Invictus Racing League – Pre-season One – New game, same Spain



We opened our account on this years new iteration of the Formula One game, F1 2019 at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. The circuit hosted an official calendar race last season where we saw some close on-track action, and equally some varying strategies that if put into action correctly can make the races a real mouth-watering climax as drivers fought back on faster tyres.

No Assist

The No-Assist league was first up on Monday night, and with the prospect of not only a full grid, but possibly the biggest group of competitive drivers yet, the league looks in good shape to be its most exciting yet.

It was a turbulent start as many drivers found themselves in first lap incidents with the likes of team-mates white-fountain and LR_Archy colliding at turn five, whilst the opening lap also saw issues for the likes of SJD1988, mj_coop and his Red Bull team-mate Megglugpy who all made early stops for new front wings.

The early stages of the race were controlled by reigning champion, but rookie driver to the league FPL_Charlie had started magnificently, and by lap six was able to sweep past Scott for the lead, and with the soft tyres starting to fall-away for the drivers who qualified on the softest rubber, the likes of Charlie and Scopefielder on the medium compound started to find the race suiting them.

A puncture for Samuthepito on lap seven dropped the Spaniard out of contention, and as BoyBetterKnow committed to the two-stop strategy, the Williams of Charlie and Haas of Scopefielder looked to run longer and go for the one-stop. However, with Scott flying through the field and clawing back time, by lap 14 had re-built a six second gap at the head of the pack, but with Charlie and Scope now on-track until the end it seemed that the race would come back towards the Williams and Haas.

However, a spin for Charlie at turn 12 on lap 20 dropped him into third behind Scope, and back to within striking distance of Scott after the Englishman made his second and final stop, with the Mercedes making his move on Charlie on lap 26 of 33 to re-take second position.

It left Scott six laps to catch the Swedish driver, but with the laps diminishing it eventually ran out as Scope took a deserved and well earned pre-season win ahead of Scott, whilst it was mixed emotions for Charlie, who albeit the spin could have possibly pushed for a debut win.


Performance League 

The Performance League looks at its strongest ever this season, with a league full of former race-winners and ex-champions. The race in Spain on Tuesday night saw a wash of strategies, pace and daring as the grid took to the track.

The two leagues have now been amalgamated into one, and the competitiveness subsequently sky-rocketed, but with no clear leader amongst the pack, this will be a mega season.

Scopefielder had lined up on pole looking to continue his form from Monday night, but it was the third placed man who got the best launch off the line as the two-time Performance League champion SkyZii blew by the pole-sitter and elevated the Frenchman into the lead.

The top three of SkyZii, Scope and LR_Archy made a slight break-away in the early stages as the three fought hard to gain the early momentum, whilst last seasons runner-up AaronjSpence maintained good pace in fourth.

SkyZii was the first to pit on lap eleven, but on a clear track and able to make the over-cut work to their advantage, Scope and Archy both jumped the Frenchman after the round of stops, and by the time the pack had all shuffled back into place, SkyZii had gone from the lead to four seconds off of the lead, and with ten laps left to run Scopefielder looked well placed to make it successive wins to start the week.

It turned out to be a dominant win for Scope as the Swede held his nerve, and equally looked after his tyres better than anyone to come across the line over ten seconds ahead of Archy in second, who was able to fend off SkyZii late in the race.

Scope controlled the race as soon as he hit the front, and where we saw retirements down the order for the likes of Jos, Sab and SirSpud. The top three on Tuesday look to already have thrown their name in the hat to be talked about as potential champions come the end of the season.


Equal Performance 


Wednesday night in F1 was the VSR_Marqueses show, as the Williams driver proceeded to blow away the competition. He took pole ahead of reigning champion Scopefielder, whilst CPI_Alex and Ben Muskett would line-up on the second row in a good showing for the pair.

The race however was totally dominated by Marqueses, not only winning by a comfortable margin, he did it on a three-stop strategy, and utilising a huge gap in the early stages, plus the unfortunate retirement from Scope which caused a virtual safety car, he was able to pit for a new set of the mediums and immediately go after the then race leaders of Alex and a charging Samuthepito.

Marqueses second stint was something to be applauded, as he drew out a 36 second lead which gave him the opportunity to make a second, and even then third stop for soft tyres as the Williams cruised to the chequered flag ahead of Sam and a happy FoxyRed2000.

Sheer dominance from Marqueses, and an ominous benchmark set for the field in F1.


A strong lap from Partridge99 on the medium compound put him on the front row alongside pole-sitter Warislander, but with the pole-sitter and third placed man Craig on the softest tyre compound, they would be fast in the early stages.

