Season Ten Announced!



Following tonight’s live-stream with Gareth and Sab on YouTube, we can now announce the details for the upcoming tenth season of Invictus Racing League on the Formula One game.

We’re really excited about the prospects of the new season, and with a stacked roster of drivers, new rules, an all-star calendar, post-season activities and exciting additions to the future of IRL, we are expecting our best ever season. You can go back and watch the stream on the channel, or below find the highlights of all the information supplied!


Season 10 – Rule Changes 


Realistic Performance League 

This season will see some changes to the points structure in the Realistic Performance League. This is a test for some big changes due to come in for the first season on F1 2020. We would like your feedback throughout the season on the changes.

  • Pole Position will now gain +2 championship points – This is to give an incentive to create a more competitive qualifying session, and subsequently reward those who get their car to the head of the field.
  • We are now introducing a new points structure for the Realistic Performance League only. The new structure will see points for all 20 places awarded – This is to eliminate those retiring in the pit-lane, or feeling their race is redundant after an early issue.

The points will now be awarded as follows.

1st – 25

2nd – 22

3rd – 20

4th – 17

5th – 16

6th – 15

7th – 14

8th – 13

9th – 12

10th – 11

11th – 10

12th – 9

13th – 8

14th – 7

15th – 6

16th – 5

17th – 4

18th – 3

19th – 2

20th – 1


  • The fastest lap will remain a +1 point addition for a driver inside the top-10 finishers.
  • The allocations will now be made every second race meaning only six allocations will be made over the season. This is to allow the admins to make a more detailed decision, and to trial out a mechanic that will shape the Realistic Performance league from Season 11 on F1 2020.



  • We are in need of content creators, and people willing to do weekly highlight videos for each league from the race streams. This will involve cutting down the race streams into 5 minute highlight packages to be used on social media.
  • GIF’s, race image galleries and overtakes are also welcome. We have the plan to create a forum to submit your best overtakes for an ‘overtake’ of the week for when we move to the new website in F1 2020.
  • We would like all pole-sitters to record their qualifying laps and submit the video to admins after the race. We can then promote these on social media, and create side-by-side videos. All drivers are welcome to submit their qualifying lap videos for more variety.



Premium Membership

  • A huge thank you to all those who signed up for the premium memberships. The support garnered has put us in a position where we can move to an optimised website and importantly, recognise our drivers title successes with trophies. The trophies for season nine champions (drivers/constructors) have been delivered and posted to the winners! Send us a picture of your trophy when it arrives!
  • You can still sign-up for the premium membership and it will count towards yours for F1 2020.
  • The reveal for the winner of the £/∈20 voucher will be revealed during the season break between round six and round seven during the team announcements for the ‘Nations Cup’



The Nations Cup

  • There is still time to sign up for the IRL finale event – The IRL Nations Cup
  • The event will run at the end of the upcoming season, and depending on uptake will take place over 2-3 nights.
  • It will split our community into teams depending on their nationality/location and put them up against each other in three races.
  • The teams and cars will be announced during the season break – Car designs will be designed and need to be replicated by all drivers. (May involve you needing to purchase cars)
  • All details/logistics can be found on the front page of the website



IRL XBOX League 

  • IRL are in the process of expanding onto XBOX – We are currently taking the F1 Masters Racing League who currently race at 9.30pm on Sunday evenings under the umbrella of IRL.
  • We will require support for both commentary, and equally expanding the driver roster. If you know of anyone who would like to race on Sundays – Please recommend us!
  • Due to the two console leagues and lack of cross-platform communications  – We are trialling moving to Discord. We now have a group you can access by searching for Invictus Racing League #5108 – This is a social discord and is being trialled as a way to access the community via non PSN Messenger.



Season Ten Calendar (PS4)

(All races are the week commencing)

Pre-Season – 9th March 2020  

Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir


Round One – 16th March 2020

Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka

Round Two – 23rd March 2020

UAE Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina

Round Three – 30th March 2020

Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps

Round Four – 6th April 2020

Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona Circuit

Round Five – 13th April 2020

German Grand Prix, Hockenheimring

Round Six – 20th April 2020

Brazilian Grand Prix, Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, Interlagos

Season Break 

Round Seven – 4th May 2020

Hungarian Grand Prix, Hungaroring, Budapest

Round Eight – 11th May 2020

Italian Grand Prix, Monza Eni Circuit

Round Nine – 18th May

Canadian Grand Prix – Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal

Round Ten – 25th May 2020

Singapore Grand Prix, Marina Bay Circuit

Round Eleven – 1st June 2020

British Grand Prix, Silverstone Circuit

Round Twelve – 8th June 2020

Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo Street Circuit


Nations Cup 

15th or 22nd June 2020 (TBC)



