)

You can subscribe to their twitch channel to be notified when they go live, or subscribe via your favourite Podcasting app.


If you would like to get in touch with Gareth or Sab with feedback, or to ask them questions then please contact them via twitter at @GT2_Driving or @AlanSabatino


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