Although the pair were able to keep the pace in the early stages, once the soft tyre started to lose grip, the duo would fall into the hands of the chasing drivers, and with Partridge making the move for the lead on lap five, both Warislander and Craig dived into the pit-lane.

This promoted AaronJSpence and Captain_Stiff up into a podium place, but as the stint wore on, Stiff was caught and passed by ColinJ. The current F3 champion Stiff pitted first, but after being caught in traffic on the exit fell further behind in his attempt at the under-cut and ultimately out of contention for a podium.

It was a perfect race for Partridge, and after being held up by Warislander briefly Aaron was unable to catch up to the Renault as he took the flag and first pre-season race victory. AaronJSpence and ColinJ would make up the podium, whilst it was a much more positive race for mj_coop in the Red Bull after his first race on Monday, as he ended up in seventh, but a big confidence boost for the new no-assist driver.


For the second season in a row, F3 will start its calendar without a reigning champion, and with plenty of drivers on the grid well placed to step up, a victory in pre-season is the perfect way to gain a psychological advantage over your rivals.

After a dramatic end to qualifying, Sab7786 took pole-position with the last lap on track as the Alfa Romeo driver returned to the series with a bang.

However, an error strewn race from a number of drivers including the pole-sitter Sab effectively gifted the race victory to FerociousDan, and with Syncronously and Bren_Ons picking up podiums behind, the field will now look to stop Dan’s momentum next week in Mexico, with the McLaren driver already an established multi-time F3 race winner, he looks to be a threat for the championship.

F3 is always unpredictable, so we cannot wait for the season to begin in two weeks.



We head to the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City next week for the second and final pre-season race, join us for another three nights of fantastic racing! 


Season Eight is announced!





Yesterday, we announced the details about the upcoming eighth season of the Invictus Racing League on the Formula One 2019 game. The F1 leagues have grown from strength to strength recently, and it is with your support that we continue to improve and provide our community and members a mature, competitive, but ultimately fun place to race.

The stream provided news on the dates of the season, major rule changes, race calendar and team and car allocations which will be detailed below.


Rule changes and New Features

No-Assist league 

  • To rewards drivers who run fully no-assist (racing line is allowed) a new points system will be implemented to appropriately reward drivers that are using no assist, that will be a +4 point increase on every position, in comparison to those running with the racing line who will pick up the standard Invictus points scoring method.
  • This will be monitored using a ‘weighbridge’ system, each week a randomly selected driver(s) will be asked to provide video evidence of their race to prove that they are running without the racing line. If the driver is unable to supply this video evidence then the standard points scoring will be applied.

Pre-race threads and Forum posts

  • Pre-race threads will no longer be a mandatory requirement for all drivers before the race, and from this season we will be randomly selecting one to three drivers per race to answer interview questions, they will then be written up and added to the Invictus website homepage as a news story.
  • To promote community engagement, pre-race questions will still be added to the site, but members are encouraged to send in questions for the weeks interviewees, this can be anything regarding their thoughts on the race, previous races, rivalries etc, as long as the questions aren’t of a negative or inflammatory position.
  • Members are encouraged to also stay active on the web-site by positing clips, race reviews or highlights in their specific leagues ‘Paddock area’

“The Invictus”

  • Invictus Racing League has growing ambitions about how to rewards its members, not only on the track but off.

That’s why we have decided to create a season-by-season subscription service that we can then use to improve the facilities that members enjoy here at Invictus Racing League, and it is called “The Invictus”. We are starting the subscription at £5 / €5.60 / £6.30 per/season, once we have a sustainable uptake, we will look at increasing the available perks/tiers. If you are interested in supporting the league, please see “The Invictus” tab on the homepage menu where more details are explored.


Season Eight Calendar

This is the official season calendar that will run from the week commencing 8/7/19 to the w/c 14/10/19. Please remember to inform your Admin team with as much time possible if you are planning on missing any races in that time.

  • Also, please be aware that pre-season will be run slightly differently, as weather will be set to dry for all leagues to assess true pace and connection stability

The Performance league will also be set to “Equal” performance for the Admin team to correctly allocate for round one.


  • Pre-season 1 – Spain – Barcelona                        (8th July)
  • Pre-season 2 – Mexico – Mexico City                    (15th July)


  • Round One – Austria – Spielberg                          (22nd July)
  • Round Two – Monaco – Monte Carlo                     (29th July)
  • Round Three – France – Le Castellet                     (5th August)
  • Round Four – Japan – Suzuka                             (12th August)
  • Round Five – Brazil – Interlagos                           (19th August)
  • Round Six – Belgium – Spa-Francorchamps           (26th August)
  • Break                                                                                (one week)
  • Round Seven – Australia – Melbourne                   (9th September)
  • Round Eight – China – Shanghai                         (16th September)
  • Round Nine – Bahrain – Sakhir                             (23rd September)
  • Round Ten – Singapore – Marina Bay                   (30th September)
  • Round Eleven – Canada – Montreal                      (7th October)
  • Round Twelve – Germany – Hockenheim              (14th October)




Car/Team Allocations 

As announced on the Invictus Podcast, we will post below each leagues team-mates and the constructor that the pairing will be racing for the upcoming season. If you have any questions about allocations, please speak to your Admin team, however please be aware that all allocations will have been done to be as fair as possible ensuring that the majority of drivers got a car within their top three choices.