Teammates and Car Allocations 


Alfa Romeo Racing – FOXYRED2000 & Scopefielder

Scuderia Ferrari – The-Warislander & BUR-MEISTER

Haas F1 Team – SamuPapito** & Whitefountain**

McLaren F1 Team – vlHercules & FPL_Charlie

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport – F1Legend44 (R) & TL44S_

SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team – klaskefarDK and LeR_Lukek707

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing – SpeedQueen80 & LoZac97 (P*)

Renault F1 Team – Jomppalainen* & CRG_Gamer62

Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda – Beck9000 & Adrilocdoc

ROKiT Williams Racing – HarryB_R25 & BoyBettterKnowSB

* Reigning Drivers Champion

** Reigning Constructors Champion

(P*) – Promoted as F2 Champion

(R) – IRL Rookie

Commentary Team – Gareth (Captain_Stiff) & Sab (Sab7786)




Alfa Romeo Racing – Tanker903 & Gasto05 (P)

Scuderia Ferrari – Aaronjs1992 & Jimthegooner46

Haas F1 Team – Humbostone & TONY-Y

McLaren F1 Team – Delange93 & sab7786

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport – Rymaac (P*) & JSP1299 (P)

SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team – Tb230791** & TipsyHobbit

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing – mj_coop & Megglugpy

Renault F1 Team – RG4422 & JakobE-Chr

Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda – FerociousDan & CPI_ALEX_B

ROKiT Williams Racing – YNWA_MATTY_UTM & MrSteen

* Reigning Drivers Champion

** Reigning Constructors Champion

(P*) – Promoted as F3 Champion

(P) – Promoted from F3

(R) – IRL Rookie

Commentary Team – Dan (energydan) & James (JamesHook)




Alfa Romeo Racing – LukeBailey14 & F1_MrP80

Scuderia Ferrari – SirSpud72 & ColinJ

Haas F1 Team – Vojtech94 & TinusssOptioneel

McLaren F1 Team – F1Richard67 & Bren_Ons

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport – Steelbl66 & xMIKExSI

SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team – BagO-bones & TTG_Jeffrey

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing – Nitrogash & F1WWFC_07

Renault F1 Team – Craig8728 & Syncronously

Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda – DutchLowie & Dreygeo

ROKiT Williams Racing – Captain_Stiff & osteven002

* Reigning Drivers Champion

** Reigning Constructors Champion

(R) – IRL Rookie

Commentary Team – Charlie (FPL_Charlie) & Harry (HarryB_R25)


IRL Realistic Performance

Sh33py & energydan – Sheep Power Racing*

xMikexSI &SirSpud72 – Sir Mike

LukeBailey14 & F1_MrP80 – PB Racing

Nitrogash & JPGreenwood (R) – Up Nitro

Jos_Heinssie & LoZac97 – HRT Racing

osteven002 & FerociousDan – DanDare Racing

Megglugpy & Scopefielder – SM Racing

BoyBettterKnowSB & TonnAlbanach – Making Moves Motorsport*

Ozone_Typhoon & DutchLowie – Dutch Storm Sport*

RoyBoy (R) & Caarlsberi (R) – Scuderia Internazionale*


*Placeholder names


* Reigning Drivers Champion

** Reigning Constructors Champion

(R) – IRL Rookie


Commentary Team – Malc (F1WWFC_07) & Tim (Forever24_JG)

The F1 2019 “IRL Nations Cup” – Coming Soon!





Hello everyone!

We’re not far off the announcement of F1 2020, and with that the third and final season on F1 2019. To celebrate the end of what has been a fantastic year for us as a league, which has seen us grow and not only become stable, but gather a strong and supportive enough community that is willing to financially support the league, and in turn, we can provide a better environment for the community, whether it be a new website (coming this year) and trophies for champions! We have decided to create a pan-IRL community event, to be called the “IRL Nations Cup”



The Nations Cup 

This event is set to take place the week after the final competitive league race in F1 2019 Season Three (S10)

It will consist of seven teams (six of three and one of two), the teams must comprise of differently skilled drivers (F1, F2 and F3) and will all be from the same country.

The current team line-up* 

Team England 

Team Scotland 

Team Netherlands 

Team Europe 

Team Europe 2 

Team GB

Directors Choice: Rest of the World All Stars (Team of two)


  • We will use the ‘multiplayer car’, and the designs for each team will be standard so that they are easily distinguishable on the live-stream of the race. These will be designed pre-event and posted on social media. they can then be replicated by the teams before the event begins.


