McLaren Mighty in Monza

Speed_Queen80 Secures Back-to-Back Victories

Is Back-to-Back Titles Possible?



Speed_Queen80 puts in a dominant performance in Monza



Last night’s Invictus [F1] No-Assists League race in Monza witnessed a totally dominant and commanding display from McLaren driver Speed_Queen. The current Invictus [F1] No-Assists champion made impressive progress towards securing consecutive No-Assists League titles. Although only able to secure 6th in Qualifying against tough competition, Speed_Queen was able to gain two positions on the run down to Turn 1; moving upto 4th position. Force India driver Mamafisher, who secured Pole Position maintained the race lead from the beginning while Haas driver Sargent_009 and Williams driver Stiffler1980 held onto 2nd and 3rd.


While Mamafisher battled with Sargent_009 for the lead early in the race, this allowed Stiffler1980 and Speed_Queen to edge ever closer. Sargent_009 took the lead on Lap 2 after Mamafisher suffered and incident, promoting Stiffler1980 to 2nd and Speed_Queen to 3rd. However, contact between Stiffler1980 and Sargent_009 on Lap 3 provided Speed_Queen with the opportunity to seize the lead of the race.


Although coming under early pressure from Mamafisher and Sargen_009, Speed_Queen successfully held them off and also gained advantage while Mamafisher and Sargent battled for position. Speed_Queens’s title challenger VeniVidiVici was unfortunate to experience terminal damage while driving for Sauber, but will be hoping to come back stronger at the Circuit of the Americas.


After Round 4 of the Invictus [F1] No-Assists League Speed_Queen holds onto a 13 point lead in the Driver’s Championship; with a third of the Season completed Speed_Queen is ahead by more than a one-race win. The question will be, can Speed_Queen maintain her early form to secure consecutive Driver titles in the No-Assists League.



Speed_Queen80 celebrating last night’s race victory


















Ahead of the F2 Mexican Grand Prix Sky Sport’s Ted Kravitz was able to invite the four Driver’s Championship hopefuls to the Driver’s Press Conference.


Ted Kravitz: “I’d like to welcome and introduce F2 driver championship contenders. From Scuderia Ferrari and current championship leader NotoriousL_I_P, representing Haas F1 Team and currently second in the championship delange93, from Mercedes and third placed driver xMikexSI and finally from McLaren-Honda forth placed driver Craig8728”.

“Welcome to all drivers. I’d like to begin with championship leader NotoriousL_I_P. You have now re-taken the lead in the Championship with a 4 point lead over Delange, a 6 point lead on Mike and a 13 point gap over Craig; how are you feeling going into the final two races of this season”?



Scuderia Ferrari driver NotoriousL_I_P reports feeling excited and nervous


NotoriousL_I_P: “Nervous and excited ,they’re two tracks that will have a lot of battles going on and wheel to wheel action”.

Ted Kravitz: “You and Jamiemet are in a Constructor Championship battle with Haas, can you do the double”?

NotoriousL_I_P: “If we can get lucky and get no damage we can do the double”.

Ted Kravitz: “When you look at your Championship rivals, what are their strengths and weaknesses and can you use that knowledge to gain an advantage”?

NotoriousL_I_P: “Their strengths are pace and none to very few penalties.I’m not to sure of their weakness”.

Ted Kravitz: “What are your strengths and weaknesses and what do you need to do to ensure the Championship comes home with you”?

NotoriousL_I_P: “My strengths are good pace, good tyre wear. My weakness is rain”.

Ted Kravitz: “Drivers or Constructor Title. What are you prioritising”?

NotoriousL_I_P: “My priority is of course the driver’s but it would be nice to win both”.

Ted Kravitz: “And finally, Who do you honestly see winning the Driver’s Championship”?