(R) – Rookie to Invictus Racing League

(P1) – Promoted as Champion

(P2) – Promoted as Runner-up

(RC) – Reigning Champion (Drivers)

(RCC) – Reigning Constructors Champions (If team stayed together)


No-Assists – Monday

  • BoyBetterknowSB (RC/RCC) and Joel (RCC) Mercedes
  • Speed_Queen80 and CPI Alex – Ferrari
  • FTL Charlie (R) and Phil_mcfc – Williams
  • Dreygeo and Mdoran09 – McLaren
  • Tony-Y and Humbostone – Toro Rosso
  • White-Fountain and Xd Archy – Renault
  • NickLJThomson and SJD1988 – Alfa Romeo
  • Mj_coop and Megglugpy – Red Bull
  • Scopefielder and Samuthepito – Haas
  • Nikki9095 – Racing Point


Realistic Performance – Tuesday

  • Scopefielder and SkyZii (RC)Maserati
  • Sab7786 and TL44S_ – TLSabs
  • MrP_80 and LukeBailey14 – PB Racing
  • TonnAlbanach and AaronJSpence – Lotus BMW
  • Megglugpy (RC) and Jos_Heinssie – Team JMR
  • BoybetterknowSBand Xd_Archy – Scarchy
  • Nitrogash and xMikexSI – ( Antiquity Motors*)
  • SJD1988 and energydan – Rick Astley Racing
  • Briggsy500 and Dreygeo – (Drey500 Sport*)
  • ColinJ and SirSpud72 – Sir Colin


Equal Performance – Wednesday


  • Scopefielder (RC/RCC) and Jos_Heinssie (RCC)Renault
  • Samuthepito and Ben Muskett – McLaren
  • FOXYRED2000 and xd_Archy – Alfa Romeo
  • Megglugpy and TonnAlbanach – Red Bull
  • A_Singh99 and CPI_Alex_B – Racing Point
  • Speed_Queen80 and White-Fountain – Toro Rosso
  • xRossi21 and MrStim96 – Haas
  • Philip_mcfc and Npyne_35 – Mercedes
  • Nikki9095 and mdoran09 – Ferrari
  • X_Marqueses_X – Williams



  • NickLJThomson (RC) and xMIKExSI (P2)Ferrari
  • Craig8728 and Humbostone – Haas
  • Captain_Stiff (P1) and AaronJSpence – McLaren
  • MrP_80 and The_Warislander – Alfa
  • Steen-13 and TinusssOptioneel – Williams
  • SirSpud72 and ColinJ – Mercedes
  • Tony-Y and Tanker903 (R)Racing Point
  • Partridge99 and VictorHas_1108 – Renault
  • Mj_coop and NoFudge_4U – Red Bull
  • Ozone_NeverMiss and RudiMandragorex – Toro Rosso



  • Booje89 and thewillo_97 – Renault
  • FlybyNight (R) and Dmac-108 (R)Racing Point
  • Nitrogash and Bren_Ons – Haas
  • Sab7786 and Tejuarr86 – Alfa Romeo
  • SnoopMarky and Steelbl66 – Toro Rosso
  • Achterlyken_eu (R) and Hixxy123 (R)Williams
  • FerociousDan and F1Richard67 – McLaren
  • Osteven002 and Briggsy500 – Ferrari
  • Syncronously and Luke Bailey14 – Red Bull
  • SHABZ_EN (R) and BWAClyde – Mercedes



If you have any questions regarding the allocations, or of any of the information above, please contact the Site Directors via the ‘Get in Touch’ tab on the homepage.


Good luck and we can’t wait to see you all on the grid very soon! 

Announcement stream tonight!



Are you as excited for the new season on F1 2019 as we are?!


The announcement stream will be live tonight at 8pm presented on the Invictus Podcast with Gareth and Sab, the podcast usually discusses the goings on in Formula One, but we will front-load tonight’s episode with the news you’ve all been waiting for;

  • Race Calendar
  • Team-mates
  • Car Allocations
  • Rule Changes
  • New features


Join the boys tonight as they go live and get your thoughts in about a whole host of things from the start of season eight to the Austrian Grand Prix and the BIG Question, where Sab is given one minute to answer a question and his reasoning for it!