  • The evening will consist of three races at a 25% distance, the tracks will NOT be announced ahead of time, and instead will be randomly drawn on stream by the commentary team- This negates any advantage of practice, and makes it equal for all.


  • The first race will see a ONE SHOT qualifying – This event will all be about maximising opportunity, so a one shot lap will offer you the chance at perhaps out-qualifying a driver in a league higher, or perhaps locking out a 1-2-3 with your team if all achieve perfect laps.


  • We will run with usual IRL lobby settings – Dynamic weather, Strict rules, Parc Firme ON, Assists Allowed, Damage FULL.


  • Once the first race has been completed, the points will be tallied, and the standings announced on both the stream and Twitter @InvictusRL, the lobby will then continue to race two where the grid will be reversed from the results from race one (Including DNF’s)


  • The reverse grid will then compete race two, and upon completion of race two the same tallying/announcement will continue whilst the grid for the final race was completed. This grid will be decided by nations standing order – This means if Team Netherlands are in the lead after two races, they will start 18th,19th and 20th whilst the nation at the bottom will lock out the top two/three places. This is to promote overtaking, excitement and equally make drivers work hard to represent their nation.


  • The points used will be different to standard IRL as every driver will be eligible to score – This promotes continuing racing, and not retiring as points will be crucial come the final race.

1st – 25

2nd – 22

3rd – 20

4th – 17

5th – 16

6th – 15

7th – 14

8th – 13

9th – 12

10th – 11

11th – 10

12th – 9

13th – 8

14th – 7

15th – 6

16th – 5

17th – 4

18th – 3

19th – 2

20th – 1


  • Points will also be added for the fastest lap (inside top 10), and equally a bonus three points to a team if they manage to score a double podium and five points if they lock out the podium.


  • Points will be awarded to drivers and teams collectively, and although the event is a teamwork based event and drivers are representing their nation, we will have a Nations Cup MVP, along with the Nations Cup Champions.


  • Stewards will be available on the night, and for incidents on stream (or replayed back to them between races) – They can penalise. However, penalties will come in the form of points deductions for the team as a whole to keep drivers from acting in an unsportsmanlike manner.
  • Major incident – 5pt deduction
  • Medium incident – 3pt deduction
  • Minor incident – 1pt deduction


  • Once the event has been completed, the points will be scored and the winning team announced, they will then be invited into the commentary box for an interview and wrap up, and invited back to retain their title in 2021 – We will then complete the stream, and equally end our time as a league on F1 2019.


  • The evening running order will be published at a later date once the teams have been organised, we will then announce the teams and the full details, both on the website and social media.


  • Dependant on the interest for this event (as currently on 20 spaces are available) there is potential for a second Nations Cup the day after, with the top ranked teams going into a Grand Final (time dependant between games, and driver availability)


*Please note that this event is currently undergoing design – Some details may change by the final event. Please check with your league admin for details. 


For more details on this please contact Gareth @captainstiff via PM, or on Twitter @GT2_Driving. Equally register your interest by using the form below! 

2019 IRL Awards – Winners Announced!



On Twitter over the New Year period we ran the first ‘IRL Awards’ and we celebrated the highlights of the 2019 calendar year at Invictus Racing League. We thank everyone who voted, and we have the results here!


The IRL ‘Driver of the Year’ – Scopefielder 

Scope joined us in mid/late 2018, and throughout 2019 went on to win multiple championships, and in the process smashed records across the board; such as overall wins (23), consecutive wins (5) and wins in a season (6). He ended his time before a well earned break by becoming a race starting centurion, as he completed his 100th race at the end of season eight.

Congratulations to Scope, who was the runaway leader ahead of three-time champion SkyZii in second place.


IRL ‘Team of the Year’ – FPL_Charlie & BoyBetterKnowSB

Charlie and Scott were instrumental in keeping the Mercedes AMG F1 Team the team to beat in 2019. Scott had previously been constructors champion alongside friend Joel-v520v in season seven, but with the emergence of Charlie in season eight, the two teamed up, and proved to give us some brilliant team racing and ethic over the season, with strategy sharing, qualification strategy, and ultimately bringing home the the teams trophy at the end of the season.

They held off strong competition from F3’s FerociousDan and F1Richard, who themselves had been two-time constructors champion (S6 & S8), and one time runner-up (S7).


IRL ‘Rookie of the Year’ – FPL_Charlie

Charlie made it an award double over the new year, as his exploits in the former No-Assist league and Equal Performance F1 Leagues, and now into the IRL F1 League gave him the lion share of the votes. After becoming a champion at the first time of asking in No-Assists, he added two wins in the F1 League, and now in the IRL F1 League, he sits well within reach of another championship challenge.