NotoriousL_I_P: “I think if who ever wins Mexico will win the championship”. 



delange93 remains motivated despite difficulty in China


Ted Kravitz: “We move onto Haas F1 Team driver delange93. You have just lost your 2 point Gap to Notorious and now trail him by 4 points with Mike hot on your heels with 2 points behind you, while Craig is closing the gap and is 9 points behind – how are you feeling at this moment and what is your game plan for Mexico and Singapore”?

delange93: “Well it was a disappointing and messy race for me. Was aiming for a podium spot but made a couple of minor mistakes and since China isn’t one of my best circuits I think I’m quite happy with the result. But still highly motivated for the last 2 races. I think Mexico will suit the car but you never know what will happen. Things getting tense”!

Ted Kravitz: “KiLo has recently moved to Haas to become your teammate, will you be hoping for his help to hold Notorious , Mike and Craig back or are you intending to go it alone”?

delange93: “Yes! Great news! I’m stoked to have KiLo as a teammate. He is a very good and fair driver and therefore I think he will be going as fast as possible whoever is behind him”. 

Ted Kravitz: “When you look at your Championship rivals, what are their strengths and weaknesses and can you use that knowledge to gain an advantage”?

delange93: “Notorious, Mike and Craig are outstanding drivers. They almost never make mistakes and are always quick. But their key to success this season is their consistency I think. Notorious has won the last race and although Mike and Craig haven’t won a race yet, they are fighting for the title. Very good to see! At this point I don’t see obvious weaknesses, their all capable of winning the title”. 

Ted Kravitz: “What are your strengths and weaknesses and what do you need to do to ensure the Championship comes home with you”?

delange93: “Where I’m most happy with are my setups and my progress I made during the season. I never expected to be fighting for the title in my first season. But for the last 2 races I’ll just take it race by race and try the best I can. A win would definitely help ;)”. 

Ted Kravitz: “Drivers or Constructor Title. What are you prioritising”?

delange93: “I’m aiming for both the titles of course. But since my former teammate unomi couldn’t attend a couple of races and KiLo just signed at Haas I think it’s best to focus on the driver title and see where the points we score as a team us takes in the standings. But I’m sure KiLo and I are able to get some good results”.

Ted Kravitz: “And finally, who do you honestly see winning the Driver’s Championship”?

delange93: “That’s a really hard one. It’s almost impossible to tell. The 4 of us could win the title. You never know what will happen. But for now Notorious is doing a wonderful job, so he is the guy to catch. I do everything I can to ruin his party”. 



Mike remains focused ahead of Mexico


Ted Kravitz: “We come to Mercedes driver Mike, after securing a hard-fought back to back podiums against Championship rival Craig you find yourself 6 points behind Championship leader Notorious, while delange is 2 points ahead of you with Craig trailing behind you by 7 points; how are you feeling going into the final two races”?

Mike: “A bit surreal I have to admit, wouldn’t think of it as the grid is really strong always, but chaos races like Canada did help me a lot”.

Ted Kravitz: “Mercedes are still technically in the hunt for the Constructors Championship – can you secure both Championships? Is this a goal for you this season”?

Mike: “Winning The Constructor’s wasn’t in our both plans but we secured some good points. I think we both would be very happy with a top 3 finish and I mean really happy”!

Ted Kravitz: “When you look at your Championship rivals, what are their strengths and weaknesses and can you use that knowledge to gain an advantage”?

Mike: “Hard to use any of their weaknesses directly as it’s something that is entirely up to them all are great drivers which you cannot easily force into making a mistake during the races”.

Ted Kravitz: “What are your strengths and weaknesses and what do you need to do to ensure the Championship comes home with you”?

Mike: “My weakness and a great one is qualifying performance, beginning with the 2017 cars I struggle a lot with one lap pace. My strengths could be adapting the car setup and stronger race craft than the seasons before …. Something of a mixed bag is my tendency to be a bit too cautious but actually it saved me more times so it’s kind of a strength I am not even dreaming about the championship win I will take the last races as it is the beginning of the season, If I am slow I am slow if I am quick then I am quick, so let’s wait it out”.