Remember, you can subscribe to the channel and get notified immediately when we go live, and if you use Amazon Prime, you are able to give a one-month free subscription where you don’t pay a penny, but we get the subscription fee as a benefit!


We go LIVE at 8! 


Provisional driver line-up’s announced

Formula One 2019 is fast approaching, and with a few weeks before release the work behind the scenes to build next seasons league layout is well underway. We now have the provisional line-ups that were first announced on the Invictus Podcast on Tuesday night with Gareth and Sab.

Invictus’ Formula One leagues always produce some awesome action, and with five leagues next season all looking mostly full, it will be a competitive and intense season ahead!

There is potential for some spectacular battles throughout the grid with driver’s making a comeback, plus a set of new and hungry members to the league in hope of derailing some of the established stars on track. We are all hoping this proves to be the most successful season yet and with a strong community of driver’s providing superb racing, we cannot wait!

There are still limited spaces left in some leagues, if you want to get on the grid. Check out the apply to race tab on the website menu!


Driver List*

No Assists (Monday 8pm)

  • Nikki9095
  • Delange93
  • BoybetterknowSB
  • GP1_ALEX_B
  • Philip_mcfc
  • xd_Archy
  • mdoran09
  • Speed_Queen80
  • dreygeo
  • mj_coop
  • J03L-v520v-
  • samuthepito
  • FPL_Charlie
  • NickLJThomson
  • Scopefielder
  • white-fountain
  • SJD1988
  • Humbostone (TBC)
  • Megglugpy (TBC)
  • TONY-Y (TBC)

No-Assist Commentary Team

  • Gareth (Captain_Stiff)
  • Sab  (Sab7786)



Realistic Performance (Tuesday 8pm)

  • SirSpud72
  • Jos_Heinssie
  • TonnAlbanach
  • Briggsy500
  • TL44S_
  • AaronJSpence2017
  • ColinJ1411996
  • Megglugpy
  • Scopefielder
  • Mister_SkyZii
  • Nitrogash
  • Lukebailey14
  • xMIKExSI
  • energydan
  • dreygeo
  • xd_Archy
  • SJD1988
  • Sab7786
  • F1_MrP80
  • BoyBetterKnowSB

(Reserve list x5 drivers)

Performance League Commentary Team 

  • Malc (F1WWFC_07)
  • Tim (Forever24_JG)


Equal Performance F1 (Wednesday 8pm)

  • Megglugpy
  • TonnAlbanach
  • A_Singh99
  • mdoran09
  • Jos_Heinssie
  • Scopefielder
  • Samuthepito
  • BenMuskett_
  • FOXYRED2000
  • Nikki9095
  • MrSt1m96
  • xd_Archy
  • xRossi21
  • Philip_mcfc
  • white-fountain
  • GP1_ALEX_B
  • X_-Marqueses-_X
  • Speed_Queen80
  • Npyne_35
  • (Open)


F1 Commentator –

  • Tim (Forever24_JG)


Equal Performance F2 (Wednesday 8pm)

  • NickLJThomson
  • mj_coop
  • Craig8728
  • Colinj1411996
  • AaronJSpence2017
  • TONY-Y
  • Partridge99
  • Victor_Has1108
  • Ozone_NeverMiss
  • SirSpud72
  • The-Warislander
  • RudiMadragorex
  • Humbostone
  • Tanker903
  • Captain_Stiff
  • xMIKExSI
  • TinusssOptioneel
  • Steen-13
  • F1MrP80
  • NoFudge4U_PL


F2 Commentator

  • Dan (energydan)



Equal Performance F3 (Wednesday 8pm)

  • Sab7786
  • osteven002
  • BooJe89
  • Lukebailey14
  • FerociousDan
  • Tejuarr_86
  • dmac_108
  • Bren_Ons
  • Briggsy500
  • Steelbl66
  • Nitrogash
  • Hixxy123
  • the_willo97
  • F1Richard67
  • SnoopMarky
  • Shabz_EN
  • Achterlyken_EU
  • Sycronously
  • FlyByyNightt
  • BWAClyde

(Reserve Drivers x1)

F3 Commentator

  • Malc (F1WWFC_07)




* (All lists are currently provisional and subject to change, we aim to keep this information as current as possible)

End of season awards




You’ve all had your say, and voted in the end of season award survey posted into the league chats and via social media, and the results are in!

Once again, congratulations to all who participated in this season and created some awesome on-track action for the rest of the community and watching viewers to see. We saw six leagues with a mixture of multi-time passes for races wins, strategic battles, intense defending and even a drag side-by-side to the line for a race victory.