Charlie joined us at the start of season eight, and in that time has proved to be a popular, helpful and fun member of the community, and held off the charge from The-Warislander for the award.


IRL ‘Race of the Year’ – IRL F1 League (Great Britain S9)

Coming in the final month before the end of 2019, the IRL F1 League race at Silverstone did not disappoint at all. After missing the calendar in season eight, the trio of Charlie, Hercules and Jomppalainen had a jaw-dropping battle across the majority of the race, whilst behind we saw incredible fights across the field. It was a race stacked of action, and the league did itself a true service of putting on a great show for the viewers.

The race marginally beat that of the ‘rumble in the rain’ between Mike and Gareth (Captain_Stiff) in F3’s Mexico race in season seven, where on an alternate strategy to the field, the two championship protagonists fought over the win into the final laps, with Gareth pipping Mike by less than a second at the chequered flag.

We had so many brilliant races, and one even included the closest finish of all time in IRL (0.015s) so it was so hard to choose the nominations! However, it sets us up for some great racing in 2020.


IRL ‘Moment of the Year’ – Four wide in Silverstone (Realistic Performance League 1 – S7 )

The moment of the year took us all the back to the 10th April and the Realistic Performance League 1 in Silverstone. The cars had just started the 26th and final lap, and with two incredible battles going on. The lead was under threat, and then (and now) reigning champion SkyZii, was finally on-track for a first win in the league, but was being hounded by Fascone’s Ferrari.

Whilst behind, an unbelievable fight between SirSpud, xMikexSI, Captain_Stiff and TL44S_was unravelling, and as the cars entered the Wellington Straight, and with commentator Malc’s voice raising a couple of octaves “We’ve got a three!… We’ve got a FOUR! FOUR IN A BED!”, the cars went four wide into Brooklands, and albeit a few wheel bangs later, all remained unscathed on the exit of Luffield.

It was a remarkable end to the race, and deserved it’s place ahead of the F3 title decider in Italy, which finished a close second.


IRL ‘Most Improved Driver of the Year’ – FerociousDan and The-Warislander (Joint Winners)

These two couldn’t be kept apart in the voting, and the spoils will be shared! The-Warislander came into this year after a season of on/off performances in the Performance League, and then in the IRL F2 League in season eight he blew the field away with his pace. The Dutchman took home a league record equalling six wins, with four of them consecutively, and in the process the IRL F2 championship at the first attempt. He’s gone onto appear, and compete at the front-end of the field in IRL F1.

FerociousDan finally captured the IRL F3 title after seemingly having the pace to be champion for many seasons prior, he remains the only driver to win a race in three consecutive F3 seasons, and in season eight was the comfortable recipient of the drivers championship. He’s proceeded to move into IRL F2, and has already made two visits to the podium, while sitting fourth in the standings.

The two were superb in their individual chase for their respective titles, and with Warislander’s fast development, and Dan’s improvement from ‘almost’ man to champion means they deserve to be the ‘Most Improved’ drivers at IRL.


IRL ‘Most Exciting’ League of the Year – IRL F1

IRL F1 have really stepped up their game this year, the participation, talent level and competitiveness have increased massively, and it seems that it has impressed the voters who voted it the most exciting of the year. We have seen the former No-Assist League merge with the Equal Performance F1 League, and the outcome has been startling, we’ve seen an influx of talent added to already stacked league.

The viewing figures speak for themselves, and with multiple races this season hitting the 200 view mark, we are seeing the league become more popular than ever.

Congratulations must go to the drivers for making it a reason for others to switch on and watch!


IRL ‘Commentator of the Year’ – Gareth 

Gareth joined the commentary team in April 2018 and since then has provided his voice weekly on Monday nights. Whether he was on his own, or joined by NeverMiss, Tejuarr or now Sab, he has always given his best, and has been part of the admin team behind the scenes looking to improve IRL.

The viewing figures on Monday nights have been increasing season upon season, and with the team of Gareth and Sab now in the commentary box, we hope the same will continue. He will be one of the voices on Monday nights for the foreseeable future, and will be looking at making the league a more entertaining and engaging place to watch racing.


IRL ‘Commentary Team of the Year’ – Gareth and Sab

Monday nights have been a great place to watch some of the best racing anywhere online recently. The pairing of Gareth and Sab joined forces in season seven, and have grown into a superb duo. The two have often received warm praise from several of the drivers and wider community, and with the two’s enthusiasm and passion to be professional, and equally entertaining, they have provided some great voice work on the racing on Monday’s.

