IRL Nations Cup – Details Announcement

It’s the end of a long season, and equally a long game. Three seasons on F1 2019 has seen multiple first-time champions, and a number of championships retained.

Now we have one final event to celebrate a successful season, but also have some fun with some casual competition.

The event details are listed below and now announced are the team allocations.

The cars have been pre-designed, and drivers will be asked to design a car to match the livery to keep consistent across the team. Team have been created as fairly as possible to includes drivers for F1, F2 and F3 in each team.

There will be two semi-finals on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday will be the final, which will be competed by the top five performing teams from the two semi finals. This will be the top 2 from each night plus the highest point scoring ‘lucky losers’ who will make up the 5th and final team for Wednesdays final.

Semi Finals lobbies will open at 7.40 with an 8pm sharp start time.


Team Scotland 

Representing Team Scotland will be;

F1 – Beck9000

  F2 – Rymaac

F3 – Craig8728

Team Europe 

Representing Team Europe

F1 – LoZac97

RP – Jos_Heinssie

F3 – Steelbl66

Team England (North)

Representing England (North)

F1 – FOXYRED2000

F2 – mj_coop

F3 – LukeBailey14

Team England (South)

Representing England (South);

F1 – FPL_Charlie

F2 – Aaronjs1992

F3 – ColinEYZ141

Team Scandinavia

Representing Team Scandinavia (2-man)

F1 – Scopefielder

                                                       F1 – Jomppalainen

F1 – SamuPapito

Team Italy

Representing Italy

F2 – Lopensky

F2 (Alumni) – RealHiroshi

F1 (Alumni) – MisterX_1122

*Car image pending*


Team Netherlands 1 

Representing Team Netherlands 1

F1 – The-Warislander

F2 – Delange93

F2 – Steen-13

Team Netherlands 2 

Representing Team Netherlands 2


F1 – TvH_IceTea56

F2 – Fokkiegoedt

Team GB 1 

Representing Team GB 1

F1 – ScottBugner7

F2  – Megglugpy

F3 – Nitrogash

Team GB 2 

Representing Team GB 2

F1 – Harry_B_R25

F2 – YNWA_Matty_UTM

F3 – SimonPalmer80

Team UK

Representing Team UK

F2 – Rbiz09

F2 – Reshka95

F3 – Osteven002

Team UK Gold

Representing UK Gold

F3 – SirSpud

F3 – F1WWFC07

F2 (Alumni) – NickLJThomson

*Image Pending*


  • We will use the ‘multiplayer car’, and the designs for each team will be standard so that they are easily distinguishable on the live-stream of the race. These will be designed pre-event and posted on social media. they can then be replicated by the teams before the event begins.
  • The evening will consist of three races at a 25% distance, the tracks will NOT be announced ahead of time, and instead will be randomly drawn on stream by the commentary team – This negates any advantage of practice, and makes it equal for all.
  • The first race will see a ONE SHOT qualifying – This event will all be about maximising opportunity, so a one shot lap will offer you the chance at perhaps out-qualifying a driver in a league higher, or perhaps locking out a 1-2-3 with your team if all achieve perfect laps.
  • We will run with usual IRL lobby settings – Dynamic weather, Strict rules, Parc Firme ON, Assists Allowed, Damage FULL.
  • However it will be STOCK SET-UPS on the cars
  • Once the first race has been completed, the points will be tallied, and the standings announced on both the stream and Twitter @InvictusRL, the lobby will then continue to race two where the grid will be reversed from the results from race one (Including DNF’s) – DNF’S and DSQ’s start at back of field.
  • The reverse grid will then compete race two, and upon completion of race two the same tallying/announcement will continue whilst the grid for the final race was completed. This grid will be decided by nations standing order – This means if Team Netherlands are in the lead after two races, they will start 18th,19th and 20th whilst the nation at the bottom will lock out the top two/three places. This is to promote overtaking, excitement and equally make drivers work hard to represent their nation.
  • The points used will be different to standard IRL as every driver will be eligible to score – This promotes continuing racing, and not retiring as points will be crucial come the final race.