Ted Kravitz: “Drivers or Constructor Title. What are you prioritising”?

Mike: “Neither actually as Spud is not a rival in the championship, that enables us to take each race as it comes and focus on both scoring as much as possible and I know If Spud can help me on track he will do it, as always we didn’t ever risk anything on the track with going hard at each othter, If one of us is the quicker one the other didn’t give a hard time”.

Ted Kravitz: “Finally, who do you honestly see winning the Driver’s Championship”?

Mike: “If you would ask me at the beginning of the season I would say Craig, but now as the standings are both Delange and Notorious have a good shot at it, but i see Notorious winning it as he has a gap of 4 and 6 points which is a lot and he can go very tactically in the last two races concentrate only on myself and Delange and drive enough to take the title in Singapore”.



Craig looking relaxed ahead of Mexico


Ted Kravitz: “We now come to McLaren-Honda driver Craig. First of all, what are your feelings after the Chinese Grand Prix? I can imagine you feel a bit disappointed after securing pose position”?

Craig: “Yes, of course I’m disappointed that I didn’t seize the opportunity to convert pole position into the race win which would’ve pulled me closer to the top 3 drivers, but you can’t dwell on these things as they often act as a distraction. I have to remain focused on the job at hand and ensure that I give myself the best chance possible in the final two races”.

Ted Kravitz: “After securing 4th place in the Chinese Grand Prix you are closing in on Delange, but still Notorious created a 11 points gap to you. What are your thoughts of your championship chances this season and how are you preparing for the last to races”?

Craig: “I just need to give it my all in the final two races and hope to score strongly. I can only control what I can do in the race; what other contenders do is outwith my control and influence. So I just need to focus on my work-rate and performance”.

Ted Kravitz: “While you are fighting at the top for the drivers title, your team McLaren seems to have a hard time, 6th in the standings. Are you still trying to get McLaren closer to the top or are you just focusing on the drivers title”?

Craig: “I’ll do my best to help myself and the team. In terms of the Constructor’s Championship, I think that battle is over. It’s highly unlikely that my teammate will make the final races, so I’ll need to focus on my individual battles on track”.

Ted Kravitz: “When you look at Notorious, Delange and Mike what are their strengths and weaknesses throughout this season? Do you think you can take advantage out of this knowledge”?

Craig: “They are all consistent drivers, although they have made mistakes – Notorious was unable to finish the race in Monza while delange struggled in China. It will be interesting to see how all three will cope under the pressure of a Championship battle and the pressure I intend to put them under”.

Ted Kravitz: “What were your strengths and weaknesses this season? What do you need to do to make a chance for the title”?

Craig: “My biggest weakness is driving in the wet, but I’m always improving and I know where I’ve been going wrong there. My biggest advantage and it’s something I possess that they don’t have – the experience of previously winning a Championship and the intensity and pressure that brings”.

Ted Kravitz: “My final question, and you’ve probably seen this coming. Who do you honestly think who will secure the drivers & constructors title”?

Craig: “I think Haas will win the Constructor Championship. In terms of the Driver’s Title – you always have to believe that you will win the Title. Once you begin to doubt that then your season is over”.




Sauber Sensational In Monza – KaW TacTiicZz Flawless

Sauber Spectacular In Italy

Perfection from KaW TactiicZz



In an Italian Grand Prix that witnessed a few drivers experiencing reliability issues, Sauber seized the initiative and made themselves a force to be reckoned with in F2. Although many in the Paddock expected McLaren driver Craig and Ferrari driver, and Championship leader Notorious to dominate Monza, it was not to be. Craig, although looking promising in practice failed to produce when it mattered, while it was disaster for Notorious who crashed out exiting Parabolica, much to the dismay of the Tifosi.