This season we have had been fortunate to have three fine pairings in the commentary box, with Dan and Wout (Warislander), along with Malc and Tim. The league is going in the right direction, and luckily we have dedicated commentators who can offer some great insight into the racing.

Congratulations to Gareth and Sab, who took home 55% of the votes, which sets them up for another great year in the commentary box.








Thank you for all your support in 2019, and for those who voted in the awards. If you missed out this year, then you have 363 days to make sure your name is on the list next year! 

Congratulations to all the winners, and equally to all nominee’s. We had a great 2019, and with changes on the horizon, it’s a very exciting time to be Invictus. 


  • IRL Admin Team





Teams for season nine announced!





We’re only a few days away from the start of pre-season for season nine on F1 2019, and we now have confirmation of the teams that will make up the four F1 2019 leagues over the next four months.

Italic font  – Reigning drivers champion

** Indicates reigning constructors champion



IRL F1 League (Equal performance w/No-assists)


Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

FPL_Charlie** & BoyBetterKnowSB**

Scuderia Ferrari 

Bur-Meister & LeR_Lukek707

Haas F1 Team

SamuPapito & White-fountain

Renault F1 Team

infiniti_846 & Adrilocdoc

Sport Pesa Racing Point F1 Team

x-psycho-x & Jomppalainen


The_Warislander & Megglugpy

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Zimon118 & PTRL_Kelvin

Alfa Romeo Racing

Rastyiz17 & FOXYRED2000

RoKit Williams Racing

HarryB_R25 & LNorris17

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Speed_Queen80 & CPI_Alex_B

Commentary Team 

Gareth(Captain_Stiff) and Sab (Sab7786)




IRL Realistic Performance League 


BadPiggy F1 Team 

Delange93 & SkyZii**


Sab7786 & TL44S_

Stone Cold Nitro

SirSpud72 & Nitrogash

Bangers and Crash

Ozone_Typh00n & osteven002

Fåret Shaun 

Zimon118 & Sh33py_83

PB Racing

Lukebailey14 & F1_MrP80

Hesketh Racing 

Biofreaksa & FerociousDan

Hyper Racing

BoyBetterKnowSB & Jos_Heinssie


tb230791 & TonnAlbanach

Commentary Team

Malc (F1WWFC_07) and Tim (Forever24_JG)





IRL F2 (Equal Performance w/Assists)



FerociousDan & Sab7786

Alfa Romeo Racing

Aaronjs1992 & Colinj1411996

RoKit Williams Racing


Renault F1 Team


Scuderia Ferrari

biofreaksa & Tanker903

Scuderia Toro Rosso

iXeFun & TONY-Y

Sport Pesa Racing Point F1 Team

tigaby & Tb230791

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Captain_Stiff** & Delange93

Haas F1 Team

NickLJThomson & Humbostone

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

mj_coop & Eesti_Mats


Commentary Team

Dan (theenergydan) and Wout (The-Warislander)





IRL F3 (Equal Performance w/Assists)




F1Richard67** & Bren_Ons

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Osteven002 & Steelbl66

Haas F1 Team

F1_MRP80 & xMikexSI

Scuderia Ferrari

Craig8728 & SirSpud72

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Nitrogash & LukeBailey14

Renault F1 Team

Syncronously & Dreygeo

Alfa Romeo Racing

Vojtech94 & BWAClyde

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Vacant (Two seats available)

RoKit Williams Racing

Vacant (Two seats available)

Sport Pesa Racing Point F1 Team

NiceNiels010 & TinusssOptioneel


Commentary Team

Malc (F1WWFC_07) and Tim (Forever24_JG)



Season nine pre-season kicks off on Monday 4th November with the IRL F1 League at the French Grand Prix, a race which is one of two pre-season tests. We hope you enjoyed the break, and you’re excited to be back racing. Join Gareth and Sab at 7.50pm on Monday night for the opening night’s action, live on YouTube! 

Season Nine Announced!


After last nights exciting announcement stream, the details for the much anticipated ninth season have been released, with changes made to the rules, structure and of course the all important calendar! Remember you can go back and listen back to the stream on YouTube where the regular Podcast team of Gareth and Sab were joined by F2 driver and admin, and creator of the ‘Hall of Fame’ mj_coop as he discussed how and why he has compiled all these stats.