Below are the results of the poll and who you think deserved to be given recognition.



Most Exciting League 

1st – F3

2nd – F2

3rd – Realistic Performance 1


F3 comes away with a runaway victory, with double the votes of F2 in second, whilst that beat off RP1 by one vote on the final day of the survey. The F3 league always provides fun, intense and exciting action and it seems the fight between Captain_Stiff and xMIKExSI caught your eye as the league is voted the ‘Most Exciting’ of the season. 


Commentator of the Year

1st – Gareth (Captain_Stiff)

2nd – Malc (F1WWFC_07)

3rd – Tim


We’ve seen some excellent commentary over the F1 2018 game, and whether it be from newcomers like Sab and Dan to experienced voices like Malc, they are the people who bring your races to life. We applaud all of our commentators who take time out of their week to provide a service for you all, and show their enthusiasm for not only Formula One, but for often leaving their comfort zone to bring you weekly commentary whether solo or as part of a team. However, it’s Gareth who narrowly beats Malc to ‘Commentator of the Year’ after his work on Monday night’s in the No-Assist league, on his own in season one, but subsequently joined by Sab in season two. 


No-Assist Driver of the Season 

1st – BoyBetterKnowSB

2nd – Speed_Queen80

3rd – Scopefielder


Scott enjoyed a superb season in No-Assist and not only claimed a first single drivers title accolade, but in-turn garnered the highest points total for a single driver not only this season,but since the records show with a massive 129 points after six victories. Speed_Queen comes in second, but after a win-less season will look to bounce back next season, whilst Scopefielder will be on the hunt after picking up a few votes in third and standing on the podium seven times this season.

Realistic Performance 1 Driver of the Season

1st – SkyZii

2nd – AaronJSpence2017

3rd – BoyBetterKnowSB


It’s the Frenchman SkyZii who takes a winning margin of 29% of the vote, and with votes spread out throughout a number of drivers, the race was close, but SkyZii edged out Aaron to top spot as the runner-up claimed 19% of all votes. SkyZii finally broke his win-less duck in Silverstone and picked up that elusive first Invictus victory.  BoyBetterKnowSB comes in third, and along with Tom_444 and Captain_Stiff were the three drivers to record more than one victory. 


Realistic Performance 2 Driver of the Season

1st – Megglugpy

2nd – Scopefielder

3rd – NickLJThomson


Runaway champion Megglugpy takes a equally sized voting chunk as he dominated not only the season, but your votes at the end. His hat-trick of wins propelled him into the lead, and from there he never looked back. He wins your driver of the season award, ahead of Scope in second and championship runner-up Nick in third, whilst votes also came in for mj_coop and Jos.


Equal Performance F1 Driver of the Season 

1st – Scopefielder

2nd – Megglugpy

3rd – Nikki9095


After taking a third and second place in the votes his races on Monday’s and Tuesday’s, the Swede makes it the full sweep of podium places and ends with a whopping 65% of the votes and the winner by a clear distance. He takes the W after winning his first ever top-tier title in the fastest Formula at Invictus, and with six wins on the way to championship gold, he certainly warranted being the driver of the season. Megglugpy was voted in second after a positive first season in F1, whilst Nikki9095 was back to winning ways in F1 and comes third. 


Equal Performance F2 Driver of the Season 

1st – NickLJThomson

2nd – mj_coop

3rd – SirSpud72


Champion NickLJThomson is given the honour of the driver of the season to go in tandem with his F2 championship crown. He was involved in a superb season long battle with the likes of mj_coop and in the latter stages white-fountain, but with an electrifying end to the season which saw him win four of the last six, and take a podium making it five trips to the rostrum in six weeks. mj_coop finishes second and F2 newcomer SirSpud endured a tough introduction to F2, but once up to speed was able to pick up some credible results and gets enough votes to be your third placed vote. 


Equal Performance F3 Driver of the Season 

1st – Captain_Stiff

2nd – xMIKExSI

3rd – osteven002


Captain_Stiff saw an impressive switch in fortunes, and after joining the league a year ago has seen him go for fighting for the final point to being a deserved winner in F3. Eight podiums with three victories gave him a first taste of Championship glory, whilst Slovenian rival xMIKExSI finishes with 18.42% of the votes in second after a strong end to the season. The season saw many new drivers provide excellent results such as Steelbl and Briggsy500 with debut podiums, but it’s osteven who continues to improve and almost triples his best ever seasons returns. 


Congratulations to all the winners! We hope you have as much success in the next season, the provisional driver lists are being finalised and we will be posting the league participants here when the information is released.

