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      FIFA League

      Rules and Procedures




      1. Fixture/Match Arrangement
      2. Matches
      3. Failure to Attend
      4. Match/Fixture Deadlines
      5. Post Match



      1. Fixture/Match Arrangement

      1.1 FIFA League Member Responsibility – It is the responsibility of ALL members of the FIFA League to contact their opponent with the aim of playing their game from the stated fixture date. Matches must be played within 7 DAYS of the given fixture or the agreed date between players.


      1.2 Contacting Opponents – FIFA League members MUST use the “Opponent Contact Forum” to arrange a suitable time to play the respective match in the day of the fixture.

      • If one or both players can’t play on the day of the fixture then both players MUST post in the “Opponent Contact Forum”; offering 3 ALTERNATIVE DATES. A date and time MUST BE AGREED in the forum.
      • If the Match is not completed within 7 DAYS of the FIXTURE DATE the match will be POSTPONED. The FIFA League co-ordinator will review the “Opponent Contact Forum”; the player who is deemed to have made the most effort and flexibility will be awarded a “3 – 0” Match victory.
      • If both players have made MINIMAL EFFORT, a default “0 – 0” draw will be awarded.


      1.3 Contact Confirmation – It is advised that members not only post in the relevant “Opponent Contact Forum”, but also through private message on PSN. This is to ensure that contact has been made, and confirmed and is unlikely to lead to members missing notifications/messages.

      • It is VITAL that on the “Opponent Contact Forum” the agreed date and time of the fixture is posted


      1.4 PSN ID/Accounts – While participating in Official FIFA League Matches, players MUST participate in ALL Official Matches with the PSN ID that they signed up to the FIFA League with. Players ARE NOT PERMITTED to change their PSN ID’s or participate in Official Matches with alternatice accounts.

      • Players who change their PSN ID or participate in a Match with an alternative account may be subject to FORFEITING THEIR POSITION IN THE LEAGUE
      • Players who’s PSN acoounts have been suspended or banned MUST inform the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s) IMMEDIATELY by private message on the website


      1.5 Team Selection – Prior to the season starting the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s) will ask for your team preference. Players may be asked to submit their TOP 3 selections. Players MUST complete a FULL SEASON with their team selection. Players WILL NOT be permitted to change teams during the season at any time.

      • In the event that players have chosen similar teams, it will be a “first come – first served basis”
      • Players may then be asked to pick an alternative team
      • Players who participate in Official League Matches with any team other than their designated team will automatically FORFEIT the Match and may lose their position in FIFA League



      2. Matches

      2.1 Hosting – The player who is deemed the “home-team” by the fixture’s schedule will host the match, unless both members have agrred that the member with the best internet connection will host even though they may be the “away-team”.


      2.2 Season Schedule – Every member of the FIFA League MUST play every opponent twice:

      • Everyone should have played as the HOME team and AWAY team against every member within the FIFA League


      2.3 Match Completion – All matches must be played in their entirety and all results must be posted in the “Week’s Fixtures and Results Forum” within 24 HOURS of the game finishing. The FIFA League Co-ordintaor(s) MUST be informed by PRIVATE MESSAGE on PSN of the Match’s results as soon as the Match has been completed.


      2.4 Internet “Lag-Test” – Players MUST perform a “Lag-Test” within the “First Half” of the game. If there is “Lag” during the Match, players are permitted to end and restart the match at “Half-Time”. However, both members MUST BE IN AGREEMENT to restart.

      • Players who leave PRIOR TO “HALF-TIME” may be at risk of forfeiting of the Match => RESULTING IN A 3 – 0 LOSS
      • Players who leave during the “SECOND-HALF” may also be at risk of forfeiting the Match => RESULTING IN A 3 – 0 LOSS
      • It is advisable to be in a PARTY CHAT with your opponent, allowing your voice to be shared and recording the Match which will support both player’s agreement to restart as you may be asked to provide evidence if there is a disagreement.
      • If there is Lag/Disconnections, or any other reason that Matches do not proceed due to “Connection-Issues”a maximum of 3 ATTEMPTS are permitted. If a Match fails to proceed to it’s completion after 3 ATTEMPTS; both players MUST inform the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s) IMMEDIATELY. A decision on how to proceed will be discussed by the Site Director(s) and League Co-ordinator(s).


      2.5 Player Disconnections – If you or your opponent disconnects from the Match, the Match MUST be restarted and proceed from the moment of disconnection; including the previous scoreline. For example:

      • If a player disconnects after playing 20 minutes of “Match-Time”, the second game will proceed from “KICK-OFF” to the 70th minute “Match-Time”; meaning that a total of accumulated “Match-Minutes” reaches 90 “Match-Minutes”
      • The Scoreline of the previous Match will be added to the “Completed Match”; similar to a fixture playing over “2 Legs”


      2.6 Rage Quitting – Rage Quitting is discouraged at ALL TIMES. If you suspect that your opponent has “RAGE-QUIT” rather than disconnected, you MUST inform the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s) IMMEDIATELYYou are NOT to proceed in playing a REPLAY of the Match at this time.