Here is a summary of last nights important information from the announcement stream;


Rules and League Structure 

  • The Monday night No-Assist League will be merging with the Wednesday Equal Performance F1 league – The newly branded IRL F1 League will race on Monday’s at 8pm with Gareth and Sab as the commentary team. The league will allow the racing line as an assist for season nine only, from season ten it will be turned off.
  • The Performance League will continue as current but by known as the “IRL Realistic Performance League” – The commentary team will be Malc and Tim.
  • Wednesday night will now be just two leagues with “IRL F2” and “IRL F3” – They will continue to be equal performance, and will allow assists (Traction control, ABS and racing line)
  • All drivers will now be administered a ‘Super-license’ and for any incidents you may be involved in over the season you may be penalised with points against your license (severity dependent). Accumulating points on your license will see incremental punishments (please here for an example of penalties)
  • Position penalties will be replaced by time penalties for any on-track incidents – These will range from an official reprimand to a 20 second penalty (if race was finished) with higher penalties incurring as previously discussed license points.
  • We are keeping an eye on driver attendance last season after slipping standards, therefore this season you will be allowed a maximum of TWO un-notified absences (un-notified will be classed as within less than an hour before the race, or without a valid reason – “I can’t race tonight” just before the lobby opens will be classed as un-notified. On the third un-notified absence you will be removed from the league and placed as a reserve.
  • You will be allowed a maximum of three notified absences (containing a valid reason) however a fourth may incur removal from the league. We encourage our drivers to let admins know in advance if you are going to miss a race, or have leave/holiday booked so we can note it against your name.


Stewards requests and decisions 

  • You will have 24 hours from immediately after the race until 10pm the next day to post your request into the stewards office – Please ensure you use the template and cut your video to speed up the process.
  • Stewards will announce to the league PSN chat what incidents they will be reviewing after the deadline – This can be incidents not officially reported if an incident was spotted but not reported.
  • The stewards will then deliberate and announce their findings in the PSN chat and on the website within 48 hours. This means all requests will be dealt with within three days
  • Any appeals will then have to be made within 12 hours of the announcement, or they will not be heard.
  • Appeals decisions are final, and come from a unbiased set of stewards who are impartial to the league to maintain credibility and transparency.


The Invictus” Premium Membership

  • At the beginning of last season we launched a premium membership “The Invictus” – This allowed members to contribute a minimum of £5 (or equivalent) with the ability of being able to attain perks, such as;
  • Car choice priority – Premium members will have priority in selecting their car for the upcoming season (First come first served in terms to contribution date)
  • Team-mate priority – Have an idea of a team-mate you’d like to lock down for the season? Premium members can choose their team-mate so you don’t lose out and possibly end up a solo driver.
  • Entered into a draw to win a £20 (or equivalent) PSN voucher which can be redeemed in the PS Store against games/accessories/PS Plus
  • Chance to join Gareth and Sab on the Invictus Podcast as a special guest to discuss F1, and much more.
  • Personalised stats in the Invictus “Hall of Fame” – Highlighting your best achievements here at IRL.
  • It is totally non-compulsory contribution, and no on-track advantages will be gained, but your help is going towards enhancing our website and graphics, plus funding trophies for championship winners, but most importantly making it a positive and fun environment for all members.


Social Media 

  • As we continue to grow, and enhance our online presence, we like to celebrate out drivers. Please if not already make sure you have followed our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and have subscribed to the YouTube channel (Links attached) – This will let us tag you in the event of wins, podiums, MVP polls etc, and equally let you see the work that our hard-working social media team are putting in behind the scenes.
  • When watching the YouTube videos (Live or replay) – If you ‘Like’ the video, it will enhance our channel into your/others feeds and allow us to become highlighted and recommended more often. (Of course, this is completely voluntary!)


Hall of Fame

  • The Invictus Hall of Fame is now LIVE! – It is a running database of all the best stats from the history of Invictus and its leagues, it has taken around two months to compile and will be ever evolving.
  • The database is split into separate league with open for overall stats
  • If any stats are incorrect or missing, please contact mj_coop
  • Premium members will have their own personalised statistics section.


Season Nine Calendar

  • The season nine calendar will begin as usual with two pre-season races, and then five races leading up to the Christmas break, with a following seven after the new year. The calendar and dates can be found below (All dates are the weeks commencing that date)
  • Team-mates and car allocations will take place before pre-season one , with Premium Members selecting their desired choices first before going into PSN chats to be finalised.


