Invictus GT Sport DTM League: Round 5 – Blue Moon Bay Infield A


The GT Sport DTM League traveled to Blue Moon Bay for Round 5. The two mile circuit at the Blue Moon Bay Speedway hosts the 5th round of the Invictus GT Sport DTM League. The circuit features technical slow speed corners which is designed to deceive and trip up unprepared drivers.


Turn 1 does present a challenge to drivers, being a long curving bend with a late apex after the high-speed straight; drivers often find the need to “trail brake” and can be found often locking the brakes and under-steering. Sector 2 contains a “deceptive corner” at Turn 4 which is notorious for catching out unaware drivers. Although looking a shallow corner, it is a 90 degree turn. Turn 9 in sector 3 is very similar to Turn 4 although is taken entirely differently; taking a late apex, aiming to increase exit speed prior to the main straight.


Catch up with last nights action from Blue Moon Bay Speedway; commentary comes from I_sam_smith_I.



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