1st – 25

2nd – 22

3rd – 20

4th – 17

5th – 16

6th – 15

7th – 14

8th – 13

9th – 12

10th – 11

11th – 10

12th – 9

13th – 8

14th – 7

15th – 6

16th – 5

17th – 4

18th – 3

19th – 2

20th – 1

  • Points will also be added for the fastest lap (inside top 10), and equally a bonus three points to a team if they manage to score a double podium and five points if they lock out the podium.
  • Points will be awarded to drivers and teams collectively, and although the event is a teamwork based event and drivers are representing their nation, we will have a Nations Cup MVP, along with the Nations Cup Champions.
  • Stewards will be available on the night, and for incidents on stream (or replayed back to them between races) – They can penalise. However, penalties will come in the form of points deductions for the team as a whole to keep drivers from acting in an unsportsmanlike manner.
  • Major incident – 5pt deduction
  • Medium incident – 3pt deduction
  • Minor incident – 1pt deduction
  • Once the event has been completed, the points will be scored and the winning team announced, they will then be invited into the commentary box for an interview and wrap up, and invited back to retain their title in 2021 – We will then complete the stream, and equally end our time as a league on F1 2019.

Twitch affiliated channels – How you can help!



Recently two of our Twitch channels for our leagues became ‘Twitch-affiliated’  that’s a requirement that mean we can take donations to the league via a number of methods.

Congratulations are to Malc for his personal channel to which he streams Performance 1, and to Gareth and Sab for their No-Assists channel as both are now available for community support.


This is where you all come in!  

Twitch is owned by Amazon, and as part of Amazon Prime (if you are signed up) you are given a free 30-day ‘Twitch Subscription’ This can be used to monetarily support any chosen channel on the streaming site for free. The subscription passes onto the channel the value of the subscription for a 30-day period and give you the benefit of a paid subscription. All funds go directly into the league to help with running costs (website hosting, potential trophies for champions etc) and generally making your driving and user experience better. The subscription would need to be cancelled at the end of the month or a rolling support of £7.99 goes to the league.

Other benefits of Twitch Affiliation is our enhanced profile on the site, we will be pushed higher up the list of current streamers which will allow us to possibly gain more viewers, and equally you can support in the chat by ‘cheering’ with “Twitch Bits” these are essentially a tip jar and can be purchased for various amounts (aka 100 bits is equivalent to £1.48), subscriptions allow users to watch all videos advert free, and will be highlighted on stream as a supporter of the channel.


If you are not an Amazon Prime user, you can still support the league by a standard Twitch subscription where you can support with either a £4.99, £9.99 or £24.99p/m


It is a purely voluntary suggestion, but we would massively appreciate as much support as possible in any medium from donating, subscribing or following the streams and adding to the numbers. It shows the support in community from yourselves that we have been able to reach this stage, of course we want to grow our audience so please continue to support the leagues with views, channel follows and subscriptions!


The link to find out more is here 


The links to our affiliated channels are as follows 

No-assist (Mondays at 8pm)

Malc – Performance 1 (Tuesdays at 8pm)



If you have any questions, please contact Gareth via PM on the site or PSN and I can answer any queries as best as possible.

Invictus Racing League – Off track – BoyBetterKnow how to drive around Silverstone

No-assist and Realistic Performance 1 driver BoyBetterKnowSB (Scott) will finally be back on track in a few weeks after a long winter break.

Scott races his Class F Ford Fiesta in the BRSCC Saloon Car Trophy championship, and using last years successful return including a win in class at Cadwell Park he will be hoping to step on the podium a lot more this coming season and look to emulate his season start online.

The next race is lined up for the 16th March 2019 at Silverstone, the home of British Motorsport. Make sure if you’re in the area to get down to the circuit and support a fellow community member as he takes to the track in the #9 Fiesta that last season proudly displayed the Invictus Racing League logo.

Tickets and information can be found here, and we would like to wish Scott the best of luck for the race!





Have you got anything special going on outside of Invictus? Let us know! We want to spotlight our fantastic communities hobbies and interests whether it on the track or not. Speak to Gareth or an admin for any details!

Season seven starts tonight!



It’s finally here! Invictus Racing League season seven begins tonight in Sakhir for the Bahrain Grand Prix, the race will be contested under the lights in the Gulf state and give our drivers’ a circuit which promotes over-taking and close battles. The action on track is sure to be as hot as the desert sun, can the field keep their cool once the lights go out and we charge down to turn one?