Pre-Season One – 4th November 2019 

French Grand Prix – Circuit Paul Ricard

Pre-Season Two – 11th November 2019

Japanese Grand Prix – Suzuka International Racing Course


Round One – 18th November 2019

Hungarian Grand Prix – Hungaroring

Round Two – 25th November 2019

German Grand Prix – Hockenheimring

Round Three – 2nd December 2019

British Grand Prix – Silverstone

Round Four – 9th December 2019

Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Autodrom

Round Five – 16th December 2019

United States Grand Prix – Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX

Christmas Break 

Round Six – 6th January 2020

Azerbaijan Grand Prix – Baku City Circuit

Round Seven – 13th January 2020

Bahrain Grand Prix – Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir

Round Eight – 20th January 2020

Italian Grand Prix – Monza Eni Circuit

Round Nine – 27th January 2020

Singapore Grand Prix – Marina Bay Circuit

Round Ten – 3rd February 2020

Austrian Grand Prix – Red Bull Ring, Spielberg

Round Eleven – 10th February 2020

Brazilian Grand Prix – Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, Interlagos

Round Twelve – 17th February 2020

Mexican Grand Prix – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez


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They are the champions!

As the chequered flag came out on Wednesday evening, it drew to the end a season that has been as explosive as ever. We have seen titles retained, new drivers emerge and overcome incumbent holders, and a long awaited championship win.

This season saw five leagues across three nights with Monday’s No-Assist championship kicking off the week, whilst the Equal Performance leagues (F1,F2 and F3) closed the week on F1 2019.

It was a record breaking season across the whole league, as we saw such records fall as the closest finish to a race of all time (0.0015s), and the largest winning points margin in a season (+48). These set us up for something spectacular, but at the end of the season only a select few have been able to call themselves a champion.



FPL_Charlie came into the pre-season as an unknown quantity, but after a strong showing in the pre-season and teaming up with the reigning champion Scott (BoyBetterKnowSB) meant that the league already had a strong looking pairing going into the first round in Austria.

However, contact between SamuPapito and Charlie dropped the Mercedes driver out of a potential race winning position, and it wasn’t until Brazil at round five was Charlie able to finally get on the podium after poor races in France and Japan. Charlie’s season seemed to turn around completely after the season break, and from round seven to the end of the season the Mercedes driver was able to pick up four podium finishes, with four second place finishes in the final five races, it all went to a decider in Germany for the final race of the season.

Charlie had built a lead over reigning champion Scott, who admittedly had suffered a poor season, making too many mistakes and with a mountain to climb at the final race. The metrics were simple, the two were split by 20 points, and Scott knew that he needed to win, and take the fastest lap point, all whilst hoping that his team-mate Charlie retired or finished outside of the points. This unfortunately wasn’t to be for Scott who did all he could, and even passed his Mercedes team-mate with a lap to go to steal the win, and the fastest lap, but coming across the line together it was a Mercedes 1-2 with Scott denying Charlie that elusive first victory, but confirming the Brighton based driver the No-Assist champion, as the Mercedes team made it a double championship season as they took the team honours ahead of the Haas’.

It was a dream first season for Charlie, who will go into next season hoping to finally break that win duck, and equally retain his new championship. The likes of the Harry_B_R25, SamuPapito, Speed_Queen, White_Fountain and Scott will be back, and will make it another must-watch season.


Realistic Performance 

It’s that man again, as SkyZii made it a third Performance League championship in a row, as the Frenchman cemented himself as the ‘King of Tuesday nights’ at Invictus.

There was no waiting around this time for SkyZii who opened his account for the season with victory in Austria in the Alfa Romeo, and whilst his team-mate in ‘Team Maserati’ Scopefielder kept up early pressure on the Frenchman, after Scope missed three races at a critical stage of the season, it became up to TL44S_ to take up the challenge to SkyZii, but the battle was not to be won for TL who saw his hopes of a first title come to a frustrating end after a retirement in Singapore with two rounds remaining, and with SkyZii picking up the six points required over the final two races at round eleven in Canada, he once again retained his Tuesday night Performance League championship. he also made it another double title winning season, as Scopefielder added to his growing trophy cabinet by joining SkyZii as constructors champions, almost 60 points ahead of their nearest rivals.

Victories for SkyZii in Austria, Japan and Singapore, along with podiums at China and Germany meant it was one of his most successful seasons yet, and the 30 point gap highlighting his fantastic consistency, the league will go into the next season scratching their heads and trying to figure out how they can stop SkyZii’s dominance.


Equal Performance 


How many more superlatives can be used to describe Swedish driver Scopefielder? He is a model driver, who is a race winning machine, and with the prospect that this may be his last season at Invictus before taking a break from sim-racing, he looked at making it a successful one.

After five wins out of the first six races, he already led the championship by 50 points at the half-way stage, and it was until No-Assist rivals FPL_Charlie and Harry_B_R25 joined the league that Scope started to lose his grip as the dominant driver in F1, but the championship was elementary by that stage, and with a second place finish in Singapore, he wrapped up the title with two races to go and equally the Constructors championship in the Renault with Dutchman Jos_Heinssie.

