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Preparing for Pre-Season

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Martin Brundle caught up with our drivers ahead of pre- season practice



With a week to go until pre-season begins in Sochi, Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle managed to catch-up with some of Invictus Racing Leagues’ drivers; asking about how they’re preparing for Season 5 – we begin with Betrayer46.


Brundle: “Hi Jim and thank you for taking the time to speak with us at Sky Sports F1. Next season we see you return to an Equal Performance League, but changing to using No-Assists; how do you rate your chances going into the F3 League and what are your pre-season targets”.

Betrayer46: “The switch to using no assists is a massive challenge. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now. When I first started in the performance league I realised very early I was too slow to mount any sort of challenge. For the first time ever I practised with medium T/C and found nearly a second a lap on all circuits. I noticed that some of the guys in the performance league use no assists, Nick and Coop being just two. It was then that I started practising off line with no assists. It brings the game to life IMO; totally different game. I have to concentrate big time just to keep the car in the grey stuff. As for my chances? Hmm to finish every race is the goal. I know I’m gonna be slower than when using assists but to finish all the races and even get some points is the goal. I’m realistic, I have no chance of winning the title”.


Betrayer46 practicing ahead of pre-season



Brundle: “Next season we see you joining Tejuarr, making you both the most experienced team on track, can you use this experience to give yourselves an ”edge” and if so; how”?

Betrayer46: “In all the years, I think its 8 now! of online racing in all the different leagues I’ve never had the pleasure of having Tej as a team mate. I see him as the No 1 in the team and I just hope I can score some points to help us challenge for the constructors. I don’t see us having an edge to be honest, its a young mans sport”. 


Brundle: “How prepared do you feel going into next season after changing to using no-assists? Is there anything you need to improve on”?

Betrayer46: “I’m making less mistakes off line, I don’t tend to bin it out the blue and my reactions are quite good now when the car does go. Car set-up needs to improve and finding the right braking points on some tracks. Overall I’m quite happy with how its going and I can only get faster!!”.


Brundle: “Have you identified anyone as a possible rival ahead of pre-season and have yourself and Tejuaar worked out a ”Season strategy”?

Betrayer46: “With me using no assists it makes Tom the instant team leader as he is gonna be faster. I don’t intend to be a Max Verstappen and screw Tej about. I will follow team orders and I will help Tom as much as I can”.

Brundle: “Thanks for taking time to speak with us”.



Current F2 Driver Champion NoFudge4U_PL was next:


Brundle: “You sit here the current F2 Driver and Constructor Champion, can you defend both titles next season”?

NoFudge4U_PL: “I saw some really rapid drivers so I will be going into the season hoping to defend the constructors title with P-3–“.


Brundle: “Have you identified any early rivals going into the F2 season, if so how can you give yourself an advantage over the competition”?

NoFudge4U_PL: “My target is to beat guys like Megglugpy, Nick and oli who I have raced last season, my advantage this season would have to go down to the tracks as there are some like Mexico, Singapore Japan, Hungary and USA which I really like”. 


Brundle: “We see you pairing up with P-3– again and we saw it had a winning formula last season, have you both planned and prepared for this season”?

NoFudge4U_PL: “For this season we will both be number 1 drivers and then depending our positions in the Championship we will make a decision to make one of us the number one driver”. 


Brundle: “There will be familiar and new faces in F2 this season, what’s your top 3 Predictions for the Driver’s Championship next season”?

NoFudge4U_PL: “From what i saw TomAJ91 is the clear favourite as even in sprint races his pace was ridiculous, for second place I would put my money on Megglugpy, he has consistency but not enough pace to challenge TomAJ91, for third place I will put down Rossi as I feel like he might struggle in some races when running no assists.



Current F1 Driver and Constructor Champion sambamkid was next:


Brundle: “Ahead of Season 5 you sit here the current driver and constructor Champion, can you do the double again next season”?

sambamkid: “I would like to make that happen again but will be difficult this time around”.


Brundle: “This season you have ended you partnership with gamer_DA_best262 and have now teamed up with Shortbread24, what was the thinking behind breaking up a Championship winning team”?

sambamkid: Gamer wanted the Ferrari and I wanted to stay in the Mercedes. I’m good mates with shortbread so it was a easy pick”.


sambamkid preparing to defend his title


Brundle: “The F1 League has seen some new faces join the League, what are your plans, strategy wise ahead of next season – will you be ”game playing any in pre-season”?

sambamkid: “Umm not sure atm we will wait and see on that one”.


Brundle: “You secured 2nd place in the last races of the season while gamer_DA_best262 won the last 4 race – what can you do to stop him”?

sambamkid: “Take him out haha, it’s really difficult to beat gamer he is stupid quick. But it’s really rewarding when you beat him”.



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