We will be providing a new season recap Podcast soon, with the Invictus ‘Inside Track’ being transferred over to Gareth and Sab for the coming season. Make sure you check out all social media announcements, league chats and on here for any news on the F1 2018 Invictus season review.

The Champs are here!



It’s been a long season; we’ve seen countless battles, a plethora of over-takes and some heart-stopping on-track action across 15 weeks of season seven of the Invictus Racing League.
However, with the season now over, the dust has settled and we have confirmation of the six drivers who can call themselves a champion for their respective leagues.



The line-up in the No-Assist League at the first round of the season proved there was always going to be a fascinating title chase for a number of drivers. Speed_Queen had gone into the season on the back of a third title claimed in season six, but with the likes of BoyBetterKnow, Samuthepito and Scopefielder all gunning for her crown, it would prove to be a whirlwind of a season.
The season opened with two victories for Scott (BoyBetterKnow) who enjoyed a frenetic battle with the Williams of Samuthepito. The Spaniard would then go on to dominate the next four races and stand upon the top step of the podium as Sam completed a four race sweep until the season break after Silverstone.
It was at this point on that we saw a tight-knit fight over position, and with Sam moving to a wheel and unfortunately falling off the pace, it allowed Scott and Speed_Queen to duel it out, not only in the standings but regularly on the track as the two shared epic fights at the likes of Australia and Italy.

However, with Scott’s victories in Belgium and Abu Dhabi, it meant that he would go into the final race of the season only needing one point to secure a first-ever No-Assist championship title, and he duly delivered after finishing second on-track in a race that saw Speed_Queen suffer a contact induced spin and fall out of contention.
As the chequered flag dropped, it confirmed that Scott would finish the season on an insurmountable 129 points and highest points tally for a single driver across the entirety of Invictus this season.
The constructors championship had equally been a tight battle, and coming into the final race split by three points, the team of Speed_Queen and Nikki9095 had a disastrous race and ended up falling at the final hurdle, as Scott and Joel in the Mercedes overtook their points tally and made it two trophies heading back to Brackley and Brixworth.


Realistic Performance 

Realistic Performance 1

The Realistic Performance league always throws up interesting out-comes and results due to the nature of animal that is realistic performance. This was proved as Captain_Stiff opened the season in Bahrain with his first ever league-race win, the next five races saw four different winners and by the season break after Silverstone it seemed it was AaronJSpence, team-mate Captain_Stiff and reigning champion SkyZii would be the ones who seemed best placed to contest the title with the three having picked up three of the first six race victories between them, especially with reigning champion SkyZii picking up a much over-due race win at the 18th attempt in Silverstone.

The second half of the season wasn’t as successful for the team of Racing AaronStiff, and although a double podium in Australia seemed to give them an advantage, poor races for both over the next three rounds which saw WaveIntel and Tom_444 pick up victories dropped Aaron behind SkyZii, who after three consecutive second place finishes sealed the title with a race to go at Monza as he edged out season stand-out AaronJSpence.
SkyZii became the only driver to retain their title out of all leagues this season, with the surprising record of only one victory in 24 races yet two driver’s championships, a testament to the consistency of the Frenchman to pick up good results weekly.

The battle went down to the wire in the constructors, and at the final race in China it saw the BMW Jordan Team of SkyZii and WaveIntel overcome their rivals as Racing AaronStiff couldn’t claw back the points required after a poor second half to the season, and allowed BMW Jordan to claim a first constructors title as a team in a successful season for the two.


Realistic Performance 2

This season was a slight air of redemption for Megglugpy, as the Brit looked to come back after missing out on the Performance title last season by a fine margin.
It was apparent from the opening races that he was determined to make sure he ended up with the top spot in the championship, but after a dreadful start in Bahrain, he then went on to grab a hat-trick of wins and a runner-up spot in Canada to cement his place at the top of the standings as we headed to the season break.
A late retirement in Australia gave the others hope, but with Jos, Nick and Scopefielder all struggling in the following races, it allowed Megg to keep picking up points, and with two podiums in Belgium and Abu Dhabi he closed in to the Performance League 2 title.

It was in Monza where his fourth place sealed the title, and with Jos needing to win and hope Megg finished down the order, the Dutchman could only finish third and thus giving Megg a sizable enough lead that would confirm him as season seven Performance League 2 champion.

The constructors battle however ended in dramatic fashion, and with the championship coming down to the final race and it seemingly being out of reach for Meggacoop Racing, the two managed a sensational comeback as a second win of the season for mj_coop and fourth placed Megglugpy meant the two matched the KamiKaze Pilots F1 Team of Jos and Scope, and with both teams level on 5 wins, the count-back to second place finishes saw three to MeggaCoop, to one for KamiKaze F1.