Whilst he may be aggrieved that he was unable to win again after his fifth win in Brazil at round six, but Scope leaves Invictus as one of, if not, the most decorated champions ever with two equal F1 championships, one Tier 2 No-Assist championship, One Performance League championship, and as a five time constructors champion along with matching records for most wins in a season, largest and smallest championship winning margins (+48 points and +1 point), and joining the limited club as a driver who has completed 100 races with Invictus, as the final race in Germany was the century for Scope.

The Swede leaves an F1 championship wide open as it moves on Monday nights to merge with the No-Assist championship, and introduces a group of new drivers into the league, but there are plenty of records that Scope now holds that will take some beating.



Always a competitive league, F2 once again stepped up and provided another season of intense on-track action, and whilst the early season saw a shock leader in Steen-13, who had seen a surge in pace and consistency place him second in the standings behind the impressive Humbostone by the half-way point, who equally had enjoyed a win in France in a rain affected race, and podiums in Brazil and Monaco.

However, a sleeping giant was soon to emerge, and not until round five in Brazil had Dutchman The-Warislander picked up a single point, and he was languishing rock bottom of the driver’s standings, however with victory in Brazil he would then dominate the rest of the season with five in seven races, including four in-a-row at Belgium, Australia, China leading off from his win in Brazil.

The championship was provisionally awarded at the Canadian Grand Prix pending a stewards inquiry (which was subsequently viewed a racing incident) upon appeal), with Waris needing to outscore both Steen and Megglugpy, which he duly did with his sixth win of the season, ahead of Steen in second and Megg in fourth. The duo of Steen and Megglugpy pushed to keep up, but Waris’ dominance was overwhelming, and even with six podiums for Steen, and four for Megg, neither were able to keep the Alfa Romeo from wrapping up the title in style with one race to go.

Although it wasn’t a perfect season for Waris, as the pair of Megglugpy and Captain_Stiff in the McLaren used a consistent season with multiple podiums to hold off the Alfa Romeo’s for the Constructors championship, which in turn made Megg a three-time Constructors champion, and Stiff a two-time teams champion.

F2 is going to be a minefield of talent next season, with drivers dropping from F1, along with some hungry talent moving up from F3, but this season belonged to The-Warislander, and the young Dutchman could not be faulted after a near flawless second half to the season gifted him a first title.



It seems to have been a long time coming, but FerociousDan is finally the F3 champion. The Birmingham based McLaren driver became the only driver to pick up a win in three consecutive F3 seasons, but after missing out last season to Captain_Stiff, the multi-time race winner finally managed to get over the line, and with a race to spare as he took victory in Canada.

It was a five-win season for Dan who enjoyed wins at Austria, Japan, Belgium, Canada and Germany, whilst three more podiums even afforded him the gap to make uncharacteristic mistakes at the likes of Australia and Brazil.

It was last seasons runner-up xMIKExSI who after starting the season in F2 returned to F3 at round three, and immediately got back on the pace with a win, and three runner up spots in the next four races that ended up with deja vu, as the experienced Slovenian once again finished the season in second ahead of an ever improving osteven002, who after joining the league three seasons ago has got stronger and stronger and a third place finish this season is a well-deserved achievement including a Invictus best return of three podiums as he amounted 72 points.

Although it was the McLaren team once again who this time won the double championship as Dan took the title with a total of 102 points. F1Richard67 and Dan have been partnered for the last three seasons, and together have never finished outside of the top two in the constructors, and a second team title this season was a nice way for the team to end as Dan makes his inevitable step up to F2.

FerociousDan finally stands atop the summit of F3 as champion, and no-one can dispute his credentials now as he looks a very credible threat moving up into F2.



Drivers Champions 

No-Assists – FPL_Charlie

Realistic Performance – SkyZii

Equal Performance F1- Scopefielder

Equal Performance F2 – The-Warislander

Equal Performance F3 – FerociousDan


Constructors Champions

No-Assists – Mercedes                          (BoyBetterKnowSB & FPL_Charlie)

Realistic Performance – Team Maserati   (SkyZii and Scopefielder)

Equal Performance F1- Renault         (Jos_Heinssie & Scopefielder)

Equal Performance F2 – McLaren      (Captain_Stiff & Megglugpy)

Equal Performance F3 – McLaren      (FerociousDan & F1Richard67)





Congratulations to all our champions on their fantastic seasons, we hope you all enjoy the accolade and have equally enjoyed the season as a whole. We can’t wait to see you all back on track soon, and wish you all the best moving forward!

“The luck thing – really there’s no such thing as good luck. It’s good preparation and hard work. ” ~ Bruce McLaren

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