Driver Fact File

Driver FPL_Charlie
Nationality British
Number 25
Total Starts 20
Total Wins 2
Total Podiums 10
Championships 1 No-Assists S8
First Win BEL (F1 S8)
Last Win CHI (F1 S8)
Total win % 10%
Most consecutive wins
Total Points 217
Most Points in a season 139 (NO ASSISTS S8)
DSQ’s 0
Fast Fact Only the second driver in Invictus history to win a championship without winning a race



No-Assists league Statistics

Starts 12
Wins 0
Podiums 6
Championships 1 (S8)
First Win
Last Win
Win % 0%
DNF’s 0
Points 139
Most Points in a season 139 (S8)


F1 league Statistics

Starts 8
Wins 2
Podiums 4
First Win BEL S8
Last Win CHI S8
Win % 25%
Points 78
Most Points in a season 78 (S8)