So it’s MeggaCoop Racing who snatch it away off the international dream-team of Jos and Scope, as Megg doubles up the silverware for the season.


Equal Performance


After starting with an incredible drag to the line for the first win of the season mdoran09 was unfortunately not able to see the same success that he showed by opening the season in breath-taking style, it was the Swedish driver Scopefielder who then won four of the next five races, and with a strong lead at the mid-point of the season it was only Nikki9095 and Samuthepito who seemed to be able to keep pace with the Renault.

F1 debutant this season Megglugpy enjoyed a positive first season in the highest formula with several podiums, but it was the likes of the returning Odemz, Nikki and Scope who won the remaining races, and with Scope’s third place in Abu Dhabi he locked in a first-ever Equal Performance league championship.
He then ended the season in style by dominating in Monza and left nearest rival Nikki a comfortable gap away coming away at the end of the season.

After losing their Realistic Performance 2 constructors championship title at the death on the final race day, the pair of Scope and Jos shared the F1 constructor’s title as the Renault team celebrated with their dominant drivers and made up for the disappointment the two may have felt.


The F2 title twisted and turned throughout the season, and the season provided some of the most enthralling action in Invictus, as the lead changed in the standings almost every week.
Rookie driver GooDStuff had started the season well, and after opening the season with a win in Bahrain and Austria at round four, it seemed like he would be well-placed for an attack at the F2 title, but he wasn’t alone in that charge for F2 glory.

Race wins in Japan for NickLJThomson and Canada for mj_coop along with several podiums for the two in the first half the season kept the British pair well in the fight, and by the half-way point it seemed like the three would be neck and neck to the final race.
However, after two poor results at round five and six for Nick, he then went on an incredible run of form winning four of the final six races of the season, and wrapped up the title in Abu Dhabi in style with his fifth victory of the season.

It was contrasting fortunes for his mid-season rivals, with mj_coop and GooDStuff dropping off the pace and unable to keep up with the Ferrari, it was coops Red Bull team-mate White-fountain who benefited, as the Belgian used an electric turn of pace to finish in the top two in all but one of the final six races to come from no-where and finish runner-up in the final championship table.

There was drama in Monza in the final race of the season, and with champion-elect NickLJThomson crashing out, the one-three finish for Red Bull saw Coop and White-fountain snatch the constructors away, as what looked like a two horse race between Ferrari and Haas was blown apart as the Red Bull’s strong finish to the season stole to trophy back to Milton Keynes.

It was a magnificent season in F2, and White-fountain will feel he’s well placed to make a challenge for the title next season, but don’t count out the likes of coop, GP1 Alex and several others. However this season belonged to Nick, and he showed with his second half of the season that he deserved to be the F2 champion.


Opening the season with a close finish between Sab, Booje, Captain_Stiff and F1Richard it was already evident that the landscape in F3 was sure to be ever changing and that we would see a fascinating season.
The next race saw Stiff take a first ever Equal Performance league race win in torrential rain in Spain after putting into action the perfect strategy, and although FerociousDan took the lead of the standings after victories in Japan and Austria the Williams of Stiff stayed in contention.

The tide in the championship seemed to turn at Silverstone, and with the constructors rivals Dan and Tejuarr involved in an early collision that retired both, and F1Richard suffering damage which dropped him down the field/ Stiff would go on to take the lead in both the driver’s and constructors championship. Another win in the rain at Mexico in addition to one in China gave the shock leader a gap over the field, but quietly a new challenger had emerged in xMIKExSI, and the Slovenian veteran started putting almighty pressure on the relatively inexperienced leader.
The Ferrari of Mike finished the season with two wins in Abu Dhabi and the final race in Monza, along with second place finishes in Mexico and Belgium, but coming to Monza, Stiff only required a fifth place finish after standing on the podium in five of the last six races, and with a fight through the field from sixth to second took his first ever championship victory. He had only seen one podium in his previous three seasons at Invictus, so it highlights a remarkable change in fortunes for the Brit.
It was a double delight for Williams as they fought off the challenge from McLaren, as Tejuarr and Captain_Stiff made it a successful season for the Oxfordshire based team.