Make sure you tune in from 8pm tonight with Gareth and Sab for live commentary of the no-assist league, who as always kick off what is going to be an awesome week of racing!

No-Assist twitch channel 

Commentary team 



Calendar and car allocation announcements made!

Following this evenings announcement stream, we are now proud to announce our full 12 round calendar, team-mates and car allocations for the upcoming season 7 of the Invictus Racing League.

Firstly we start with the calendar, as previously noted pre season will begin next week in the USA before Hungary sees the second and final pre-season race. This will give our drivers a good idea of their pace in comparison to their opponents and equally any balancing issues will be addressed before round one.


Invictus Racing League – Season 7 Calendar

  • Round One – Sakhir, Bahrain                        (Week commencing 25/2)
  • Round Two – Barcelona, Spain                     (Week commencing 4/3)
  • Round Three – Suzuka, Japan                      (Week commencing 11/3)
  • Round Four – Spielberg, Austria                   (Week commencing 18/3)
  • Round Five  – Montreal, Canada                   (Week commencing 25/3)
  • Round Six – Silverstone, Great Britain           (Week commencing 1/4)
  • Mid-Season Break (One week) 
  • Round Seven – Shanghai, China                    (Week commencing 15/4)
  • Round Eight – Melbourne, Australia                (Week commencing 22/4)
  • Round Nine – Mexico City, Mexico                   (Week commencing 29/4)
  • Round Ten – Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium     (Week commencing 6/5)
  • Round Eleven  – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates  (Week commencing 13/5)
  • Round Twelve  – Monza, Italy                           (Week commencing 20/5)


Season Seven Driver Entry List*

No-Assist – Monday Night 

Commentator – Gareth (Captain_Stiff) and Alan (Sab7786)

  • Mercedes – BoyBetterKnowSB and Joel-v520v
  • Renault – Nismax7 and Gavpig
  • Haas – Humbostone and Renner9
  • Force India – RickWR88 and Nikki9095
  • McLaren – Sargeant009 and Stifler1980
  • Red Bull – Delange and Scopefielder
  • Ferrari – Speed_Queen80 and xMIKExSI
  • Toro Rosso – Tony-Y and SJD1988
  • Williams – MeroD2 and Samuthepito
  • Sauber – GP1_Alex_B and NeverMIss00


Realistic Performance – Tuesday Night 


Performance 1

Commentator – Malc (F1WWFC_07)

  • xMIKExSI and Fascone – Beer Monsters F1
  • SirSpud72 and ColinJ – SirColin
  • Craig8728 and BoyBetterKnowSB – Know Nothing Racing
  • AaronJSpence and Captain_Stiff – Racing AaronStiff
  • SkyZii and WaveIntel  – BMW Jordan
  • SJD1988 and LoZac97  – Rick Astley Racing
  • Benjym214 and Tom_444
  • Betrayer46


Performance 2

Commentator – Mark (SnoopMarky)

  • LukeBailey14 and F1_MRP80  – PB Racing
  • Jamie_6238 and Nitrogash – Jamgash Racing
  • Wesleyvanrens and The-Warislander  – The Flying Dutchies
  • Megglugpy and mj_coop – Megacoop
  • BWAClyde and Sab7786 –  BS Racing
  • Jos_Heinssie and Scopefielder – Kamikaze F1 Pilots
  • NickLJThomson and Humbostone –  NickStone F1



Equal Performance – Wednesday Night



Commentator  – Luke and F1_MrP80

  • McLaren – FoxyRed2000 and Speed_Queen80
  • Haas – Axeeri and LoZac97
  • Williams  – Xx_WhiTeShAdowzZ and AzR_Westie
  • Red Bull – Nikki9095 and xd_DiNNo
  • Mercedes  – BoyBetterKnowSB and GP1_Alex
  • Toro Rosso – WaveIntel and Megglugpy
  • Force India  – Real_ItsDanester and xRossi21
  • Ferrari – Betrayer46 and Benjym214
  • Sauber  – Mdoran07 and Tombombtank118
  • Renault  – Scopefielder and Jos_Heinssie



Commentator – Dan (energydan)