While others failed, both Sauber drivers conquered. KaW TactiicZz and VoidsCOD capatalised to ensure they mount a serious Constructor Championship bid. Kaw was absolutely dominant, securing Pole and the Race win while teammate VoidsCOD caught Craig sleeping at the race start and pulled off a spectacular dive up the inside of Rettifilio. 

KaW lead from the front from the race start while VoidsCOD seized the opportunity after Notorious’ mistake. There was also relief at Haas, although prevented from competing due engine failure, delange’s title hopes remain alive. Merecedes were also delighted with both drivers after Mike secured 4th and Sirspud came home in 6th. Nikki in the Renault also produced an impressive display, gaining 3 positions during the race and finished 2nd. NoFudge can count himself unlucky not making his strategy work; opting to start on the Soft compound. This will be a race that Jamiemet will soon want to forget; losing his front wing in Ascari inevitably ruled him out of securing good points at Ferrari’s home Grand Prix.  

With 4 races remaining in the Invictus World Championship, everything is still to play for. Can Notorious bounce back? Can delange secure the Championship lead? Will Sauber remain dominant or can Haas and Ferrari return to winning form?

Tune in next Wednesday for the Australian Grand Prix.

VoidsCOD takes the Win – But can anyone stop Notorious?

Memorable Victory for VoidsCOD

Notorious Unstoppable?


There was elation in the Sauber garage as VoidsCOD secured their first win of the season at the British Grand Prix. VoidsCOD starting from 3rd on the grid after a wet qualifying quickly passed McLaren driver Craig before Turn 1 and then set his sights on Pole-sitter UnomiWonKentucky. VoidsCod, starting on the SS used his superior grip to pass Unomi on the inside at Turn 3. Unomi was caught napping by the early move and was looking like he was about to lose another position to Craig who attempted an opportunistic move going into Turn 4. However contact between Unomi and Craig resulted in them both going off track – Craig subsequently re-entered the track dangerously and made contact with BWAClyde in the Renault which resulted in Clyde losing his front wing and Craig receiving a One-Position penalty.

There was disaster for Red Bull as Nitrogash experienced an Engine unit failure while Hulkenburger failed to finish the race. The biggest victor was Scuderia Ferrari with NotoriousL_I_P securing 2nd in the race, claiming the top spot in the driver’s Championship and Jamiemet securing a solid 5th; Scuderia Ferrari now lead the Constructor’s Championship with a 6 point gap over HAAS. Scuderia Ferrari driver NotoriousL_I_P looks consistent and unstoppable at the moment, achieving two podium finishes, but the race win remains elusive at the moment – can anyone stop Notorious?

McLaren driver suffered a setback after contact with Torro Rosso driver Miles-22, both drivers were unable to finish the race.

There was an impressive driving display from Williams driver KiLo who secured 4th place while Torro Rosso driver and new father Milanpop gained 5 places to finish 7th. Both Mercedes driver Sirpsud and xMikexSI also secured much needed points and maintain their position over Renault and McLaren.



Surprising Win in the Performance League





There was a shock for all as KaW TacTiicZz won the British Grand Prix after his second official race start. KaW masterminded a one-stop strategy which allowed him to secure the win against tough competion. VoidsCOD, driving for Haas and is well known for his quick pace was unable to catch the Red Bull of KaW TacTiicZz. KaW is certainly a driver that has caught the eye of many in the Performance League.

IRL [F1] Performance League commentator Craig had this to say, “he was very impressive on Tuesday evening, I don’t think anyone expected KaW to secure his first Race win on his second race start. A very impressive display against quick and seasoned drivers; he’s certainly one to watch over the next few races”.

After an impressive display in his first race, securing 4th in Monaco, KaW has definitely produced it when it mattered and is fast becoming a competitor, and possible top-half finisher in the Performance League. VoidsCOD secured 2nd place while the consistent NotoriousL_I_P completed the Podium line-up in 3rd.

The IRL [F1] Peformance League begins it’s Mid-Season break before moving onto the legendary track of Spa.