Announcement stream tonight!



Are you as excited for the new season on F1 2019 as we are?!


The announcement stream will be live tonight at 8pm presented on the Invictus Podcast with Gareth and Sab, the podcast usually discusses the goings on in Formula One, but we will front-load tonight’s episode with the news you’ve all been waiting for;

  • Race Calendar
  • Team-mates
  • Car Allocations
  • Rule Changes
  • New features


Join the boys tonight as they go live and get your thoughts in about a whole host of things from the start of season eight to the Austrian Grand Prix and the BIG Question, where Sab is given one minute to answer a question and his reasoning for it!


Remember, you can subscribe to the channel and get notified immediately when we go live, and if you use Amazon Prime, you are able to give a one-month free subscription where you don’t pay a penny, but we get the subscription fee as a benefit!


We go LIVE at 8! 


Gareth Hall

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