  • Toro Rosso – Craig8728 and Jamie_6328
  • Mercedes – SirSpud72 and ColinJ
  • Ferrari – NickLJThomson and Tony-Y
  • Red Bull – Mj_coop and AaronJSpence
  • Williams – TinusssOptioneel and Steen-13
  • McLaren – Humbostone and NeverMiss00
  • Renault –  WhiteFountain and JamieMet92
  • Haas – GoodStuff
  • Sauber – Nismax7 and RudiMandragorex



Commentator – Malc (F1WWFC_07)

  • Ferrari – xMIKExSI and Fascone0525
  • McLaren – F1Richard67 and FerociousDan
  • Sauber – SnoopMarky and SteelBL66
  • Williams – Captain_Stiff and Tejuarr
  • Renault – Booje89 and Kollaa
  • Haas – The_Willo97 and Whiteagle
  • Mercedes – Sab7786 and BWAClyde
  • Force India – osteven002 and NotoriousL_I_P
  • Red Bull – Bren_Ons and Nitrogash
  • Toro Rosso – Briggsy500 and Dboydan22



*All lists are currently provisional and subject to change before the season commences.


We can’t wait for the season to start and we are only a few days away from pre-season kicking off. Make sure you join us from Monday at 8pm where we start our week with the no-assist pre-season race one in the USA. Join Gareth and Sab in the commentary box for live action as we begin practice for season seven!


Arrivabene Remains Positive Despite Austria Disappointment

Arrivabene Hopeful Despite Ferrari Failures


Arrivabene attends media conference after Austrian Pre-Season Practice



While attending a “rare” media conference, Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene appeared upbeat despite Ferrari’s poor performance during the first pre-season race at the Red Bull Ring, Austria. Ferrari drivers Tom Wright and Craig Pinchbeck put in a strong Qualifying performance in Austria, locking out the second row behind Renault driver aaronjspence2017, a driver hotly-tipped for the Driver’s crown; and Force India driver gordow3497. Although qualifying 0.318s (Tom Wright US) and 0.452s (Craig Pinchbeck SS) Ferrari were expecting a strong showing in the race.


Ferrari’s expectations suffered a major set-back. Tom Wright, despite starting strong off the line, was spun from behind on the exit of Turn 1 by Mercedes driver notoriousL_I_P and then later suffered terminal damage after receiving contact from Williams Racing driver PAUL0_PABL06. Sky Sports F1 spoke with Tom Wright as he made his way back to the garage, “I felt that we’ve lost a crucial night of testing and data collection. I feel that I’m now one race behind everyone else”. 



Tom Wright tried to salvage his race after a Turn 1 incident with notoriousL_I_P



Ferrari driver Craig Pinchbeck, despite fighting for 2nd at the closing stages of the Austrian Grand Prix, experienced similar difficulties after making contact with McLaren driver f1richard67 at Turn 1. Craig was understandably disappointed as he hoped to set an early marker as he begins his F3 Championship claim. After suffering front wing damage, Craig was unable to hold onto a Podium finish and finally crossed the finishing line to take 7th.



Craig Pinchbeck enjoying a wheel-to-wheel battle with notoriousL_I_P in Austria



With both Ferrari drivers experience disappointment, many wonder why Ferrari team principle Maurizio Arrivabene remains positive and upbeat. When asked what her thoughts were after the pre-season race Arrivabene had this to say, “we have two very experienced and talented drivers here at Ferrari. They have both been through hardship before and have enough resilience to bounce back for Azerbaijan. Both Tom and Craig know what is expected of them at Ferrari and I’m certain that when we travel to Melbourne for Round One, they will be ready. We managed to collect enough data to know where the car and drivers are in comparison to our rivals. It’s going to make for a spectacular season, that’s for sure”.


Although speaking briefly with the media in the Red Bull Ring Paddock, both Tom and Craig have remained quiet, but rumours suggest that they are focusing on the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and are looking to further test themselves at the Baku City Circuit.






Get involved in commentary with Invictus



At Invictus Racing League we are always on the look out for new and enthusiastic people to commentate on the leagues we are currently offering.

This season we are running an initial six leagues with potential for more so the requirement for a stream commentator has increased. We would love a two man team in the leagues for the best viewer experience and to give our excellent commentators the ability to capture as much action as possible.