      2.7 Match Format/Lobby Settings – The following lobby settings MUST be used for ALL OFFICIAL MATCHES:  

      • Lobby => ONLINE FRIENDLIES
      • Controls => ANY
      • Half Length => 6 MINUTES
      • Squad Type => CUSTOM SQUADS
      • Game Speed => MORMAL


      2.8 Squad Setting – Custom squads are permitted in the FIFA Leagues to allow transfers.

      • Squads will be locked from WEEK 1 to the MID-SEASON BREAK
      • Players MUST submit a screenshot of their squads prior to playing their first game of the Season to the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s)
      • During the Mid-Season Break there will be a ONE WEEK transfer window where players will be permitted to change their squads
      • Players will be required to submit a screenshot of their squads after the transfer window to the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s)


      2.9 Match Cancellation – If for any reason that you are unable to attend an “Agreed and Arranged Match”, it is the responsibility of every member to inform your opponent and the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s) by PRIVATE MESSAGE IMMEDIATELY. When informing the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s), a valid reason must be given for non-participation. Anyone who fails to provide appropriate notification or a valid reason may FORFEIT their Match.

      • When informing the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s) and your opponent, it MUST BE THE PERSON THEMSELVES who contacts the Admin(s). Notifications from friends or fellow members ARE INSUFFICIENT. Sufficient notice is also required.
      • Notification of non-attendance LESS THAN ONE HOUR prior to start of the Match will be deemed as INSUFFICIENT NOTICE and will be marked as a FAILURE TO ATTEND.
      • If any member fails to attend 3 AGREED AND ARRANGED MATCHES without sufficiently informing the League Admin(s), they will be REMOVED FROM THE LEAGUE AND PLACED ON THE WAITING LIST.



      3. Failure to Attend

      3.1 Failure to Attend Arranged Match – If any player fails to attend a properly “Agreed and Arranged Match” without informing both their opponent and FIFA League Co-ordinator with minimium required notice according to RULE 2.9, the player who FAILS TO ATTEND will FORFEIT the Match resulting in a “3 – 0” win to their opponent.


      3.2 Late Attendance – Players will be given a 15 MINUTE WINDOW to attend the AGREED AND ARRANGED MATCH. Players MUST be ready to start the match within 15 MINUTES of the AGREED TIME.

      • The 15 MINUTE WINDOW begins from the AGREED AND ARRANGED TIME of the Match
      • If a player is likely to run late, they MUST inform their opponent with SUFFICIENT NOTICE in accordance with RULE 2.9


      3.3 Proving Late/Non-Attendance – Players may be asked to provide evidence of their opponents LATE or NON-ATTENDANCE.

      • Players are advised to begin RECORDING their Matches as soon as they enter the Match lobby
      • If your opponent FAILS TO ATTEND or DOES NOT ATTEND WITHIN 15 MINUTES, you are to inform the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s) IMMEDIATELY
      • Players who’s opponents FAIL TO ATTEND or ATTEND LATE will receive an automatic 3 – 0 WIN


      3.4 Non-Played Matches – If neither player successfully AGREES, ARRANGES and COMPLETES a Match, and also fails to notify the FIFA League Co-ordinators within the 7 DAY DEADLINE in accordance with RULE 4.1 the Match will be POSTPONED and NEITHER player will recieve any points.



      4. Match/Fixture Deadlines

      4.1 Fixture Deadline – Players will have 7 DAYS to ARRANGE and COMPLETE their MATCH every week of fixtures.

      • If you are unable to “Agree and Arrange” a Match with your opponent you are to inform the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s) IMMEDIATELY by private message, informing them why the Match did not proceed


      4.2 Match Delay/Extended Time – Players who are unable to attend a Match for whatever reason MUST infor the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s). Players who are deemed as having a “VALID REASON” may be giving EXTENDED TIME to complete the Match.

      • Guidelines for sufficient notice are detailed in RULE 2.9


      4.3 Special “Extenuating”/Circumstances – We recognise that players may miss fixtures due to special circumstance such as being ill or going on holiday. Players MUST inform the FIFA League Co-ordiator(s) as soon as they become aware of these reasons so that alternatives can be explored and discussed

      • Players who are unable to attend Matches due to illness MUST follow the SUFFICIENT NOTICE GUIDELINES
      • Players who are unable to attend Matches due to holidays MUST inform the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s) 7 DAYS PRIOR to going on holiday


      4.4 Pre-Completed Fixtures – Players who complete a Match with an opponent before the STATED FIXTURE SCHEDULE WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. This Match will be deemed a “FRIENDLY” and will be DISALLOWED from the formal fixtures and results of the FIFA League.



      5. Post Match

      5.1 Match Results – Once a Match has been completed ALL players MUST post the Match results in the “Week’s Fixtures and Results Forum” within 24 HOURS of the game finishing. The FIFA League Co-ordintaor(s) MUST be informed by PRIVATE MESSAGE on PSN of the Match’s results as soon as the Match has been completed in accordance with RULE 2.3.

      • To prove the Match results the FIFA League Co-ordinator(s) may ask for a SCREENSHOT of the results or a FULL RECORDING of the Match


      5.2 Classification/Points System – On Match completion, players will be awarded Championship points for themselves and their team. Players will recieve the following points:

      • Win => 3 POINTS
      • DRAW => 1 POINT
      • Loss => 0 POINTS


      5.3 FIFA League Champions/Trophies – The player that has accumulated the most FIFA League Championship points will be declared the Champion.


      5.4 Level Points/Tie –  If there is a “DEAD-HEAT/TIE” at the end of the season, the Championship will be decided on “COUNT-BACK”. Player with the most Match wins will be declared Champion. If that is equal the Player with the most 2nd places will be the winner etc.














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