Official Drivers Championship Winners (Invictus Racing League F1 2018 Season 2)

No – Assist Champion – BoyBetterKnowSB

Realistic Performance 1 Champion – SkyZii

Realistic Performance 2 Champion – Megglugpy

Equal Performance F1 Champion – Scopefielder

Equal Performance F2 Champion – NickLJThomson

Equal Performance F3 Champion – Captain_Stiff

Official Constructors Championship Winners ((Invictus Racing League F1 2018 Season 2)

No-Assist Champions – Mercedes (BoyBetterKnowSB and Joel-v520v)

Realistic Performance 1 Champions – BMW Jordan (SkyZii and WaveIntel)

Realistic Performance 2 Champions – MeggaCoop Racing (Megglugpy and mj_coop)

Equal Performance F1 Champions- Renault Sport F1 Team (Jos_Heinssie and Scopefielder)

Equal Performance F2 Champions – Red Bull Racing (mj_coop and white-fountain)

Equal Performance F3 Champions – Williams F1 (Captain_Stiff and Tejuarr)


Congratulations to all of our champions, and as we close the book on F1 2018 we look to the future, and that of the stories we will see created on the track. Can our current crop of reigning champions go back-to-back, or will we see new or re-invigorated drivers come to the head of the table come the end of the F1 2019 first season. We all aspire to be crowned champion at the end of the season regardless of the league. The nature of competition is to be the best, however these six drivers can say they were the best that Invictus Racing League had to offer this season.

We can’t wait to see you all on track on F1 2019! If you can’t shake that competitive nature, get on the GT Sport or Project Cars 2 grid, or now on the pitch for FIFA 19!

In memory – Niki Lauda (1949 – 2019)

We were struck in the Formula One community this morning after the sad passing of former three-time Formula One Champion (1975, 1977 and 1984), Non-Executive Chairman of Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team and one of the all-time greats in the world of Motorsport, Niki Lauda.

Niki had an incredibly passionate love for racing, and even in his older age would speak to drivers and the media in absolute brutal honesty, but with a sense of class and desire to maintain Formula One as the pinnacle of world-class Motorsport.

Famously involved in his rivalry with James Hunt, he was immortalised in Hollywood film after the movie ‘Rush’ was released in 2013, this depicted the worlds apart that the two drivers may have lived their lives, but how their on-track battles and championship fights brought the two together as friends.

After winning his first World Title in 1975, Niki survived a horrendous crash at the 1976 German Grand Prix which saw his Ferrari engulfed in flames, and after being given the ‘last rites’ in a hospital bed with severe burns and lung damage, the remarkable Austrian driver recovered and only missed two races, returning at the Italian Grand Prix less than six weeks later where he was immediately back on the pace, and even in excruciating pain came home fourth. Then going on to take a second championship a season later in 1977 and then again in 1984 as part of McLaren.

It’s this story, that for me cements Niki Lauda as the single greatest ‘comeback’ story in sporting history, on the track or off.

From the virtual world to the real-world Formula One, Invictus Racing League and it’s community sends its sympathies and positive thoughts to the friends, family and colleagues of Niki.

The Formula One world has lost another legend, but Niki was an incredible man who accomplished incredible things.

May he rest in peace.

A message to all Invictus Racing League driver’s – 18/03/2019

Hello all,


After discussion with the Site Directors and league admin team, Invictus Racing League are joining with many of our friends and fellow racers in other leagues as we suggest to our communities to drive this weeks league action with a predominately black helmet in memory of F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting.

A one minutes pause will also be held at the start of all qualifying sessions, therefore qualifying will be 17 minutes long this week. We ask you all to please respect the moments quiet before qualifying.


Thank you for your continued support, for any questions please speak to your league admin team.


– Invictus Racing League

Tune in for the big announcements!

Make sure you tune in tomorrow (Friday 8th February 2019) for the announcement live-stream for the upcoming Invictus Racing League season seven!

Site directors Craig and Malc will bring you all the news, details and everything you need to know about what to expect from Invictus as we build up to our biggest season ever.

The stream will see the announcement of;

  • Full 12 race calendar
  • Provisional driver entry list for all leagues
  • Team mate announcement for all leagues
  • Car allocations for equal performance (F1,2 and 3)
  • Any major rule changes


Make sure you tune into the live-stream by clicking here! We go live at 8pm! We hope to see you all there.


Pre-season races announced

Last night the agreement was made regarding the two pre-season races that will occur before the start of the new Invictus Racing League F1 2018 season.


Pre-season is scheduled to commence on the week commencing February 11th and the no-assist league will be the first on track as we return to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin for the USA Grand Prix that will be followed by Performance 1+2 on Tuesday 12th and F1/F2/F3 on Wednesday 13th.

The second and final pre-season race will see a much different race circuit as the long trip for Austin to Budapest for the Hungarian Grand Prix as the fast and open circuit of COTA is replaced by the almost street circuit like Hungaroring.


Hungary and USA both appeared on last seasons calendar with Round 3 and 11 respectively, and have always provided close and strategic races. The main calendar will be revealed on the team-mate and car allocation announcement stream, so make sure you keep up to date on our social media channels for all announcements on dates and times! It’s not far away!





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