The leagues are currently covered by at least one commentator but if you or know of anyone that would like to increase their confidence in media, talk from a driver’s perspective or just have a passion for motorsport and wish to bring enthusiasm to then let us know!

All our streams are captured by the leagues commentary team and then the VoD’s are uploaded to the Invictus YouTube channel


Equally, if you are a driver and can spare an evening to assist in the box it is always appreciated! Our commentating team work hard behind the scenes creating the best experience for you all and any support is always welcome!

All of our commentated races are streamed live on on the league specific channels at 8pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s. You won’t be thrown in at the deep end! coaching and support can be found within the community.


If this is something you are interested in then please contact Craig or Malc on;

Craig8728 – PSN

F1WWFC_07 – PSN (Malc)


Hopefully we will add to our strong commentating team and continue to provide you exciting and engaging commentary throughout the season! Let us know today to get involved!

Invictus looks forward to pre-season

Summer testing has been ongoing for the last three weeks and with each week we get closer to the opening race of the season in Albert Park, Melbourne.

The final summer test takes place the week commencing 24th September 2018 at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi with all leagues participating in test sessions and invitational races.

The summer tests have given the league organisers some good pace data that will determine the locations for the driver’s into the correct ability leagues. We have seen movements from last season along with some new introductions into the leagues that promise to shake up the status quo and give the paddock new rivalries to talk about.

The driver’s are all readying themselves for a competitive 12 race season, and with the prospect of new champions and podium chasers on the horizon. You don’t want to miss a race!


Pre season race one

The week beginning the 1st October 2018 will see the first of two official pre-season races to be held. It will be the turn of the No-Assist drivers first on Monday 1st before the Performance Leagues (1&2) take place on Tuesday 2nd before the Equal Performance driver’sjump into their race seats for their Wednesday races.

The race will take place at the former Österreichring now Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. The track has hosted races for Invictus in recent seasons and with a quick circuit which promotes close and fierce racing, we are certainly expecting an explosive first introduction to the grid.

The circuit which runs through the picturesque Austrian hills, offering 10 turns over a 2.6 mile/ 4.3km distance with a lap time that during qualifying will be brushing 65 seconds. The run to turn one is up a steep incline into a sharp right hand turn that will catch out those who brake a fraction too late.


The no-assist league see the return of Speed_Queen80 who will look to re-take her throne after Gamer_DA_Best262 ran riot last season. However, with Gamer only competing in Equal Performance F1 this season, it opens the title race wide open on Monday nights for those who want to grab the championship with both hands by the end of the season.

Throughout the leagues we see very interesting battles shaping up such as Jos_Heinssie, NoFudge4U and a possible challenger in Betrayer46 in the F2 championship and a very intense SirSpud72 vs AaronJSpence2017 fight brewing in F3 as both the Mercedes and Renault teams look poised to be close all season.


We only have one more week of summer tests before pre-season starts and that will officially begin the countdown to lights out in Australia. The league communities are already buzzing with excitement in anticipation of the season as the mind games start.


The Invictus Racing League is within sight of the opening race of the season. However, you can still sign up today and get involved in some of the most competitive and compelling racing anywhere on PS4



Success on track for Invictus driver

Invictus Racing League driver Scott Bugner (BoyBetterKnowSB) recently took to the track in his Ford Fiesta at Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire and was rewarded with a successful return for his efforts.

The car which was sporting its brand new Invictus Racing League promotional decals took 4th overall in the race against strong competition.

However, it was a first in class finish for Scott as his Class F Fiesta took the top step of the podium and a trophy for the #99 car.

Huge congratulations go to Scott for his efforts and a well earned fruitful weekend at the MSV owned circuit. The whole team and community sends its warmest congratulations to Scott and we hope he will see the top step many more times!

The #99 proudly showing off the winner’s trophy for 1st in class at Cadwell Park


Scott is lined up to race this weekend (Sep 22/23) at Donnington Park in front of a 20,000 strong crowd in a support race for the highly competitive British GT and British F3 series, which are both known for launching young careers. The car will be on full show for all including the British racing media. We wish him the best of luck!

If you can, make sure you get down there to support him! And equally, if you also want to show off your support for Invictus, then visit our store for all merchandise!

Tickets can be found here! Donnington Park Race Day Tickets


A win for Invictus on the circuit on game and real life shows what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Get yourself on the grid and start your journey today!

F1 2018 Season one calendar announced

F1 2018 has been out now for a few weeks and given the driver’s a taste of the new circuits and handling of the 2018 spec machines that will be making up the grid.

Earlier today the calendar was announced for next season and with some returning favourites along with brand new additions it is certain that we will see some electric racing throughout all leagues.



Pre-season will start at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. The fast circuit in the Austrian hills will be a eye opener for the driver’s who will be looking to hit the ground running with a lap just over a minute long. We have seen some fantastic racing around the Red Bull Ring in the past and we can expect to see more of the same in the first pre-season test.

The second and final pre-season race moves 1795 miles east to Baku on the coast of the Caspian Sea. The recent addition to the calendar will test the drivers on their precision as they make their way around the ancient city. The now infamous castle section will see who is bravest and most daring.  Could we potentially see the safety car come in to effect with the pit crews working overtime?


Championship rounds

The first round of the season takes place in Melbourne, Australia as the cars and drivers will fight for points around the Albert Park circuit. The grid will have started to work each other out and it will be game-time as the visors come down and lights go out to open the season.

Round two will be hosted by the desert destination of Bahrain. The race has been a part of the previous two seasons and with tyre choices always varying it makes for a strategic nightmare for the race engineers when deciding on the qualifying tyre and the pit-stop strategy. Who can overcome the dusty circuit and take victory in the gulf?

The beautiful Budapest in Hungary owns round three of the championship as the cars take to the Hungaroring. We saw some stunning racing last season around the track that is notoriously difficult to overtake on. We hopefully get to see a repeat of last seasons explosive race once again.

Round four is the first visit in Invictus history to the Paul Ricard circuit in France, with the first of the new grand prix circuits added to the game. We can expect to see a fast and furious pace with potential for thrills and spills all across the vibrant circuit as Invictus rolls into town.

The fifth round takes place at the famous Monza Autodromo. The passionate Tifosi will be cheering along for the scarlett red Ferrari’s with nothing short of a win expected. The driver’s who get signed to the team this season will know how important that race victory is.

The final round of the first half of the season comes to the home of British motorsport at Silverstone. A track that is ever popular with fans and driver’s alike. The critical section of maggotts, becketts, aintree and chapel can either ruin or fire a driver into a perfect lap. The cars going around copse corner at flat out will mean it is not a race to be missed!

The league then takes its week long break and allows the grid to prepare for the second half of the season. We have seen late season charges catapult driver’s into championship contention so the break is never one to slow the grid down.

Round seven will go to Hockenheim as the German Grand Prix returns to the F1 and Invictus calendar. The now fast arena circuit is a far shot from the old track that disappeared into the forest but it is no less exiting. The overtaking opportunities are everywhere and we are sure to see a fantastic race.

Circuite Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Canada hosts round eight as the cars make their first trip to North America. The infamous ‘Wall of Champions’ looms for anyone who loses concentration and with a very popular following in Canada. The Canadian Grand Prix is always a exciting one to be part of whether in the car or out of it.

Spa-Francorchamps was given round nine as the teams attend one of the most famous circuits on the planet with possibly the greatest corner in racing in Eau Rouge and Raidillon. The Ardennes hills will be alive with the sound of turbo-hybrid engines as the drivers take to the track and prepare themselves for a mouth-watering thrill ride around the tricky Belgian circuit.

The penultimate round of the season gets a shot of red, white and blue as the Circuit of the Americas maintains its position on the calendar. The incredible city of Austin hosts what could possibly be an incredibly important race in the season. The stakes will be high but as the saying goes “Everything is bigger in Texas”

Our first season wraps up in Interlagos as Brazil will see the champion crowned and celebrated. The quick track with famously changeable conditions has seen some unbelievable races in recent Invictus seasons and we can expect the same again as the driver’s will look to finish out the season in style.



With the calendar announced we await the start of what is shaping up to be a spectacular season. The new driver line up’s and team contracts will be announced in the near future so check out the Invictus Racing League twitter @InvictusRL for all announcements on dates and relevant information.


The countdown to the new season is underway but you can still be a part of it! Applications are still open in our sign-up section for new members, so get yourself on the grid!